Tennessee Titans Positional analysis: QB


We’re less than two weeks away from the beginning of Tennessee Titans training camp, which means that the dog daze of the seemingly endless NFL offseason are thankfully almost over.

The onset of another NFL year also means that it’s time for the writers of Total Titans to conduct our annual pre-training camp positional analyses. Over the next several weeks, we’ll take a look at the current state of affairs at each position.

Let’s get things rolling by discussing the quarterback position.

Just manage, baby: Part II?

Kerry Collins resuscitated his rollercoaster ride of an NFL career by stepping up when his number was called in 2008. KC thrived in his role as game manager while also making plays when he had to as the Titans’ starting signal-caller last year.

Kerry is a steady veteran who has emerged as a leader on a team that is within striking distance of making a Super Bowl run.

Of course, there’s the fear that last year was a fluke and he will revert back to the form that presumably ended his days of being a starting QB in this league a few years ago.

However, playing on a Titan squad with a strong offensive line that will keep his jersey clean and supported by one of the game’s best rushing attacks, I’m expecting Collins to continue his unexpected rebirth in ’09.

Will 2009 be a comeback season for VY?

In ’08 it was the aforementioned Kerry Collins and in ’09, Vince Young will attempt to follow in KC’s footsteps by having a comeback season of sorts.

Outside of his “passive” trade demand, by all accounts, Vince has had a solid offseason. He’s done what Jeff Fisher has expected from him by consistently being present at the team’s offseason mini-camps while putting in the work needed for him to have a shot at getting his old job back.

There’s a lot of people down on VY’s chances of ever realizing his potential in a Titan uniform. However, let’s remember that he’s only one Kerry Collins’ hit from being thrown right back into the fire as the team’s starting signal-caller.

Regardless of the circumstances, if Vince does get another shot at leading this football team, here’s to hoping he is more than up to the challenge.

The rest of the competition

Patrick Ramsey’s once-promising NFL career has now reached the point where settling for a backup job is perhaps his only way of securing a job.  

His familiarity with Dinger should at least punch him a ticket for a roster spot in ’09. As for his chances of seeing playing time in ’09, Vince Young’s progression (or lack thereof) will determine that.

Fourth-stringer Alex Mortensen’s claim to fame is that he’s the son of ESPN’s Chris Mortensen

Unfortunately for Alex, his NFL career has camp fodder written all over it.

Your turn, Titan fans. What are your thoughts on the Titans’ quarterback position?   


3 Responses to “Tennessee Titans Positional analysis: QB”

  1. Garland Says:

    Of course it’s hard to say anything for certain until we see these guys under center in the preseason (and even that can be misleading), but I am very confident going into camp with this group of QBs. If Kerry goes down, I think Vince will be ready to step in and take this team back as his own. My only concern is that Fisher will stick with a struggling Collins until it’s too late to stay in the playoff chase. While I don’t expect it, I would like to see KC replaced if he is not performing well after 4 or 5 games. Our backup is too good to sit around while the starter is floundering. That said, I expect KC to have another good year and lead the team back to the playoffs.

  2. Scott Says:

    I find it difficult to get too excited about the Titans quarterback situation. Collins is fine as a starter, but at this stage in his career he won’t be putting up very big numbers, especially on a run-first team like Tennessee. Your “just manage, baby” point is dead on.
    As for Young, I gave him the benefit of the doubt after his 2nd season, but my view of him changed dramatically after the game against the Jaguars last year. I still think that he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but he has to prove that he can do it and dedicate himself to the team like he never has before. He has to show that he has mastered the entire Heimerdinger offense and can implement every play. We’ll have to wait to see if he has matured enough to lead this team.
    I hope that Patrick Ramsay doesn’t have to be Fisher’s first choice off the bench, and as for Mortensen, well we know why he is in camp.

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    Pro Football Weekly gave the Titans a C+, which seems pretty well-deserved to me.

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