The Titans select WR Kenny Britt in first round


Fans who have been clamoring for the Titans to use a first-round draft pick on a wide receiver have had their wishes fulfilled. It’s the first time since 1998 that Tennessee has selected a wideout with their first pick. Kenny Britt is the man who has broken the eleven-year drought, a big receiver who has a lot of things to like about him.
Not all Titans fans will be rejoicing though. All of the flashy names, guys who had speed or were dangerous playmakers were selected earlier. My initial impressions of Britt are good. I especially like his ability as a route runner, which should enable him to get some decent reps. I also like his production and his run-after-catch ability.
Here’s an excerpt from a scouting report on him by Scott Wright:
Terrific ball skills and body control…An explosive leaper…Excellent strength…Pretty good route runner…Physical and aggressive…Runs hard and can do some damage after the catch
Titans fans, what’s your opinion? Was Britt a good pick? 

10 Responses to “The Titans select WR Kenny Britt in first round”

  1. Drexel Perry Says:

    Based on his scouting report, Britt has the potential to become a nice redzone target.
    Would have been happier with Nicks but unfortunately, the Giants scooped him up at #29.
    Solid pick by the Titans…no complaints here.

  2. bobcomu Says:

    With their history I dont think they took him just to take a WR, they must have had him ranked pretty highly. If we learned anything from last year it should be to reserve judgment until the fall. With a total lack of depth at the position I still think they’ll take one more at some point.

  3. Scott Says:

    Looks to me like a Heimerdinger influenced pick. Good blocker and a tough kid. I love the fact that he had big-time production in college, even though he was the only offensive threat that Rutgers had last year. They haven’t drafted any receiver that was this good in college in years. I like the pick. In my view, he was in the same class as Hicks, Heyward-Bey and Robiskie. I think he will start this year and be productive.

  4. Billy Joe Says:

    I love Britt’s physical nature and his yards after catch ability will be huge. The biggest thing he brings is his exceptional route running ability. The scouting report mentioned above stated “pretty good route runner”, but this guy is a razor sharp route runner. As many QBs have said in the past, “in college everyone is open and in the NFL no one is open.” That alone will enable Britt to seperate from defenders just enough to allow Collins to throw to spots. With the Washington pickup in the offseason, I feel very good about this pick.

  5. Brad Says:

    I loved the Britt pick. The pick of Sen’Derrick Marks in the second I liked just not as much as our 1st. I just don’t like his bench press numbers 225×16. Not too good for a DT. I wish we would have went with Macho Harris or if we did go DT I wish we would have picked Chris Baker from Hampton. But overall not a bad day at all. So far the Titans got a B.

  6. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Like Drex, I would have preferred Nicks, but I’m fine with Britt. I would have liked to see the Titans move up in the 2nd to get a CB, but that’s just not their style.

  7. David H... Says:

    Solid pick up with the Kenny Britt selection. Im from NY, so I’ve seen my share of Rutgers games. Greg Shiano and their coaching staff pride themselves on getting their kids ready on game day. Ray Rice showed flashes last year and had it not been for his injury he would have made a real impact in the playoffs for Baltimore. Britt has a terrific work ethic. Another plus is that he has worked with former WR great Rod Smith. I would’nt be surprised if he beats out Hawk and sees some real time this year in the slot.

  8. Will Says:

    Given the Raiders’ outrageous decision to reach for Heyward-Bey at number 7, and the Giants’ swipe of Nicks at number 29, I can live with Britt.
    The Titans broke tradition and chose a much-needed receiver. Hats off to Reinfeldt and co. for making this decision.

  9. Morgan Says:

    Looks like I am the only one not enthused about this years first round pick. Britt may turn out to be a decent wideout but there was alot more tallented guy on the board with positional needs. Malilga, Butler, Alphonso Smith, Hood and more. Im not totally disapointed, but use some to those 10 picks to trade up. People were trading up for next to nothing. Trading your first and around a forth was moving teams up leaps and bounds. Who knows, Britt could be the next big thing and ill say damb i cant believe i was disapointed when they drafted him, but i cant see it

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    […] waiting over a decade, the Tennessee Titans decided to once again dip their hands into the first-round WR cookie jar by selecting Kenny Britt last […]

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