Thoughts on the Titans’ 2009 schedule


We’ve known since the final game of the 2008 season who the Titans’ opponents would be this year, but we didn’t know until tonight when the games would be played. (Except for the NFL season opener at Pittsburgh, which was decided upon at the league meetings in March.)
Numerologists might find the following items, featuring the number four, interesting. Tennessee will have four primetime games this year. The Titans will play the Jets for the fourth year in a row. Four of the first six games are on the road and four of the last six are at home. Also, four of the last six games will be against teams that were in the playoffs last year.
West Coast road games have been tough for the Titans in recent years. This year, the game at San Francisco on November 8 might be a tough one.  Week 17 at Seattle doesn’t look as tough since the Titans will have a long week with an extra two days following the Christmas night game. Will the NFC West be weak again? The 49ers, Seahawks and Rams were a combined 13-35 (.271) last year. Outside their division, they were 7-23 (.233).

Will the Titans wear their throwback uniforms again in the primetime Monday night game at Houston? That will sure tick off a lot of Texans fans.
The toughest two-game stretch looks like it will be against the Colts and Patriots in Weeks Six and Seven.
The Titans have had problems playing the Chargers for too long to think about and have to play them this year after a very short week of preparation. The only good things about it are 1) it’s a home game, and 2) by Week 16 the Chargers may have sewn up their division title and will rest some starters.
The Colts should be the Titans’ main competition in the AFC South. Looking at their schedule, their toughest games seem to be at Arizona in Week Three, versus the Patriots and at Baltimore in Weeks 10 and 11, and Week 17 at Buffalo. The Colts have had problems playing cold-weather games and a January contest outdoors with the wind whipping in off Lake Erie won’t be too much fun for them.
Here’s the Titans’ complete 2009 regular season schedule:

Week One Sep 10 at Pittsburgh (Thursday night, NBC)
Week Two Sep 20 vs Texans
Week Three Sep 27 at NY Jets
Week Four Oct 4 at Jacksonville
Week Five Oct 11 vs Colts (Sunday night, NBC)
Week Six Oct 18 at New England
Week Seven Bye
Week Eight Nov 1 vs Jaguars
Week Nine Nov 8 at San Francisco
Week Ten Nov 15 vs Bills
Week 11 Nov 23 at Houston (Monday night, ESPN)
Week 12 Nov 29 vs Cardinals
Week 13 Dec 6 at Indianapolis
Week 14 Dec 13 vs Rams
Week 15 Dec 20 vs Dolphins
Week 16 Dec 25 vs Chargers (Friday, Christmas night, NFLN)
Week 17 Jan 3 at Seattle
Titans fans, what are your thoughts about the schedule?
Note: As discussed earlier, the Titans selected Wake Forest CB Alphonso Smith in MVN Outsider’s mock draft. Here’s the article on it. 

3 Responses to “Thoughts on the Titans’ 2009 schedule”

  1. Matt Says:

    At first when I looked at our schedule I got nervous, but now that I looked back at last season we too are a threat with the Patriots and Colts. Chris Johnson will be faster and more experiance, plus we are building are WR core. All we need is to get Tory Holt; once we get him that alows us to get a d-linemen or cornerback. GO TITANS !!!!!!

  2. Ben Says:

    It seems to me that our season will live or die on our first 6 games. I mean common…. Pittsburgh, Jets, Patriots, and 3 Divisional games which are always close. These first 6 games will show everyone if we are infact the real deal or if we were just a fluke. I can see us going as good as 6-0 but I can also see us potentiall going as bad as 3-3 or 2-4. If we can get by these games then ithe rest of our schedule is reletivly easy the rest of the way with the 49ers, the fallen apart Bills, and the horrid Seahawks, and the lonely Rams. The others outside of our other 3 divisional games or the Chargers (with Merriman back could be back to they way they were), Dolphins, and Cardinals I can see us beating.
    2009 season projection: 12-4

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for reading and commenting, guys. Ben, you make a great point about the first six games.

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