Memo to Vince Young: Actions speak louder than words


The curious case of Vince Young and his status with the Tennessee Titans is a subject we’ve discussed a time or two on Total Titans.

We were (mostly) pleased with Young’s commitment to the team’s offseason workouts this spring. Steve McNair also had a few encouraging words regarding Vince’s maturation as a player and a man.

Unfortunately, maturation wasn’t exactly the first thing that came to mind when I read that VY issued a passive “play me or trade me” demand in a recent interview.

Vince’s words were somewhat disappointing to read, especially considering the progress he’s made this offseason.

As I’ve already mentioned, VY has dedicated himself to being in a position to succeed if his number is called this year. His presence at offseason workouts was a solid indication of his newfound understanding of the rigorous demands associated with being a successful quarterback in the NFL.

This new-and-improved attitude was a breath of fresh air compared to his words and behavior after being booed during last year’s opener with Jacksonville. Maybe just maybe, many of us thought, Vince had learned a lot from the disaster of a season also known as 2008, and in 2009, he would begin the journey of traveling down the road to redemption.

Stealing a phrase from ESPN’s Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friend!”

Vince’s recent words suggest that he still has a ways to go if he expects to turn things around in Nashville. Venting to a Baltimore news station isn’t going to get him any closer to reclaiming his job as the starting quarterback of the Tennessee Titans.

To accomplish his goals, Vince needs to continue what he’s been doing up to this point in the offseason: quietly going about his job and impressing head coach Jeff Fisher with a high-level of professionalism and dedication, not spouting off about his frustration with not being a starter during an interview.  

Actions speak louder than words, Vince.  


10 Responses to “Memo to Vince Young: Actions speak louder than words”

  1. Dave Says:

    Is there any way to get rid of him without suffering huge financial implications? For instance, can HE void his contract if the team allows/ agrees to it?
    Or can we trade him for a player who makes a similar amount of money/ cap hit?
    I was all for rooting for Vince and hoped he was turning it around. It’s fairly obvious he hasn’t changed. He should be unhappy he’s a back-up, but he really didn’t need to add the ” if they don’t want me then I’ll leave” horse manure.

  2. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Vince will get his wish and be cut after this year. If he were smart, he would realize that his best shot at long-term success is with the Titans and agree to restructure his deal, but his bruised ego won’t play ball. Nobody is going to give him a real shot to start like the Titans would given their already hefty investment in Young. But Young will sign elsewhere and try to earn a starting job while learning a completely new system on a team that hasn’t invested a top-5 pick and tens of millions of dollars in him. Good luck Vince.

  3. Alvin Mullins Says:

    Just which team is salivating to take him and make him their QB, let’s find that sucker and make a trade!

  4. Brad Says:

    I know I’m probably not with the majority in this one, but I would like to see VY back as the Titans starting QB this year. Yeah Kerry had a good year last year, but he is getting up there in age and I don’t think we can expect another year like last year. Vince also has amazing play-making ability and with his commitment to the offseason program recently I think he will be even better. Whatever the Titans do they will have a problem. If they go with VY, Kerry will be mad cause he said he only wanted to come back if he was going to start. If they go with Kerry then… well there would be a trade. Either way we are going to need another QB soon because Kerry retires or VY is traded. O decisions decisions…

  5. i.jason Says:

    The problem is a combination of money invested, Vince’s potential upside, and the unknown status of Ramsey as the #2.
    If the Titans knew what they had in Ramsey, or if they knew Vince would live up to his potential, they could look at making a move. Since they don’t, they can’t. If they could, however, they then face the problem of VY’s contract and cap hit.
    So, let’s for a moment assume that training camp reveals Ramsey is a big slice of awesome on toast.
    Now what? Maybe you could re-work Vince’s contract to be more cap-friendly. You’d have to get he and his agent to agree to do that, and it would involve a big pay cut, and/or making his roster bonus payable in the potential uncapped year. Would Vince be willing to take a pay cut to earn a chance to start somewhere else? Maybe, but it’s doubtful. You’d have to sell his agent on the idea that a pay cut now would give Vince the chance to earn more money elsewhere than would a year of sitting on the bench behind Collins and getting cut next season.
    In theory, should training camp show Ramsey capable of holding down the #2 slot and winning a couple of games, and were it possible to re-work the contract, then, MAYBE, you could look at a trade of VY, but who would want him at the end of camp?

  6. Seth Leonard Says:

    I almost guarantee we’re drafting a decent qb next year. If Vince can’t learn from KC then maybe somebody else can.
    Doesn’t Steve McNair have a son? Let’s get him signed. McNair was on Pros vs. Joes whippin butt recently. Maybe he can dust em off and come back for camp or something.

  7. Maynard76 Says:

    Should Vince choose to keep quiet for the rest of the off season and focus on being the number two guy, he will have his chance sooner or later. However, I don’t think he is smart enough to do that. He will self destruct again. I hope he proves me wrong, but I see a pattern developing.

  8. Will Says:

    Ditto, Drexel.
    As one of Vince Young’s most persistent defender, I’m really disappointed. It sounded as if he was feeling sorry for himself. That’s no way to present yourself if you want to win the confidence of your coaches, teammates and fans.

  9. Will Says:

    Ditto, Drexel.
    As one of VY’s most persistent defenders, I’m really disappointed. Statements like this do nothing to win the confidence of your coaches, teammates and fans.

  10. Drexel Perry Says:

    Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts, guys.
    Just when you think VY is starting to turn things around, he inserts his foot into his mouth by making those statements.
    Of course, he could turn things around really quickly by having a great training camp. However, I’m not holding my breath on that occurring.

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