Getting excited about the “new” LenDale White


Earlier during the offseason, I penned a piece that took a look at LenDale White’s newfound commitment to being slim. Showing up to mini-camps at an impressive twenty pounds lighter compared to the previous year, White’s dieting prompted me to speculate about the prospects of him having a breakout season of sorts in ’09.

A few months later, White’s recent weigh-in of 229 pounds has added additional fuel to the fire regarding his chances of having his best year as a Tennessee Titan in 2009.

There is no doubt that White’s recent infatuation with his waistline can be at least partially attributed to his contract status. Heading into a contract season (under a new CBA), White’s desire to get thinner is definitely motivated by his aspirations of getting a fat (pun-intended) new contract next year.

Regardless of his intentions, it’s definitely a pleasure to see a motivated White. He’s a guy who has plenty of talent but as a result of his lack of a commitment to staying in tip-top shape, he’s been a bit of an underachiever so far during his tenure as a Titan.

His underachieving led to the team’s decision to draft Chris Johnson in 2008, who stepped in and replaced White as the Titans’ primary runner in his rookie season. With CJ poised to become one of the league’s best backs, White’s opportunities to shine in ’09 will be limited to an at-best part-time role as a ball-carrier.

However, even if he’s getting less carries, a fitter LenDale White is indeed a good thing for the Tennessee Titans. Despite the team’s offseason moves related to improving the passing game, the running game still remains as the Titans’ bread-and-butter on offense. Therefore, White will still get his opportunity to run the football this year.  

A rushing attack consisting of CJ and a new-and-improved White should cause many headaches for the opposition this season.

Your turn, Titan fans… Any of you getting excited about what a slimmer LenDale can accomplish in 2009?  

5 Responses to “Getting excited about the “new” LenDale White”

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    It’s good to see him committed to staying fit but don’t go too far down with the weight…he’s the battering ram to CJ’s speed, so he’ll need some of that weight to power through those tough 3rd-and-1 and 3rd-and-2 yards.
    But, with White in his contract year, CJ now in his second year, and all 5 OL starters back, the running game should be much better than last year (which is saying a lot).

  2. Dave Says:

    It would have been more exciting to say, ” Lendale looks really good now that he’s slimmed down. I almost regret that he’s wearing a Cardinal uniform. I hope Anquan was worth it.”

  3. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Worse than the fact that his underachieving led the Titans to draft CJ is the fact that it led them to draft Chris Henry the year prior.
    I can’t say that I’m all that excited about White. He’s just a smaller big guy now who doesn’t punish defenders at the end of his runs. I would rather see Ganther on the field, and am more interested to see what Ringer & Little have to offer.
    Every offseason there are stories about guys on every team bulking up to improve their durability (Chris Brown) or slimming down to get quicker (Mike Williams), but I can’t remember a time when it really made much of a difference in their performance.

  4. Alvin Mullins Says:

    While LW might have a break out season this year, the only thing it will do for the Titans is to lose him. Then let the other team go through multiple years of non-commitment. LW’s attitude has gotten real old with me. He only cares about his weight now because of $$$$.
    If not for CJ he wouldn’t have had the year he had last year and even this year he is the 2nd ground weapon. I think the Titans have recognized that life is better without Lendale and have made plans.

  5. Amagertitans Says:

    Im really excited about LenDale. All the while people talk trash about him he still scored a lot of crucial TD for us especially last year. The problem has IMO been that he didnt hit the holes fast enough. A slimmer and faster LEndale will be able to do so. Im in no doubt that he will score at least the same amount of TD this year.

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