The 2009 Titans and the salary cap


The nadir of the Tennessee Titans occurred following the great salary cap purge of 2005, resulting in a 4-12 record that year. It says a lot about the organization that it quickly rebuilt, improving their record for three consecutive years with 8-8, 10-6 and 13-3 seasons.
The foundation exists for another title run this year and the Titans will again be one of the favorites for postseason contention.
To make things even better, Tennessee is in good shape, salary cap-wise, being well under the cap. I used to track the Titans’ cap religiously but no longer feel the need to do so.
But just imagine what kind of shape the Titans would be in now if they once again had cap problems.

The Titans wouldn’t have been able to give Michael Roos, David Stewart and Cortland Finnegan long-term contract extensions last year. They couldn’t have signed Jevon Kearse, Jake Scott and Alge Crumpler as free agents last year.
Kerry Collins would have been too expensive for the Titans to re-sign this year. Bo Scaife would have been too expensive to franchise.
Keith Bulluck would have been too expensive for the Titans to keep, as would Kyle Vanden Bosch, Chris Hope, David Thornton and Nick Harper.
These players are the guts of the team, the core. Without them, the Titans wouldn’t have accomplished what they did in the last several years. Without them, the 2009 Titans would struggle to match the 2005 4-12 mark.
Individually, Tennessee could manage to keep a few of them around with restructured contracts, delaying the salary cap hits for a few more years, but that would create a sense of deja vu, a road we’ve been down before.
How would you envision the Titans without some of those players? I’m sure glad Tennessee has adequate cap room. At least for now.


2 Responses to “The 2009 Titans and the salary cap”

  1. Maynard76 Says:

    What are a few good websites that you have used in the past to track the salary cap numbers before and after potential incentive pay outs?

  2. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Maynard, sorry I missed your comment and didn’t respond earlier.
    Basically what I would do back in the days when the salary cap was a problem for the Titans was to read every article in the Tennessean and Nashville City Paper. Well, OK, I never did read them all but would at least glance at all of them, particularly the tidbits of info at the bottom of the page. That’s where new contracts were reported and it was a simple matter of just recording that info and putting it into a simple spreadsheet. Floyd Reese would almost always give out the basic details and there was also the NFLPA site, which listed base salaries but not bonuses. I quit tracking the cap for two reasons – Reinfeldt wouldn’t disclose that info, so it was only reported when a player’s agent released it. The other reason is that I felt it was a waste of time to track it after the Titans got out of cap hell.
    Thanks for asking.

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