Titans sign ex-Texan DeMarcus Faggins


Happy April, everybody.  I hope you survived Lie To Your Friends Day with no mishaps.  Alas, the Titans picked Wednesday to dive once more into the free agent market, signing former Houston Texans CB DeMarcus Faggins to a 2-year contract per The Tenneessean and the Nashville City Paper.

The official site doesn’t yet have confirmation, but Kuharsky seems to think the report is legitimate, so I’ll pretend it is.

DeMarcus “Petey” Faggins played in all 16 games for the Texans for the second straight year and made 5 starts after 8 in 2007.  He had 28 tackles, down from 46, and matched his 2007 total (and mine) with 0 interceptions.  In terms of coverage stats Pro Football Prospectus 2008 has him at allowing 9.1 adjusted yards per attempt and a 44% stop rate in 2007.  To put those numbers in context, that’s pretty bad.  If you have a copy of the 2007 game in Houston when the Titans put up 38 points, look for passs throw to wide receivers, and note how often Faggins was in coverage.  The Titans went 3 WR a lot that game exactly so they could force the Texans to play nickel and then threw to the slot WR covered by Faggins.   If you doubt what I’m saying, just check out what Texans fans are saying: “multiplication by subtraction” and “How long did it take you to find a picture of Petey where he wasn’t ten yards behind the wide receiver?”

As to where he fits, Kuharsky’s speculation is a strong training camp by Cary Williams could see Faggins not making the roster.  To me, the 2-year contract indicates that this is somebody who’ll have a good chance at making the roster and Cary Williams is a second year player instead of a “proven veteran” of the sort Fisher has shown affection for in the past.  It’s probably better than bringing back Reynaldo Hill, but if only for novelty’s sake and then not by much.

Sorry I had to come back with such a downer post, but there’s not a lot positive to say about Faggins’ demonstrated level of football playing ability, nor does there appear to be much untapped potential for quality.  I did like the Nate Washington signing, though.

8 Responses to “Titans sign ex-Texan DeMarcus Faggins”

  1. Seth Leonard Says:

    Good to have you back Tom

  2. Bob Loblaw Says:

    “Sorry I had to come back with such a downer post”
    We wouldn’t expect anything less from you Tom!

  3. Morgan Says:

    I also have nothing good to say about this signing. When I read that the Titans signed Faggins my first thought was I hope there is more than one Faggins in the NFL. Nope, only one that I know of and I’ve seen him get beat dozens of times. Now im hoping that the Titans draft two cornerbacks just so Faggins doesn’t see that field.

  4. steve Says:

    tryin to be positive, i will say that the titans have a knack for bringing the best out of people. furthermore…i think out of all positions in the nfl, i think the titans do there best work with defensive backs. therefore, i can say im not completely sold on faggins being a complete bust. at worst, i think he will post better stats here than he did for the texans…at least i hope.

  5. i.jason Says:

    Well, Fuller has the lock on the Nickle spot, so the only way Faggins sees the field is Dime/Quarter packages and/or injury. I’m predicting at least one CB in the draft, so maybe not even then.
    I think it’s safe to say none of us hope Faggins puts up better numbers here than he did in Houston. I think we’d all rather he puts up no numbers, really.

  6. Andrew Herdez Says:

    So, I’m thinking that the Titans must have gotten confused when trying to pick up DaMeco Ryans and got Faggins on a goof.
    Good luck to DeMarcus though. Houston has always been the place where athletes come before they get really good.
    Nevertheless, I’ll be there for the first kickoff. Getting my Texans Tickets and watching to see if we can beat the Titans 2x this year.

  7. Texans Tickets Says:

    haha! Good one Andrew! But I think Haggins has great potential.

  8. Ruben Sullivan Says:

    Anyone want to bet season Texans Tickets that Faggins has fewer than 20 tackles this year? Good luck, Titans, we won’t miss him in Houston.

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