Steve McNair is already in the Hall of Fame

I hadn’t planned to write much more about the passing of Steve McNair but have had a change of heart, wanting to share some moments from his funeral service earlier this evening.
“Highlights” may not sound appropriate, perhaps even bordering on the macabre, but it was a celebration of his life. Several speakers said Steve had scored a final touchdown.
Derrick Mason spoke of his love for Steve and finished his comments by thumping his chest twice and pointing to the heavens.
Likewise, Eddie George spoke of love, for Steve and all his teammates. He also said people asked him if Steve would someday be in the Hall of Fame. Eddie drew resounding applause when he said Steve was already there. Eddie finished by reading a poem he had composed about Steve, about warriors.

I was shocked to hear Jeff Fisher say that Steve once contemplated quitting. That just doesn’t sound like him at all.
Fisher is very careful and measured with his words and I don’t understand why he would say something like that. For the most part though, Fisher spoke of the way McNair rebounded from that in the Steelers game, so I prefer to believe Fisher was sending a message to Vince Young, who was in attendance. Fisher also relayed a very complimentary message from the commanding general in Iraq, where he was last week. Later on the TV news, Fisher said after the service he told McNair’s wife Mechelle that he’d take the boys fishing.
Kevin Mawae noted that he had never been a teammate of McNair’s but was asked to speak, conveying condolences from the NFLPA. He also offered some words of consolation when speaking of the pain he and his family felt upon the loss of his brother.
All of the speakers directed some of their comments to McNair’s family, mostly words of comfort.
Dignitaries in attendance included Titans owner Bud Adams, who recently lost his wife, Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, former Vice-Mayor Howard Gentry and prominent State Senator Thelma Harper.
Other former teammates present included Frank Wycheck, Jevon Kearse, Craig Hentrich, Brad Hopkins, Kevin Long, Benji Olson, Zach Piller, Erron Kinney, Kevin Carter, Vince Fuller and Samari Rolle. 
Mawae, Young, Kerry Collins and Chris Hope were among the current Titans paying their respects.
I’m sure I didn’t see all of the people I should mention and it wouldn’t surprise me if I failed to mention a few I did see.
I probably also neglected a few more noteworthy items. But I hope what I’ve written here gives you some sense of what happened in this gathering to celebrate the life of Steve McNair.

2 Responses to “Steve McNair is already in the Hall of Fame”

  1. JCBRAVE Says:

    This man did everything possible to make his team better. Anyone who does that at such a high level is Hall of Fame worthy way before they’re actually inducted. You knew with No. 9 under center, you had a good chance to win.

  2. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Steve will certainly be missed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on him.

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