Does Vince Young have a future as a Tennessee Titan after all?


A lot has been written about much-maligned Tennessee Titan signal-caller Vince Young.

Many have questioned his ability to lead the team based on the well-documented events of 2008. Some, such as owner Bud Adams, have relentlessly stayed in Vince’s corner by suggesting that his days in Nashville are anything but numbered.

Recently, VY’s excellent participation in offseason workouts prompted head coach Jeff Fisher to issue the following statement:

“He’s doing everything he can to compete and earn his job back,” Fisher said. ”As I’ve said time and time again, Vince will be eventually be our starting quarterback.”

Is Vince on the path of reclaiming his starting QB position somewhere down the road?

Allow me to begin by saying that Kerry Collins is unquestionably the guy who should be leading this football team in 2009. His veteran presence in the huddle played a key role in the Titans’ stellar 13-3 2008 season.

He’s earned the trust of his teammates and the coaching staff and with the squad knocking on the door of a Super Bowl appearance, Kerry is the one who should be steering the Titans ship in the direction of what will hopefully become a voyage to Miami next February.

However, due to Kerry’s age (36), he is anything but a long-term solution at quarterback. Despite the feeling that he’s been around forever, Vince Young hasn’t even turned 25 yet. Thus, he remains at an age where he can still be considered the team’s future starting signal-caller.

Of course, what’s printed on his birth certificate isn’t going to be the only factor in Vince’s attempt to regain his starting spot. His dedication and willingness to conform to what Jeff Fisher demands from him will go a long way towards Vince recapturing the past glory of his first year or two in the league.

Judging by Fisher’s aforementioned words, Vince appears to be headed in the right direction.

I also believe that the team’s decision to bypass drafting a young-er (pun intended) QB last weekend is another indicator of the organization’s confidence in VY stepping up. Of course, Patrick Ramsey is still in the picture, but his days of being considered as a franchise’s future starter ended long ago in Washington.

So what do you think, Titan fans? Is Vince Young still the Tennessee Titans’ quarterback of the future?    


11 Responses to “Does Vince Young have a future as a Tennessee Titan after all?”

  1. FAZ Says:

    He never was a good draft pick. Could have had Cutler. I do not think his skills make him an NFL QB. He is a runner who can throw (Vick) not a Thrower who can run (Steve Young). Convert him to another position (WR, LB, RB) or cut him. Go out and draft a QB in 2010.

  2. Kevin G Says:

    I will say this:
    kerry will be our starter this year, but we will have an answer by next off season as to what happens with Vince Young. at the end of next year his cap number will be around 12 million, which is simply too much for a backup QB to be making. at that time the titans will have to make a choice: stick with Kerry for 1 more year and go all in. this choice would probably mean cutting vince and drafting a QB (there are potentially 4 1st round qb’s in next years draft class, that will be our best shot at getting one). the other option is to Make Vince the starter, which will mean cutting kerry loose (he has said he will not remain as a backup), and then we are stuck with Vince for the foreseeable future. all of this is dependant on how good vince does this offseason. make or break time vince.

  3. Bob Loblaw Says:

    My initial impression was that by not using one of eleven picks on a QB, they were indicating that they really believe Young will be the future starter. After thinking about it more though, I think they are giving Vince this year to show that he can be a dedicated professional. If he shows that, even if he doesn’t see any playing time, they’ll try to keep him. The Titans will insist that he renegotiate, and he probably will, realizing that once he leaves the team that invested a high 1st round pick on him, he’ll never have a better chance at securing a starting job (Patrick Ramsey among others).
    I think they didn’t draft a QB for two reasons: they want Vince to focus on his play, not how some other guy is playing. Also, with the possibility of a rookie wage scale in 2011, there should be a number of good QBs leaving as juniors next year.

  4. Lord_Drist Says:

    I think in the history of the NFL few quartebacks have been under such pressure and scrutiny so early in their careers than Vince Young. This comes mostly from what he was able to do on his rookie year. From then the expectation grew tremendously. That is why his supporters (like me) are extremely loyal (sometimes to a fault) and his detractors are merciless when breaking down his performance, to the point of insulting him and even judging things that are of no consequence of how he plays for example the way he speaks.
    After saying this, I do feel he has a future withe the Titans and he will be starting at some point in this season. In this article you say that KC has won the trust of his teammates, I don’t put that into question but are you sure that VY does not have that trust as well, most of then are witness of what he can do, so is a reasonable assumption to think that they can be eager to share the football field again with him. Is amazing to see how many people out there overlook the big difference in experience that KC has over VY, so he was able to take advantage of the situation but by no taking the team further into the playoffs he leaves the door wide open for VY to be the starter again. Of course he has to prove in the pre season that he provides a better chance of winning than KC. I have little doubt that ha can do it, remember he’s been sitting for most last year so giving him the time to learn that any young qb has to be given in order to play well in the NFL. Right now is up to Vince to prove that Jeff Fisher did the right thing in benching him.

  5. Morgan_Washburn Says:

    I believe that Vince has what it takes to be a NFL quaterback. Last season he spent the whole offseason earning his degree which slowed his progress leaps and bounds. This year he is here working his tail off trying to get that starting job back. I have all the faith, maybe more, in Vince that Bud has. He hasnt had the oppertunity like a Tom Brady to sit, watch, and learn from a top teir QB. I hope vince starts by week 3, rips it up and never looks back, but that could be big hopes for this year.

  6. Will Says:

    The responses so far show me that there is a significant number of Titans fans who are willing to give VY half a chance. You are always going to have people like “Faz” who will never forgive Tennessee for not drafting Jay Cutler and who want VY shipped out on the first flight out of Nashville after he’s cut … which ain’t happening in 2009.
    I, too, have defended VY to a fault. We Longhorns are notoriously loyal, and arrogant. Even so, I trust that Jeff Fisher will do right by Vince Young.
    I believe Vince is a “gamer.” He will never look polished on the field, he will throw a head-scratching interception or two, but at his core, and despite “the incident” after game one of the 2008 season, he’s a winner, and he can win games for the Titans if he’s given another chance to start.

  7. Scott Says:

    I don’t know what to think about VY anymore. His second season was horrible and his off-season last year was terrible as well. Then, we all witnessed that debacle in the first game of the season when he tried to remove himself from it, and the aftermath of that game. After that, the Titans went out and signed Chris Simms and kept 3 QBs on the roster even after VY fully recovered from his injury. That appeared to suggest that Fisher had lost all confidence in VY and that Simms was being groomed to be Collins replacement. That theory went out the window, however, when Simms decided to sign with the Broncos and (at the time) be the backup to Jay Cutler. Then, rather than show faith in VY, the Titans signed perennial back up Patrick Ramsey.
    I don’t read too much into the fact that the Titans did not draft a QB in the late rounds. I don’t think there was much to choose from so picking someone would have been the equivalent of throwing the pick away.
    At this point, I would still be surprised if Fisher is really counting on VY to be the QB of the future for the Titans. I know he is saying that, and he is probably even hoping that VY can turn things around and be the Guy. But I think he would feel compelled to say that kind of stuff regardless, or else how could they justify keeping him on the roster and how could they ever expect to involve him in a trade. I suspect that Fisher is thinking ahead and already has an alternate plan that he will put in place in a couple of years when KC’s contract ends. I know that plan won’t include Ramsey and I suspect that it won’t include Young either. I hope I am wrong and Young demonstrates that he has the mental toughness and skills to be a starting QB for the Titans.

  8. Alvin Mullins Says:

    The VY experiment has come up with very little in the way of results, what we got his rookie season is the best we can hope for and that isn’t good enough.
    Poor draft pick and it’s time the Titan’s moved on. If he can’t beat out Kerry Collins he shouldn’t be the Titan’s QB. Next year there is a bumper crop of QBs and I believe that’s why the team didn’t go there this year, not that they believe in Vince.
    The best scenario would be for Vince to get some time in and perhaps look decent then we could get something for him. The Titans should have gone after Cutler when he was up for trade.

  9. jake villeneuve Says:

    i want vince back! he adds a whole other spark to the rushing game and now that we have our top 3 wideouts in place for years to come i think he should get his job back next year! he was always the one who would win the game in the fourth quater for us because nobody knew wat he was gonna do… START HIM!

  10. Drexel Perry Says:

    Thanks for commenting guys…we have a pretty good discussion going on here.
    Like the rest of you, I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on Vince’s progression as we get closer to the start of the 2009 season.

  11. anthony lloyd Says:

    vince if you are out there i believe in you if no one else does you have ben playing this game since you were a child pedigree dosent always breed a champion but heart does and you have proven that tha is why the titans drafted you play your game dont try to be something you are not turn of the tv and the commentators get them out of your head and return to your first love playing the game the way only vince can. you have nothing to prove to anyone and you owe no explanation to any one as to how you get it doneif you need to run then run if you need to pass then pass bottom line just win vince just win

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