Titans close 2009 draft by taking DB Nick Schommer


The Titans finished the 2009 draft by selecting another defensive back.  In this case, it was North Dakota State DB Nick Schommer.

As you can see if you checked out his NFL bio, there’s not much on him out there.  The 6′ 197# four year starter was a third-team All America for the Bison this past season.  He also walked onto the baseball team as a backup catcher for his freshman season.  He apparently worked out at the Bison Pro Day while the Red River of the North was inundating the city, not much on that.

I have to admit, I’m not seeing much on this guy.  I do know an NDSU fan, so maybe I’ll have more to report tomorrow on him.  Not sure why he’s draft-worthy, but with 11 picks and the roster the Titans have, nobody drafted here would have a great chance at making the team.

Anybody know anything about Mr. Schommer?


8 Responses to “Titans close 2009 draft by taking DB Nick Schommer”

  1. Brad Says:

    Overall I think the titans draft was very good, not quite excellent, but good. I would like to see us sign Cecil Newton, C, Tennessee State and Phillip Hunt, DE, Houston as free agents.

  2. Kevin G Says:

    any news on UFAs?

  3. Tom Says:

    Hes a Native of Prescott Wisconsin and played for the high school team before moving on to NDSU. VERY good athlete! Runs in the family!

  4. steve Says:

    titans just signed ufa de mitch king,iowa, per kffl. sounds like a decent prospect. lindy’s had him rated 8th best de in the draft fwiw.

  5. Kevin G Says:

    don’t think he will come to us, we will not get a high quality QB because their agent will tell us that they will not make our roster.

  6. Drexel Perry Says:

    Kuharsky has a good article up explaining why the Titans aren’t exactly a good destination for UDFA’s, mostly because of the 11 players they drafted this weekend:
    As for Mitch King, he is an undersized guy who has a great motor and was very productive in college:
    The Titans are expected to sign about six or seven undrafted free agents, so we’ll keep you posted as they sign more guys.
    According to this site, the Titans have also signed WR Dudley Guice:
    He’s a small-college guy with some potential: here’s a good interview that he recently conducted:
    Here’s his personal website full of good information on him:
    *Update II*
    Titans also signed South Florida OL Ryan Schmidt:
    Info on Schmidt:
    *Another signing*
    Alex Mortensen QB Arkansas/Samford
    ESPN’s Chris Mortensen’s son has signed a deal with the Titans:
    More info on the younger Mort:

  7. Tom Gower Says:

    Best list for UFAs I’ve seen is here:
    The Titans are listed with Mitch King and WR Dudley Guice. I think they entered the draft with 67 players, so with 11 picks and 2 UDFA, I think they’re done.

  8. Tom Gower Says:

    And to correct myself, kind of… it looks like the 80 man roster limit is for signed players. They don’t “really” have room for anybody else, but could sign a QB for strict need purposes as PK notes after all of them with any chance of making a team have been picked over.

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