Goodbye Torry Holt, hello Marvin Harrison?


The lengthy flirtation between veteran WR Torry Holt and the Tennessee Titans ended yesterday, as Holt decided to continue his career in Jacksonville instead of Nashville.

As Andrew mentioned in a recent article, the Titans may still look to sign a free agent WR in an effort to bring some much-needed veteran depth to the position. With Holt out of the picture, the pickings are pretty slim on the veteran WR FA market.

Of the remaining players, there’s one guy who could emerge as an intriguing option, for a few reasons.

His name, you ask? Marvin Harrison.

Titan fans are very familiar with what #88 can do on the football field. For years, as a member of the Indianapolis Colts, Harrison was often a main focus of the defensive game plans of the Tennessee Titans.

Of course, Marvin isn’t what he used to be, thanks to old-age and knee problems. In his last two injury-plagued seasons, Harrison combined to catch only 80 receptions for 833 yards in only twenty games played. Those numbers are a far cry from the remarkable stats he put up during his first eleven seasons in the league.

Despite his recent struggles, I believe that Harrison can still be a factor in someone’s passing attack. Even at this point in his career, he is still a great route-runner who is going to consistently catch the football. He isn’t a deep threat, but he’s a guy with the savvy to get open and make plays in crucial 3rd down situations.

If signed by the Titans, Harrison could perform the same role that the team had in mind for Torry Holt: serving as a veteran presence on a team with a ton of youth at the WR position.

The thought of Marvin venturing to Nashville is merely speculation at this point. Despite the team’s affinity for signing ex-Colts in the past, Mike Reinfeldt has shown no indication of being even mildly interested in Marvin’s services.

However, in my opinion, for the right price, Harrison could be a good pickup for a Titan team searching for a veteran wideout.

What do you think guys? Yay or nay to Marvin Harrison?   


4 Responses to “Goodbye Torry Holt, hello Marvin Harrison?”

  1. Andrew K Says:


  2. Bob Loblaw Says:

    I don’t think I could be more indifferent about the prospect of signing him. Sooner or later they’ll bring in a veteran wideout who doesn’t excite me though, so why not Marvin Moulds?

  3. MARV'S NO.1 FAN Says:

    Being a COLTS for life, I would hate for him to go to a division opponent. I still thinks the Colts can sign him for a reduced salary, but if the Titans give him a big paycheck, it could be possible.

  4. Demond Sanders Says:

    The price won’t be right. That’s the whole problem. Marvin wants too much. The Colts offered him around $3M for 2009 if he would restructure his contract. He turned it down and they cut him. No other team is going to pay him close to that. We think he is going to retire.

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