More interesting items from the league meetings


Will changes affect the Titans?
Several items of interest, besides the announcement of compensatory picks, came out of the league meetings this week and I’d like to read your opinions on them.
As is the case most years, there will be some new rules and rule changes this season.
First are the “Hochuli rule” and rules on replay. I’m all for them if they will help the officials get the calls right.
I also have no problem with the new rules on eliminating re-kicks and changing the draft order for teams which made the playoffs the previous season. The changes in draft order don’t seem too significant. If those changes were applied to this year’s draft, the Titans would select 28th instead of 30th in each round.

Then there is the “Brady rule” and other new rules concerning player safety. The “Brady rule” would prohibit a defender on the ground from “lunging” at a quarterback’s legs. This sounds pretty subjective to me. It also seems targeted at players who give second effort on their pass rush. Kyle Vanden Bosch comes to mind immediately. He doesn’t give up on a play, even when he’s on the ground, and will probably be the first Titan flagged for that infraction.
Another new rule for player safety is the “Hines Ward rule” on crackback blocks.
Are they sissyfying the game, as T.J. Lambert said in one of Dan Jenkins’ novels? I agree with Troy Polamalu, who said football
“just loses so much of its essence when it becomes like a pansy game.”
Besides the new rules, I was also interested by Roger Goodell’s proposal to expand the regular season by changing one or two preseason games to regular season ones.
“A key point is the fans also recognize players they want to see are not in those preseason games; that’s why they are not attractive,” Goodell said. “They want to see those players play.”
Maybe some casual fans feel that way but I’m not one of those fans he’s talking about. Except for new guys, I already know what kinds of players we have in starting lineup. One good thing (about the only good thing) about preseason games is the chance to see the reserves in action.
Goodell also said,
“Fans don’t believe preseason games are up to our standards.”
I’m with you there, Commish, I’m with you all the way on that one. I especially don’t like being charged regular season ticket prices for preseason games.
Goodell also commented,
“That’s been one of the appealing features of converting preseason games into regular-season games is it gives you more inventory, more games that you can take to neutral sites, either internationally or domestically. So that is a compelling feature.”
Goodell giveth extra games, and then takes them away.
Here’s a quote from Goodell that concerns me. The italics and boldface are mine.
“It gives us an opportunity to grow the game, to grow revenues in the game, and to hopefully broaden the appeal of the game on a global basis, which the players will benefit from.”
I hope he intends to get that extra revenue from TV contracts and that it isn’t a signal for more increases in ticket prices. I’m afraid to find out how much Jerry Jones has already jacked up the prices for his new stadium in Dallas or what kind of increases Jets and Giants fans will pay for their new stadium in New York.
What are your thoughts, Titans fans? Do you like or dislike the rule changes and proposed expanded season?

One Response to “More interesting items from the league meetings”

  1. Brad Says:

    I like the preseason pretty well, I don’t think it should be reduced or taken away. They are sissyfying the game. Pretty soon the quarterback will be wearing the red “don’t hit me” jersey in games. I do like the thought of expanding the regular season, but don’t take away the preseason. My only other concern about a longer season would be player safety, but maybe if the NFL would increase the roster size there could be more rotation so players would not get hurt as much.

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