Where’s the Beef? Five DT prospects for the Tennessee Titans


For the Tennessee Titans, replacing Albert Haynesworth will be anything but a small task. Shortly after Al’s departure to the Nation’s Capital, Jovan Haye was signed and as a result of his pass rushing ability and decent run-stuffing skills, he should emerge as a valuable contributor next season and beyond.

However, the Haye acquisition didn’t exactly address the team’s need for a big-bodied DT. Veteran Kevin Vickerson is currently on the roster, but the Titans lack a younger guy to groom as a run-stopping force for the future.

With that said, let’s take a look at five potential behemoths who could be ripe for the taking by the Titans on draft day.

Ron Brace Boston College

Judging by this article, it’s pretty obvious that I’m hoping for Brace to become a Titan in less than two weeks. He’s a big body with some pass rushing ability who was overshadowed in college by B.J. Raji, who is projected to be the first DT taken in the draft.

Unfortunately for the Titans, Brace has emerged as a popular guy on the pre-draft circuit. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that a team such as Bill Parcells’ Miami Dolphins, who are desperately searching for a future NT anchor for their 3-4 defense, will insert the proverbial dagger into my hopes of Brace becoming a Titan.

Therefore, I’m “bracing” for Ron not being available when the Titans are on the clock in the 2nd round.

Sen’Derrick Marks Auburn

Judging by his recent entry in his personal draft diary, the Titans could wind up as Sen’Derrick’s NFL employer.

Marks was in town for a visit last week and according to the talented young DT, the Titans were very interested in possibly selecting him in late April:

“The Tennessee Titans flew me in for a visit. They didn’t spend much time making physical assessments, though, and seemed more interested in getting to know me as a person. I guess they wanted to see how I act around people, how well I can relate with people.”

“I really liked it there. Everyone from (head coach) Jeff Fisher on down acted like normal people the whole time, which was really cool.”

Marks has a world of talent but has been lacking in the consistency department. If drafted by the Titans, I’m pretty confident that Jim Washburn could whip Sen’Derrick into a mighty fine NFL player.

Fili Moala USC

Playing for Jeff Fisher’s alma mater, Moala was a destructive force during his college career as a Trojan. Fili, who is also the cousin of the Ravens’ Haloti Ngota, is projected to go somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Moala has the physical ability to be a good player in this league. However, there are some minor concerns that Fili may be a tad bit overrated as a result of coming from the highly-successful Southern Cal program.

Sammie Lee Hill Stillman

If his name sounds familar, it’s because it should. I mentioned Hill as a potential small-school diamond in the rough in this recent article.

Sammie has the size but lacks the pedigree of more highly regarded prospects such as the ones I’ve already mentioned. However, the Titans have displayed on more than one occasion their willingness to take a chance on guys hailing from smaller programs, so a raw talent such as Hill could easily end up on the Titans’ draft day radar.

Roy Miller Texas

On draft day, Miller will be looking to join the ranks of Vince Young, Michael Griffin, Bo Scaife and Ahmard Hall as yet another Texas Longhorn to make his way to Nashville. 

Miller, who recently visited Baptist Sports Park, is one of those high-production, low-potential guys. His physical skills don’t overwhelm you, but nonetheless, he’s one of those players who always shows up on film making plays.

Roy, a great character-guy with a lot of intangibles, could emerge as a steal somewhere in the draft’s later rounds.

Your turn, audience: What DT would you like to see the Titans select on draft day?    


3 Responses to “Where’s the Beef? Five DT prospects for the Tennessee Titans”

  1. kevin b Says:

    Drex, i too would like to get ron brace and hope he is their for the selection ,but i also think that you suggestion in the small school DT made a lot of good sense . we probaly wont get a DT until round three or four , (jason.j. has huge upside)In my opinion. we really should get a CB THEN A WR … and one thing drexel its about the DT fili moala he is “over rated ” remember all that ” USC players this, USC players that .” talk got Mr. chow the “big boot” form our squad a while ago ” LOL !’as the normal great post D .

  2. Bob Loblaw Says:

    If Brace is on the board at 62 that’s great, but I don’t see it happening. Unless they want to slide Jason Jones outside (and let Kearse go?), I don’t even see where another DT fits in – I liked what I saw from Vickerson last year. By all means, snatch a guy up if he’s a great value, but I don’t see it, or any other position for that matter, as a position of NEED. If anything, I am very intrigued by Jarron Gilbert if he’s available in the second round. He seems like a guy who could play some DT and some DE.

  3. Scott Says:

    I tend to agree with Bob and Kevin that the Titans are only likely to draft a DT in the mid to late rounds. By the time the Titans draft in the second round, Raji, Jerry, Hood and Brace will all likely be gone, and that leaves Marks and Moala. I am betting that the Titans are looking at linebackers, cornerbacks and wide receivers in the first three rounds, rather than a DT. That’s why a guy like Roy Miller makes sense. The Titans already have Jones and Hayes who can play inside and outside on the line, so they need a run stopping presence in the middle. The Titans need a guy who is a DT only. Miller will probably still be available in the 5th or 6th round and they can put him on the practice squad if he can’t unseat Vickerson in training camp.

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