Tennessee Titans select CB Ryan Mouton in the 3rd Round


With their natural selection in the 3rd round of the 2009 NFL draft, the Titans finally addressed their need at cornerback.  Showing a callous disregard for the affections of their local fans, however, they did not take former Vanderbilt Commodore D.J. Moore, but instead former Hawaii Warrior Ryan Mouton.

On Mouton, who measured in a 5’9″ 187# at the NFL Combine, the first words out of NFL Network draft guru’s Mike Mayock were “undersized nickel corner.”  Like so many other Hawaii players, this Houston native started out at a junior college, then went to the Islands.  He started most of his two years at Hawaii, and was subjectively the best player in the Warrior secondary (not a particularly mean feat).  His performance during workout season was limited by a hamstring injury, but was about 75% at a private workout in his hometown a couple days before the draft.

Beyond “undersized nickel corner,” he was a guy who played a little bit of offense in college and some NFL speculation was he might play WR.  I’d expect him to be strictly a CB in Tennessee, though.  He also has some return experience, including a KOR TD in Hawaii’s win over Fresno State this year.

I admit, I’m a little skeptical of this pick because he reminds me of Ryan Smith, a 6th round pick out of Florida a couple years ago who didn’t make it out of training camp.  Mouton has better speed than Smith, plus return ability, but Mouton’s a smaller guy and doesn’t seem to be the battler Finnegan was.

Titan fans, what say you?  Will he ever live up to not being D.J. Moore?  Fine with potentially having two short corners if Mouton takes over for Harper next year?


16 Responses to “Tennessee Titans select CB Ryan Mouton in the 3rd Round”

  1. Cody Says:

    Did DJ Moore get caught with a dead girl or alive boy? How can he still be on the board when many small school guys with comparable 40 times get taken?
    I thought for sure the Titans were going to take him when they traded with NE and instead took Cook (who is a great TE and a steal at that spot). Anyone got any info?

  2. Morgan Says:

    This guy never really was a wideout. He caught no more than 10 pass his final year in college. He caught less than 10 balls his entire career as a CB. He might be able to jump from standing for the combine but he can’t jump to make plays running. I’ll see you off the roster next year Ryan.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t do him…I have faith in him and he will do great

  4. Andrew K Says:

    I like the Gerald McRath pick!

  5. chris Says:

    I think his overall attitude, spirit of a person on a personal level, and his work ethic and family support; will grow him into a great player.

  6. David H... Says:

    This pick was to offset the departure of Chris Carr. He has some return abilities and will probably be used on special teams. I would have liked the hometown boy Moore as well but I don’t pass judgement on any of the Titans selections until I see what they can contribute on the football field. I learned my lesson after last years draft!!!

  7. Robby Says:

    Mouton is a legit 4.3 guy and a fantastic athlete. The combine 4.48 time was on a bad hammy. The dude also can return kicks.

  8. Krans Says:

    Greetings Titan fans,
    I’m a pure chiefs fan but i live in Hawaii and have been going to games since i was 5, i also worked as a sports editor for one of our papers for a year and a half so i’m familiar with a lot of our local players.
    That said, Mouton is a great player, a pure playmaker. I didn’t think he would get drafted this high but i’m glad he is going to somewhere like Tennessee i honestly feel he is going to be a great player for you. He is extremely quick, lacks height but makes up for it in technique, when he was injured for Hawaii the defense wasn’t the same at all, he can also return kicks on special teams.
    I’d be glad to say a few more words about him but just to let you know from a Hawaiian fan’s point of view i think you got a great corner

  9. Morgan Says:

    Yea the kid actually aint that bad contrary to what i posted earlier. I was totally bummed out over the lack of activity from the Titans and the passing of Moore. I hope Ryan does well.

  10. Justin Says:

    Mouton has a 40 inch vertical and an 11 foot broad jump, the dude’s incredibly explosive and has a great attitude. Titans are fortunate to have him.

  11. d. hamblin Says:

    Apparently the Titans don’t want a Vandy player, no mater how good they are. I’m tired of supporting a team that disrespects Vandy so blatantly. I’m over them.

  12. Ariel M. Says:


  13. Lee P. Says:

    Saw him haul in a game winning TD catch playing WR in the Katy v. South Lake Carrol championship game of 2003. Pretty fast kid back then. Glad to see him get picked up.

  14. Da Truth Says:

    I witnessed this guy play both a juco and at UH..he is a moster.. At blinn he was a 2 time concensus all american. He played and manned up against the likes of johnny knox (abliene Wr 4.29 sp) and byrd (LSU Wr.) they combined had 0 catches against him while he had 4 picks against them. also when blinn won their national champ. he blocked a kick had 3 scks and another pick. this guy has big play maker pontential. He was clocked at a 4.27 indoor when he was 100%. He’s a shutdown CB when hes healthy.

  15. raykelley Says:

    My man mouton the real deal. I played wit him at blinn….he the truth. Good speed, great coverage. Good hands, smart, and he can lock your speedy receivers down. ima say this…johnny knox was tripple teamed…but byrd was a let down when mouton had em. Good luck mou

  16. Da Coach Says:

    Ryan Mouton is returning punts against the Jets. He’s so bad today that he couldn’t even catch the flu.

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