Cary Williams: Nick Harper’s future replacement?


On the verge of turning 35 at the start of the 2009 NFL season, veteran cornerback Nick Harper isn’t getting any younger. In addition to his advancing age, he’s also dealing with the effects of abdominal surgery.

His inability to participate in the beginning stages of the Tennessee Titans’ minicamps has created an opportunity for second-year CB Cary Williams, who has often taken Harper’s spot on the first-team defense during drills.

Could Williams, who ironically, was hindered by injuries during his rookie season, compete for significant playing time in 2009?

Williams, a seventh-round selection out of tiny Washburn University in 2008, is hoping to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Reynaldo Hill and Cortland Finnegan: fellow 7th rounders who were able to overcome the long odds and become contributors early in their careers.

Unfortunately, the Washburn alum’s career got off to a rocky start as a result of some lingering leg ailments. Relegated to the practice squad for the majority of ’08, Williams was promoted to the active roster towards the end of the year, only to see his opportunity end quickly as a result of, you guessed it, another injury.

Despite his injury-plagued debut, the Titans have high hopes for Williams in his second season. Here’s what new Titan defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil had to say about Cary:

“Athletically, you can say that he can do it,” said Cecil, who was the Titans’ defensive backs coach last season. “Now it’s just a matter of transitioning to a game situation. That’s a whole different world. So that’s a wait-and-see deal.”

In a recent chat on the Titans’ official website, fellow corner and former 7th rounder Cortland Finnegan predicted that Williams could be one of the team’s breakout players in 2009.

Williams has all the tools. He’s a corner with size and a good athleticism. He’s also in a great situation to get playing time due to the departures of former Titans Eric King and Chris Carr. Competing against veteran DeMarcus Faggins and rookies Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton, the opportunity has presented itself for Williams to become a factor at cornerback this year.   

What do you guys think? Is Cary going to step up in his second season?  


One Response to “Cary Williams: Nick Harper’s future replacement?”

  1. marquis Says:

    mann…..hell yeah cary gonna do good…have u seen his tapes…he is very athletic and me i know…

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