DT LaJuan Ramsey: This year’s Dave Ball?


Derailed by injuries and earning the dubious status as a bonafide NFL castoff, Dave Ball overcame the odds and became an unlikely contributor on the Tennessee Titans’ defensive line in 2008.

In addition to his stellar play, Ball also provided us with a glimpse of his Fred Astaire-like dance moves during his memorable “Turkey Shuffle” after scoring a touchdown last Thanksgiving.

Like Ball before him, DT LaJuan Ramsey is another guy who, after bouncing around in numerous NFL cities, is attempting to find his groove as a Tennessee Titan. 

I’m sure many of you at this point are asking yourselves the following question: Just who exactly is this LaJuan Ramsey character?

Ramsey is a former 6th round draft choice by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2006. He was able to crack their DT rotation during the first half of his rookie campaign, but Ramsey disappeared like a stranger in the night as he was relegated to riding-the-pine duty for the remainder of the season.

After spending another uneventful year in Philly, he was tossed asunder from the city of “Brotherly Love” after the 2007 season. In 2008, Ramsey failed to latch on at his next NFL stop: AFC South division rival Indianapolis.

Of course, there’s a good chance that Ramsey may not even make it past minicamps at Baptist Sports Park. He just happens to play a position (DT) that is so deep that a contributor such as Kevin Vickerson may have a hard time making the roster.

However, I’m sure there weren’t too many people predicting that Dave Ball would be a productive player for the Titans in 2008. As Ball’s plight indicates, the unthinkable can indeed occur. With the tutelage of D-Line coach/guru Jim Washburn, who’s to say that Ramsey can’t follow in Ball’s footsteps by rejuvenating his career in Nashville?

Ramsey’s listed at 300 pounds and as a result of Albert Haynesworth’s departure, the Titans could use some beef at the defensive tackle position

Vickerson is the team’s designated big-bodied DT and a 2nd round draft choice was spent on Sen’Derrick Marks, but you never know, maybe a guy such as Ramsey can turn some heads during training camp and become the latest unheralded player to carve his niche in the league as a Titan.  

So what do you think, guys? LaJuan Ramsey: Camp fodder or 2009’s version of Dave Ball?  


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