This is probably Alge Crumpler’s last year as a Titan


Lately on Total Titans we’ve been discussing, among other things, aging veterans, players in contract years and crowded position groups (DE, DT and RB) Quite a few Titans have membership in more than one of those groupings, such as Keith Bulluck, who is an older veteran in a contract year.
That description also applies to tight end Alge Crumpler, who is in the last year of his contract and will be 32 years old in December. Alge started 15 games last year at a position that will be very crowded in 2009.
As I wrote here, Crumpler hasn’t yet turned out to be the red zone threat the Titans needed, Craig Stevens and Jared Cook appear to be the Titans’ tight ends of the future, and this will probably be Alge’s last year in Tennessee.
Will Crumpler improve this year on his 2008 campaign? It’s possible. Sometimes it takes two years following an injury for a player to regain or surpass his previous level of his play.

Crumpler was injured for the better part of the 2007 season and perhaps his mediocrity (by his standards) in 2008 could be accounted for as a season of rehab and recuperation. I don’t really buy that, but it is a possibility which can’t be discounted yet.
If Alge doesn’t have a better year will his career in Tennessee be over? I believe so, although it’s more likely for him to return in 2010 than it is for Bo Scaife.

If this does turn out to be his final season in two-tone blue, how will the Alge Crumpler experience be viewed? Will the Titans have received what they expected out of him?

On balance, so far I think Crumpler been good for the Titans. Alge joined Kevin Mawae and Kerry Collins as veteran leaders on offense. Unlike reports we heard on him from our Falcons colleagues, Alge turned out to be a positive influence and a pretty good blocker.
I like veterans who are team players. I like Alge Crumpler and I hope he’ll have a good season in what could be his final year in Tennessee.
You tell me — what do you think about Alge Crumpler?

4 Responses to “This is probably Alge Crumpler’s last year as a Titan”

  1. Bob Loblaw Says:

    He seems to have been a good guy to have on the team. The Titans didn’t break the bank to get him – I don’t even remember another team vying for his services, but I could be mistaken. I read a few days ago (can’t remember where) that he’s been playing about 15 lbs heavier than usual to help with blocking, so yes he appears to be delivering what the Titans want. If they wanted him to be the Crumpler of old they would certainly tell him to get his weight down.
    I don’t know exactly how he viewed coming to the Titans. If he saw it as a chance to put up big numbers and get one more big contract, he won’t be back next year. But he seemed interested in coming here in part because of the stability Jeff Fisher brings and the chance to be on a competitive team. If that is a primary motivating factor for him, I could see him sticking around for another two years.

  2. Drew Says:

    I think Alge would have had a lot more impact on a Vince Young lead offense which relied more on tight ends

  3. Scott Says:

    I like Crumpler and I think he will be better this year. His reception and TD numbers were a little disappointing last year but should improve.
    I am not sure that this will be his last year with the Titans. He isn’t that old so he should have a few good years left in him. And I do think that some of his lack of production last year was due to his previous knee injuries.
    The reality is, though, that his future with the Titans will likely depend on the three other TEs that will be on the roster at the end of this year. If Scaife isn’t re-signed, Crumpler will almost certainly be back. Similarly, if Stevens doesn’t develop as a blocker and a receiver, Crumpler will have a good chance to return. Finally, if Cook doesn’t develop fast enough in his first year and instead shows Troupe qualities, Crumpler will be back for at least a year or two.
    The Titans know what they have in Crumpler and know what they can get out of him on the field. He is a bit of a security blanket for the team. So I think if Scaife goes or there is any concern about the development of Cook and Stevens, then Crumpler will be back in 2010, and he will sign for a reasonable price.

  4. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, fellas. I appreciate them. Yeah, I’d like to see Alge back for another year or two after this one if he shows some improvement. If he doesn’t, then the Titans will probably want to go younger at the position.

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