Looking at some Titans’ o-line draft prospects


Since the team moved to Tennessee 12 years ago, it has drafted 14 offensive linemen. With ten picks in the 2009 draft, odds are they should draft at least one this year, especially since 38-year old Kevin Mawae and guard Eugene Amano are in contract years.
Leroy Harris is the heir apparent to Mawae and should also compete with Amano for the left guard position this year, but there’s nobody noteworthy behind those three on the interior line depth chart. The Titans will try to remedy that situation this weekend.
They will probably also seek some competition for second-year reserve tackle Mike Otto to replace departed T/G Daniel Loper.
With a need for depth across the line, the prospects I’ve focused on here either have the experience or ability, or both, to play multiple positions on the line. These are some guys I believe have a chance.

Round Two:
G/T Andy Levitre  6’3″, 305 Oregon State
He’s played every position on the line but center, mainly left tackle. Projected to be a guard at the pro level, he may possibly be the first guard selected on Saturday. Very strong and intelligent. Uses good technique. Tough and nasty. Levitre met with the Titans at the combine. O-line coach Mike Munchak ought to love this guy.
Round Two-Three:
C/G Antoine Caldwell  6’3″, 309 Alabama
One of the top five in this year’s outstanding class of centers, he’s also started some games at guard and tackle. Intelligent, quick, tough and athletic. Good technique. Only had 23 bench press reps at the combine, will need to gain some strength to match the power of the strongest DTs.
Round Three:
C/G Jonathan Luigs  6’4″, 301 Arkansas
Similar strong points to Caldwell’s. His excellent quickness might make him better at guard, where he’s had seven starts. Intelligent and savvy. He needs to improve his lower-body strength. I enjoyed watching both him and Caldwell in the SEC.
Round Four:
T/G Fenuki Tupou  6’5″, 314 Oregon
Physical and nasty but lacks quickness and athleticism. A college tackle who might be better suited as a guard.
Round Five:
T/G Robert Brewster  6’4″, 325 Ball State
Another college tackle whose best chance in the NFL might be at guard. Has good quickness for a man his size but may need to get stronger.
G/T Matt Slauson  6’5″, 316 Nebraska

Good size and strength. Has played both tackle spots and right guard, is projected as a guard.

Round Six: 

C/G Cecil Newton  6’2″, 294 Tennessee State
Strong and athletic, has the frame to add some weight and muscle mass. Has the quickness to be converted to guard. Visited the Titans as a local prospect. Selected in Drexel’s mock draft.
C/G Alex Fletcher  6’2″, 297 Stanford

Good upper-body strength. Smart, tough and physical. Has played center and both guard spots.
Round Seven: 
G/T Seth Olsen  6’5″, 306 Iowa
Strong and physical. Has short area quickness. Good technician. Has started at both guard positions and at left tackle. He seems to be a swingman like Loper in that he can backup the vital left tackle position.
T/G Ryan Stanchek  6’4″, 298 West Virginia
Tough as nails. A tweener. May need to switch from tackle to guard.
That’s it, folks. What do you think of these, and other, o-line prospects?

3 Responses to “Looking at some Titans’ o-line draft prospects”

  1. Seth Leonard Says:

    Hopefully we’ll take a solid guy in the 3rd-4th and maybe a depth guy later on. We can’t necessarily expect an injury free season like last year.
    What’s the word on Leroy Harris? He had a tough game against the Ravens in the playoffs, but at least he got some excellent experience. Is he gunning to take somebody else’s spot away this year or is he already working in at guard?

  2. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Hey Seth,
    Last year Jeff Fisher said Harris would compete with Amano for the LG spot, but there wasn’t really any true competition in training camp. I believe this year it will be a real competition and that Harris will have a good chance to win. Harris has already been working some at guard but his only live action at G so far has been in preseason games.

  3. Scott Says:

    I like Andy Levitre, but I can’t see the Titans drafting depth for the O-line in the second or even third round. At this point, I think an OT in the 4th or 5th round is a strong possibility, with perhaps a G/C in the 7th round.
    At the guard/center position, in addition to Harris, the Titans have Fernando Velasco, who spent last year on the practice squad and could be given a chance to make the roster this year. Velasco was a good player at Georgia and was sorely missed on that offensive line this past season.

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