Time to step up, Chris Davis and Paul Williams


As a result of last weekend’s draft selections, Chris Henry isn’t the only Tennessee Titan in danger of possibly losing a roster spot.

By addressing the wide receiver position in the form of two draft picks last weekend, keeping a job in Nashville has just become a little more difficult for WR holdovers Chris Davis and Paul Williams.

Like Henry, Davis and Williams are also members of the 2007 Titan draft class that have failed to become valuable team contributors as they enter year three of their careers.

Is it time to cut the chord on Davis and Williams?

During his rookie season, Chris Davis displayed signs of becoming a solid player. Despite his contributions in the passing game being limited to only five receptions, Davis carved a niche as the team’s punt returner.

Unfortunately for Chris, he was the recipient of a severe case of fumble-itis during his brief stint as the team’s PR guy in 2007. He coughed up the pigskin a whopping six times, with three of those ending up as turnovers for the opposition.

In 2008, Davis didn’t get too many opportunities to put the football on the ground, returning only two punts and catching the same amount of passes last year.

Long on potential but short on production, Paul Williams has failed to make any type of impact during his first two years in the NFL. Blessed with a nice combination of good size and speed, Paul has been unable to take advantage of those attributes on the playing field.

After registering a zero in the reception department during his rookie season, Paul finally got on the scoreboard with his first catch of his career in 2008’s meaningless season-finale against the Colts.

In order for both Davis and Williams to continue their careers in Nashville, both players are going to have to step up their games. I mean, how long can the Titans possibly wait for these guys to start producing during the regular season?

It would be a lot more understandable if both players were rookies like draftees Kenny Britt and Dominique Edison, but entering their third seasons, it’s only natural for your patience to begin wearing thin with two guys who should know what it takes to succeed in this league.  

Almost needless to say, it’s time for Davis and Williams to show something that will deem them worthy of continuing their tenures as Tennessee Titans.  


5 Responses to “Time to step up, Chris Davis and Paul Williams”

  1. Will Says:

    With 11 receivers currently on the roster, it’s very likely that Williams won’t make the squad. Davis has a slim chance of sticking because he can return punts, despite the fumbles.
    I hope another rookie besides Britt will step up.

  2. Scott Says:

    Drex, do you see Mark Jones as a lock to make the team this year? I think he signed a two year deal, but I don’t know what kind of bonus or guarantee he received. It seems like a number of the guys that were drafted have return capabilities (as well as Little), and since that is Jones’ only role, might his roster spot also be in jeopardy, along with those of Williams and Davis?

  3. Drexel Perry Says:

    Jones signed a two-year deal that will pay him a $200,000 signing bonus. In terms of salary, he’s scheduled to make $725,000 in 2009 and $875,000 in 2010:
    Jones will probably get the first shot to be the primary return man but if he doesn’t pan out, the financial consequences of getting rid of him are anything but troublesome.
    Considering his contract and the likely possibility that he won’t contribute much at WR (which makes him rather one-dimensional) I wouldn’t classify Jones as a lock to make the roster.

  4. Kevin G Says:

    are any of you guys going to go to any of the mini-camps? (is the public even allowed at those?) just wondering if I can get summeries here. if not do you know where they will be posted on the internet?

  5. will Says:

    i think chris davis paul williams chris henry rafeil little and more will be cut

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