Does Chris Henry have a future as a Tennessee Titan?


Chris Henry has quickly become the forgotten man in the Tennessee Titans’ backfield.

Coming off of an invisible season consisting of only one measly carry in a meaningless regular-season finale, Henry’s grasp on a roster spot for 2009 appears to be slipping away as we speak.

With the Titans displaying an interest in possibly drafting yet another running back and Rafael Little’s knee in a healthy state, Henry’s days in Nashville may be numbered.

Let’s flashback to what can be referred to as “the best of times” for Chris Henry.

Despite a lack of on-the-field production during his college days, Henry quickly blazed up the draft charts. Buoyed by a scintillating performance at the NFL Draft Combine, “C-Hen” became a surprise pick by the Tennessee Titans in the second round of the ’07 Draft.

Continuing with the Dickens’ theme, last year marked “the worst of times” for Henry’s brief career as a Titan. Less than two years after becoming the latest workout warrior to parlay impressive pre-draft workouts into a first-day selection, Henry’s ’08 season primarily consisted of being a part of the team’s inactive list on Sundays.

To make matters worse, his roster spot for the upcoming season is anything but set in stone. The team has already played host to N.C. State RB Andre Brown and most recently, Mike Reinfeldt and Co. met with Michigan State’s Javon Ringer last week. In addition to facing possible competition from a potential draftee, a healthy Rafael Little may also push Henry out of the mix at RB.

At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Titans attempted to move him on draft day, even if it’s in exchange for only a 7th round pick. If Henry isn’t traded, I’m almost expecting him to be released sometime before the start of next season.

So what do you think, guys? Is Henry done in Tennessee?   


9 Responses to “Does Chris Henry have a future as a Tennessee Titan?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Why is there a picture of the bonehead Chris Henry in the photo gallery?
    To answer the question of the forgotten man, I think he is done in TN. I would have loved to seen him have an impact last year after a short “tease” as a rookie, but that didn’t happen and therefore, has got to be considered dead weight and a waste of roster space.

  2. cld12pk2go Says:

    Chen showed promise prior to his 4 game suspension in 07. He had 2 nice TD runs IIRC, where he showed some nice speed.
    I find it difficult to give up on him when he was behind two solid starters last season.
    However, I am sure the coaches know where he stands…

  3. Scott Says:

    I think you have nailed this Drex. Henry is done in Tennessee. The fact that Ganther was number three on the depth chart last year and that Little was kept around tells us everything we need to know about Henry’s future as a Titan. Little can do everything that Henry can’t. By all accounts, he is a good running back, receiver and returner, who would likely have been a mid-round pick last year but for his injury. The final factor though that appears to be sealing Henry’s fate (and perhaps even Ganther’s) is that the Titans are bringing in a number of backs that are going to be mid-round picks this year. In addition to Ringer and Brown, I believe the Titans are also bringing in Glenn Coffee and Jeremiah Johnson. I am betting that one of the Titans 2 fourth round picks will be devoted to a running back.

  4. titanstown Says:

    why aren’t they going for a wr! when’s the last time a team won the sb without a star receiver? ugh!

  5. Johnathan Says:

    Last time a team won the SuperBowl without a star WR? Any of the Patriots superbowl winning teams? The Ravens?

  6. whisker Says:

    I think henry is gone because he doesnt provide any special teams value. its a shame too, players like this is why they need bigger rosters.

  7. wheels Says:

    Whisker, Henry will be gone because he has NO value period. 2nd round draft picks are for offensive or defensive production not special teams. It’s a shame we wasted a high draft pick on him. I wish he could produce for us but given the fact he was inactive for 15 fgames I would say the coaches have already decided his fate. I would love to get a 7th round pick for him.

  8. Bob Loblaw Says:


  9. Drexel Perry Says:

    Thanks for your comments, guys.
    Maybe Washington would want Henry, considering that’s where RB’s coach Sherman Smith is currently employed.
    Needless to say, I’m not that confident about Henry being a member of the Titans too much longer.

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