Where did the Titans help themselves the most in the draft?


If I had to characterize the Titans’ draft in one sentence, it would be something like this: The defense bolstered its depth, the offense acquired more weapons and the special teams added more speed.
But which one of those three facets of the game – offense, defense or special teams – should benefit most from the draft? It would be an interesting hypothetical three-way debate between coordinators Mike Heimerdinger, Chuck Cecil and special teams coach Alan Lowry.
Six of the eleven draft picks were on offense and five on defense. Many of those players, especially the defensive ones, will be asked to contribute on teams play. Let’s take a look at how each player can help the Titans.

Sen’Derrick Marks – Will play plenty of snaps as part of the regular rotation on the d-line. Of all the rookies, he should be on the field the most
Ryan Mouton – Good depth pick. Should compete in training camp for the #3 cornerback spot and as backup nickelback. Will probably play in dime packages.
Gerald McGrath – Should compete for the Will backup position. Could see some action in situational packages or in relief of Keith Bulluck.
Jason McCourty – Adds more needed depth at corner. Another prospect for dime packages.
Nick Schommer – Will compete for a spot as a backup safety, adds needed depth there.
Kenny Britt – Versatile, can play in the slot or outside. He ought to quickly become the #3 receiver. Should be a big red zone weapon for Kerry Collins.
Jared Cook – Another weapon, will be used as a H-back. Should create a lot of mismatches for defenses. Could become the red zone threat that Alge Crumpler failed to become last year.
Troy Kropog – Plays both tackle spots, might also play guard. Should be the favorite over Mike Otto to become Daniel Loper’s replacement. Mike Munchak will hope he won’t have to use reserves on the line but you always need them just in case.
Javon Ringer – Offers something different than either Chris Johnson or LenDale White. Could get quite a few carries this fall.
Dominique Edison – Another big receiver, with speed. Also a potential red zone threat.
Ryan Durand – A guard who might also play center, offers interior line depth.
Special teams:
Ryan Mouton – Great speed, 4.30 40, good kick return skills, may also get a chance to return punts. Ought to make a good gunner too. 
Gerald McGrath – A good tackler with a nose for finding the ball carrier, should make a great addition to the coverage units.
Jason McCourty – Another fast (4.3) kick returner, also a good tackler who should upgrade coverage units. Has gunner written all over him..
Dominique Edison – A big guy with speed, should also help on coverage units.
Nick Schommer – Good tackler, great special teams player according to his scouting report.
To summarize, the offense has more weapons, the defense has more depth and special teams has more speed. In which area do you think the Titans have improved the most?

4 Responses to “Where did the Titans help themselves the most in the draft?”

  1. Bob Loblaw Says:

    It goes without saying that many rookies make teams based on their special teams play. I would say though that the Titans helped themselves most on offense, especially for 2009. Britt, Cook and Ringer should all see playing time this year. Marks is the only guy I see getting many snaps on defense this year (barring injury).
    In other news, the Cardinals have cut Travis LaBoy after one season. Once again, the Titans’ decision to let a player go is vindicated in time. I like Reinfeldt more and more each year.

  2. Scott Says:

    I have to think that Mouton will get a fair number of snaps this season as well, as the dime back (and perhaps even as an injury replacement). Harper isn’t getting any younger. There still isn’t much depth a CB, so unless the Titans pick up a veteran before training camp, Mouton could be in line to see some playing time on defence.
    The release of LaBoy surprises me. And after only one year, and after paying him a guaranteed salary of $7.5 million just a year ago. I didn’t think he played too poorly for the Cards. He’ll land somewhere, but he will never see that kind of money again. Drew Bennett’s in the same boat. I see he is visiting Cleveland.

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    We seem to be pretty much in agreement about the rookies who will be the favorites to get playing time. We’ll find out more in training camp and the preseason.
    Thanks for reading and sharing your opinions.

  4. junas Says:

    Cook will be a very solid player, he is one of those guys that the other teams will have to double before the year is out, just wait!

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