Could Patrick Ramsey surpass Vince Young as the Titans’ #2 QB?


Earlier this week, we discussed the ill-timed statements of Vince Young, the embattled Tennessee Titan signal-caller who recently issued a passive “play me or trade me” demand.

Despite Vince’s “troubling” words, head coach Jeff Fisher is standing behind VY and stating that the former Texas alum will still eventually be the team’s starting quarterback.

Whether Fisher’s words are legitimate or merely a motivational ploy, the fact remains that Vince still has to go out on the field and show that he’s worthy of his coach’s high praise.

If Vince falters, veteran QB Patrick Ramsey is waiting in the wings. Could Ramsey emerge as Kerry Collins’ primary backup in 2009?

At the age of 30, Ramsey’s days of being considered as a team’s franchise quarterback have long since passed. After flaming out in Washington, Ramsey’s become the definition of an NFL journeyman as he’s made stops in New York, Denver and now Tennessee in his bid to keep his fading dreams of once again becoming someone’s starting quarterback alive.

Barring an injury to Kerry Collins, I highly doubt that Ramsey will get an opportunity to be this team’s starting QB. However, if Vince Young isn’t up to the challenge of stepping up, there’s at least a slim chance that Patrick could push VY for the team’s #2 QB spot.

Patrick has already earned the trust of offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, the guy mostly responsible for bringing Pat to Nashville. Dinger was Ramsey’s offensive coordinator in Denver, so the Titans’ new QB is already familiar with what his old/new boss expects from his quarterbacks.

Trust is a big factor when it comes to earning playing time under Dinger. For example, despite his promise, rookie Lavelle Hawkins was unable to crack the team’s WR rotation as a result of his inability to meet Dinger’s expectations on the practice field.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, despite several drops, Justin McCareins remained a starting WR because of his vast experience in Dinger’s offensive schemes.

As you can see, familiarity is a big deal to Dinger and because of this alone, I wouldn’t rule out Patrick’s attempt to become the Titans’ numero dos signal-caller. Of course, Patrick’s efforts will also be aided if Vince doesn’t perform during training camp.

So what do you guys think? Will Patrick push Vince for the #2 QB spot in 2009?    


3 Responses to “Could Patrick Ramsey surpass Vince Young as the Titans’ #2 QB?”

  1. Brent Says:

    I was a fan of VY in college and liked what he brought to the Titans.
    Obviously a few things have gone wrong and it is still to be seen if the ‘old’ VY will return.
    In the meantime there is the ‘old/new’ Collins and now possibly Ramsey.
    I would love to see the Titans repeat what they did last year, but the questions at QB trouble me for this team (as well as a another WR along side McCarein!)

  2. Alvin Mullins Says:

    VY was never good enough to be a NFL QB. He was surrounded by a great team and that helped but we have seen what even a decent NFL QB looks like in Collins and it is never going to be Vince.
    Everything from his arm to his decision making scream college but not a great pro. Coach Fisher needs to try to get VY into some games this year to shop him and go after a QB in the draft next year.

  3. Scott Says:

    I agree with you Drex. The Titans know exactly what they have in Patrick Ramsey. He is nothing more than a number 2 QB on any team. He has proven that over his career. He is not in Tennessee to be anything more than that. He would be an adequate fill-in if Collins were to go down for a short period of time, but he is not a a starter in the NFL.
    Ramsey certainly could become the number 2 QB for the Titans this season and will push YV for that role. If Ramsey does beat out VY for the number 2 spot on this team, then I can’t see any reason for the Titans to keep Young on the roster and they might as well move him for whatever they can get. If VY does not show signs that he can be the eventual starter in training camp, a trade should be made with a team that had its eyes on him in 2006 and thinks it can cultivate his interest in football and turn him into a productive player. There are always injuries at the QB position in training camp and early in the season, so there might be a team that would be willing to part with a 2nd or 3rd round pick to get VY.

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