The Titans will cut some good players this year



Training camp will be a battleground for roster spots
The Tennessee Titans will open training camp in just 4½ weeks and there won’t be many, if any, starting jobs to be won. You can pencil in the Opening Day starters, either returning starters or veteran free agents, at each position.
The jobs that will be competed for will be for depth behind those starters and the Titans have a lot of good players vying for roster spots. One good problem the Titans have is that there are more good players than roster spots available. Some difficult decisions will have to be made and some players good enough to be in the league won’t be good enough to earn one of 53 positions.
We’ll look closely at those players and roster spots in the coming weeks but for now I’d like to just take a very broad view. Following are the number of players at each position for the season opener last year.

Offense: 25 — QB 2, RB 4, FB 1, WR 6, TE 4, OL 8
Defense: 25 — DE 5, DT 4, LB 7, CB 5, S 4
Special teams: 3 — K, P, LS
It’s pretty safe to say there won’t be any drastic changes to that and that the 53 roster spots will be divvied up about the same this year. Let’s look now at the players who have the best chances to make this year’s roster.
QB 3 – Collins, Young, Ramsey
RB 6 – Johnson, White, Ganther, Henry, Little, Ringer
FB 1 – Hall
WR 8 – Gage, Washington, Williams, Davis, Hawkins, Britt, Edison, Jones
TE 4 – Crumpler, Scaife, Stevens, Cook
OL 9 – Roos, Amano, Mawae, Scott, Stewart, Harris, Otto, Kropog, Durand
S/T 31
DE 5 – Kearse, KVB, Ford, Ball, Hayes
DT 5 – Brown, Haye, Jones, Marks, Vickerson
LB 8 – Bulluck, Thornton, Tulloch, Fowler, Keglar, Allred, Stamer, McGrath
CB 6 – Harper, Finnegan, Faggins, Williams, Mouton, McCourty
S 6 – Hope, Griffin, Fuller, Nickey, Schommer, Harris
S/T  30
K 1 – Bironas
P 1 – Hentrich
LS 1 – Amato
S/T 3
That’s a total of 64 players on my list of possibles, so 11 won’t make the final cutdown. Some of those 11 could then be signed by other teams. There will be room for 8 players on the practice squad. But no matter how it all shakes out, some decent players won’t be around for the season’s kickoff.
Most hardcore fans can list 40 or 45 players who are virtual locks to make the team and will have a good idea which players will fill out the roster. Those 40 or 45 players will be consistently the same from one fan’s list to another’s. We know those names. The other names will be determined in training camp.
I believe 44 players are almost certain to make the team. Yeah, probably about the same as those on your list. That leaves nine spots available for the other 20 players: Ramsey, Ganther, Henry, Little, Paul Williams, Davis, Hawkins, Edison, Jones, Otto, Durand, Hayes, Vickerson, Allred, Stamer, Cary Williams, McCourty, Nickey, Schommer and Tuff Harris.
Will the Titans carry three quarterbacks this year instead of two? If so, where will they carry one less player? How many receivers will be kept? D-linemen? Linebackers? Decisions made concerning one position group will affect others.
We’ll be taking a much closer look at these position groups and players in the coming weeks.
Your thoughts?

7 Responses to “The Titans will cut some good players this year”

  1. Bob Loblaw Says:

    If Cook continues to look good and is able to play some WR, they can carry 5 WRs to make room for 3 QBs. Can’t take from the OL with Mawae’s injury history over the past 2 years.
    That’s assuming that Young hangs on to the #2 spot. If Ramsey outplays him, VY is shown the door. You just can’t pay that kind of money to a #3 that you will assuredly cut the next year.
    I think they carry 5 DTs & 4 DEs – Kearse is cut, not Hayes for whom they paid a 4 & 5 last year. Kearse is old, coming off injury, wouldn’t likely be resigned next year, and according to Washburn, wouldn’t start ahead of Ball.
    If they really love Mitch King, the obvious move would be cutting Vickerson, but then the only marginally large guy inside is Marks, whose strength isn’t up to snuff yet. Could carry only 6 LBs to make room for King, but that might really limit special teams flexibility.
    I hope that the young guys at CB look good enough to keep Faggins from making the team, but Fisher loves his vets. With all the LB & DL depth, they won’t keep 6 CBs, so McCourty or Williams might be looking at practice squad duty.
    Schommer might spell the end for Nickey, but he’s held on for years; it will be interesting to see.
    Fowler may also be on the bubble – he’s carrying a hefty salary for a backup at a part-time position.

  2. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Bob, you bring up a few good points. I don’t believe in keeping 6 WRs any more than you do and I don’t believe they should. Dinger is only going to play 4 of them, as I wrote last year, so why keep 6? I also agree with you about less LBs – they had 7 last year and that doesn’t include Amato, the snapper. Every reserve LB and DB will play teams, which is why you usually have a few extra of them, so I can see them keeping that many again.

  3. Will Says:

    I think the Titans will indeed keep six receivers and cut one of the four tight ends.
    I don’t think Crumpler is a lock … I don’t think he produced much last year and if Cook is as good as advertised, Crumpler might be gone.

  4. RazorsEdge Says:

    Cut list:
    Ganther, Henry, P Wiliams, C Davis, Jones, Durand-PS, Haye, Allred, McCourty-PS, Harris, Schommer-PS

  5. Shawn Smith Says:

    Here is how I see the roster filling out:
    QB (3): Collins, Young, Ramsey
    RB (4): Johnson, White, Ringer, Ganther
    FB (1): Hall
    WR (6): Gage, Washington, Britt, Davis, Hawkins, Jones (KR)
    TE (4): Crumpler, Scaife, Cook, Stevens
    OL (8): Roos, Amano, Mawae, Scott, Stewart, Harris, Otto, Kropog
    DE (4): Vanden Bosch, Ball, Hayes, Ford
    DT (5): Brown, Haye, Jones, Marks, Vickerson
    LB (6): Bulluck, Thornton, Tulloch, Fowler, McGrath, Keglar
    CB (5): Harper, Finnegan, Faggins, Williams, Mouton
    S (4): Hope, Griffin, Fuller, Nickey
    K (1): Bironas
    P (1): Hentrich
    LS (1): Amato
    For the practice squad:
    Little (RB), Edison (WR), Durand (OL), Allred (LB), Stamer (LB), McCourty (CB), Schommer (S), Harris (S)
    I also see Kearse being cut…he just doesn’t have much left in his tank.

  6. Brad Says:

    I think these are the final 53.
    QB- Young, Collins
    RB- Johnson, White, Ringer, Tossup between Ganther and Little
    FB- Hall
    WR- Britt, Gage, Washington, Hawkins, Davis
    TE- Scaife, Cook, Crumpler, Stevens
    OT- Roos, Stewart, Kropog
    OG- Scott, Amano, Harris
    C- Mawae, Harris Same guy for C and OG
    DT- Brown, Jones, Marks, Haye, Vickerson
    DE- Vanden Bosch, Kearse, Ford, Hayes, King, Ball
    OLB- Bulluck, Thornton, McRath, Stamer
    MLB- Tulloch, Fowler
    CB- Finnegan, Harper, Williams, McCourty, Mouton, Faggins
    FS- Griffin, Fuller
    SS- Hope, Nickey
    K- Bironas
    P- Hentrich
    LS- Amato

  7. Scott Says:

    Andrew, I would add two more players to your list of 64 who could potentially make the 53 man roster – Mitch King (who Bob lists above) and Fernando Velasco (who was a practice squad guy last year and can play all three interior offensive line positions). I am not saying they will make the team, but just that they are in the mix.
    It is unfortunate but I do think that the Titans will carry 3 QBs again this year.
    I also think that 4 TEs will make the team. Scaife and Cook are not blockers and I don’t think Stevens will have progressed enough to unseat Crumpler. The Titans are a running team and it is abosultely critical for the team to have an effective blocking TE to help their running game. Unless Stevens improves by leaps and bounds this training camp, Crumpler will be on the opening day roster.
    As for receivers, there is a good chance the Titans will keep six again this year, including Mark Jones. I just do not see anyone else stepping up this year to fill the returner role. The Titans returner options (outside of Jones) are a few rookies and Chris Davis, none of whom would stike fear in opposing teams. Unfortunately, Jones has never demonstrated that he can be an effective receiver and I doubt he could be relied upon to be the fifth guy.
    On defence, I think that Kearse, Fowler and Vickerson could all be let go this year. Of course a training camp injury or two would change all of this.

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