Who do the Titans rookies remind you of?


Many Titans fans were overjoyed when Tennessee drafted Kenny Britt in the first round of this year’s draft, the first time the team had selected a first-round wideout since Kevin Dyson in 1998. Britt will now be linked to Dyson for quite a few years and comparisons between the two will be made.
It might surprise you to know that Dyson wasn’t the first former Titans draft pick I thought of when playing the “he reminds you of…” game. The first former Titans draft pick who came to my mind was Tyrone Calico, who, until Britt, was the highest WR draft pick by Tennessee since Dyson.

I associate Britt and Calico together since they’re both big receivers with speed. The 6’3″, 218 pound Britt is bigger than Dyson and nearer in size to Calico. Much was expected of Calico, perhaps too much. I hope Britt will be able to live up to expectations better than Calico did.
I’m asking you to join me in this little exercise, telling me who the Titans draft picks of 2009 remind you of when they were rookie draft picks.
Before you read my list, please think about some players the rookies remind you of in one way or another. To facilitate this, I’ve listed the draft picks, which are then followed by my thoughts.
Round One – WR Kenny Britt 
Round Two – DT Sen’Derrick Marks
Round Three – TE Jared Cook
Round Three – CB Ryan Mouton
Round Four – LB Gerald McGrath
Round Four – T Troy Kropog
Round Five – RB Javon Ringer
Round Six – CB Jason McCourty
Round Six – WR Dominique Edison
Round Seven – G Ryan Durand
Round Seven – S Nick Schommer
When Sen’Derrick Marks was drafted he brought to mind another second-round pick, Jason Jones, although Marks seems to be physically more like Randy Starks. I expected a lot out of Starks, in part because of some scouting reports on him which projected him to turn into a better player than he became.
Tennessee traded next year’s second-round pick to acquire Jared Cook in the third round this year. Athletically, he seems to be another Ben Troupe.
I didn’t think Ryan Mouton would be selected until the sixth or seventh round but the Titans must have really liked his return skills to take him in the third round. Cortland Finnegan was another draft pick who I initially thought would make the team as a returner but wasn’t sure if the Titans planned on using him as a safety or corner. Dainon Sidney and Denard Walker were other corners Tennessee drafted in the third round.
Gerald McGrath reminds me a lot of Stephen Tulloch since both can play all three linebacker positions. I liked Tulloch’s upside after he was drafted and feel the same way about McGrath.
Troy Kropog was drafted as the possible replacement for Daniel Loper as Tennessee’s reserve tackle. I see some similarities between the two.
I haven’t thought of any Titan yet that Javon Ringer reminds me a lot of. Ringer was a tough runner in college like Eddie George but I don’t mean to imply he’s as good or as tough as Eddie, who’s in a class by himself. Ringer was a fifth-round pick like the late Damien Nash, which is about the only thing I see they had in common..
Jason McCourty is a big, fast corner. So was Andre Woolfolk, though he was drafted five rounds earlier than McCourty.
I hope this doesn’t portend bad things for .Dominique Edison but the Titans have never drafted a good receiver after the first round. Gee, who can you compare him to without sounding negative? I’m trying hard to remember I meant for these comparisons to be about the potential of former draft picks and not to what they actually turned out to be. he’s a little bigger than Courtney Roby but not nearly as fast.
Ryan Durand should take it as a good omen that Eugene Amano, another seventh-round guard, developed into a starter. On the flip side, seventh-round pick Wes Shivers didn’t turn out so well. I didn’t expect either Shivers or Amano to contribute immediately, but rather as projects for Mike Munchak to develop.
A seventh-round safety from a small school. Nick Schommer fits that description and so did Finnegan, who played safety in college.
Now, who are some of the guys on your list, and why?


One Response to “Who do the Titans rookies remind you of?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Derrick Mason was a 4th round pick by Tennessee…they just happened to be the Oilers. But, none the less, he was drafted in(into) Tennessee.
    That being said, we really need at least 3 of our “home grown” receivers to step up their games about 1000%. Or maybe we convince the league to use bricks instead of footballs…either way is fine with me.

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