Will any starting jobs be decided in Titans’ training camp?


We’ve been hearing for a while from Vince Young that he’s competing to be the Titans starting quarterback again. Drexel had some words of advice  for Vince after his interview with a Baltimore TV station, in which he said “he’s competing,” among other things.
We’ve also heard that Ryan Fowler will be competing to become the starter at middle linebacker again. now that he’ll be healthy going into training camp this year.
Personally, I believe Fowler has a much better chance of starting this year than Vince does. Barring injuries to the incumbent starters, of course. And Fowler will have a hard time winning the job from Stephen Tulloch.
What other battles for starting roles might take place in camp this year?

In January, while looking at the Titans’ situation at guard, I speculated that Leroy Harris would give left guard Eugene Amano some strong competition. That speculation now seems to be a little premature. Someone, and if I recall correctly, it was Jonathan Hutton, said o-line coach Mike Munchak would leave his starting lineup intact.
“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” seems to be Munchak’s outlook. There’s also the lingering question of center Kevin Mawae’s durability. The fifteen-year veteran, who once had a streak of ten consecutive years without missing a start, has been unable to complete a season for three of the last four years. Mawae has been recuperating from offseason surgery and it’s very likely that Harris will get most of the preseason work in his place. He’ll probably be needed to finish the season at center as well. Munch might as well leave Amano as his starting left guard.
There could also be competition at defensive tackle, not only for a roster spot, but also for the two starting jobs. Jovan Haye, Tony Brown and Jason Jones are the frontrunners but it doesn’t matter too much which two are designated as the starters. With the way d-line coach Jim Washburn rotates his players, I expect all three to get more or less the same amount of playing time.
A similar situation exists at tight end. Alge Crumpler and Bo Scaife should both be on the field for about the same number of snaps. Offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger has used a lot of two-tight end sets in the past and I wouldn’t be upset if he used even more this year. 
It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the Titans opened the season with the same starters as last year, with the exception of right defensive tackle and one of the wide receiver spots, after the departures of Albert Haynesworth and Justin McCareins.
What do you think? Are there any starting jobs that you think will be up for grabs in training camp?

4 Responses to “Will any starting jobs be decided in Titans’ training camp?”

  1. Brad Says:

    I actually think VY has a nice chance at starting if he’ll show the coaches what he can do. Also why are their no rookies on this page? Cook could start at TE, Marks could start at DT, and Britt could start at WR.

  2. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Washburn told PK a while back that if the season started then, Ball would start at LDE, but I’m not sure if that was because of or in spite of Kearse’s injury. Even so, like you said, the d-line rotation makes the starter title less important than with other positions.
    I also think the starting position opposite Gage is up for grabs. Right now it is Washington’s to lose, but if Britt shows enough in OTAs and training camp, he’ll start and Washington will be #3.
    I don’t see him losing his spot before the season starts, but if Harper gets injured during the season, I could see Williams replacing him for the remainder of the season if he plays well enough.

  3. Scott Says:

    Barring injuries, I don’t think there is going to be much of a chance for rookies to start on this team. The only one that has a better than average chance to start is Britt and it might not be until after the off week that he gets the staring role. But, unlike Bob, I am not sure whether it will be Gage’s or Washington’s spot he takes. The Titans are paying Washington starting money and Britt is the same type of receiver as Gage – tall, long arms and not that fast.
    As for other competitions, I do see the starting DE spot opposite KVB being up for grabs, with Kearse, Hayes, Ford and Ball all having a shot at that spot.
    Also, although it is not a starting position, I don’t think that it is a slam dunk that Lendale keeps his role as the short yardage back. Ringer has a shot to take that job at some point this season.

  4. Tom Gower Says:

    The only change I see happening outside of replacing Albert and McCareins is a position where “starting” isn’t very important-Ball being the starter instead of Kearse may mean he gets 35 snaps a game instead of 30 and vice versa. Cook may get close to as many snaps as Crumpler, and I could see the Titans starting in a 2-TE formation with Scaife and Cook both on the field. It’s Fish, and he is nothing if not loyal to the incumbent.

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