Kenny’s Britt-le hammy: Should the Tennessee Titans be concerned?


Kenny Britt’s lingering hamstring injury has once again reared its ugly head.

Just after the Tennessee Titans’ 2009 first-rounder bestowed his John Hancock on a freshly minted contract, the Titans announced that they would be placing the former Rutgers’ star on the physically unable to perform list.

Forced to also miss time during mini-camps as a result of the recurring ailment, Britt’s training camp is unfortunately getting off to a similar start.

Should the Titans be worried about Britt’s inability to stay on the practice field?

As the case with the rest of us, I’m curious to see what Britt can accomplish on the football field. The whole offseason, we read stories about Britt’s potential, ranging from his tireless work ethic, being tutored by former all-pro WR Rod Smith and last but not least, the rookie’s ability to make plays in the passing game.

Unfortunately, we’ve only seen glimpses of his ability as a result of his oft-injured hammy. Meanwhile, another promising rookie is stealing his thunder as Jared Cook continues to impress and show signs of being somewhat of an impact player in his first year.

While Britt’s injury is opening up an opportunity for guys such as Lavelle Hawkins and Chris Davis in their bids to be the team’s #3 WR, it’s also serving as a means of revealing the scary lack of quality depth behind starters Justin Gage and Nate Washington.

In the minds of many, the #3 WR spot was Britt’s to lose and if he doesn’t get on the field soon, losing that spot is exactly what’s going to happen. If injuries continue to derail Britt, it’s going to be up to the likes of Hawkins and Davis to step up and emerge as an effective Brandon Jones replacement.

Best-case scenario:
Britt overcomes his bum hammy and steps up as the team’s #3 WR in his rookie campaign, thus shaking the “Kenny Brittle” moniker. 

Worst-case scenario:
His contributions are limited and he makes little to no impact as a rook, as fans become increasingly convinced that the Titans should stay away from selecting first-round receivers for at least another eleven years.

What do you guys think? Is it time for patience or panic regarding Britt’s bum hamstring?  


12 Responses to “Kenny’s Britt-le hammy: Should the Tennessee Titans be concerned?”

  1. cld12pk2go Says:

    It is too early to be significantly concerned at this time (IMHO).
    However, if he is still nicked up in a few weeks then I would not expect much from him this year.

  2. Dwayne Williams Says:

    I had the opportunity to watch Kenny overcome many adversities during his high school and college career. I wouldn’t panic because I believe Kenny will be a god-sent to the Tennesse Titans offensive. This isn’t the first time Kenny had to deal with naysayer’s and I’am sure it won’t be the last, Kenny comes from tough skin, he will overcome the lastest chapter in the KENNY BRITT SAGA, my prediction is that Kenny will produce this season for the Tennessee Titans
    Good Luck Kenny Godspeed Coach Dwayne

  3. Dwayne Williams Says:

    Kenny always remember to put God first, he will work it out. I am so very proud of you, and I love you always. I know you will overcome this and go and have a great career with Tennessee
    Good Luck Nephew and Godspeed
    Love Aunt Deb “GO TITANS”

  4. Bob Loblaw Says:

    There’s no reason to rush him back. Last year KVB repeatedly tried to come back too soon from his groin injury, and like a groin injury, a hamstring isn’t an injury that you can play through. He needs to let it fully recover before trying to practice.
    It gives the Titans a great opportunity to look at the other guys. Even if Davis, Hawkins or the other receivers fail to step up in a big way, Scaife and Cook are more than capable as slot receivers. Maybe CJ sees more time in the slot if he can actually hold on to the ball.
    The worst thing the Titans can do is ratchet up the pressure on Britt to get on the field. I know MR wants his first rounders to be immediate impact guys, but the point is that the Titans don’t NEED Britt to contribute all that much as things stand now.

  5. Ryan Perez Says:

    As you already know Kenny will play a huge roll in the titans passing game, I think it is best to make sure Kenny gets the time needed to fully recover from the hamstring injury, to prevent the same injury later on down the line. The Titans have proven they can win games without the passing game being there, but once Kenny Britt is fully recovered and ready to play, there is going to be a huge problem for opposing NFL DB’s!!!

  6. Scott Says:

    What do you mean “scary lack of quality depth”? Its almost the same quality of depth that the Titans had last year, but at least this year they have another year of experience behind them. And last year we had Gage and a fourth or fifth stinger – McCareins – starting for us. Davis or Hawkins should fill in fine playing last year’s Brandon Jones role. Give Britt time to recover. He won’t need to be an every down player to start the season anyway. His time will come.

  7. BurheadTitans Says:…sooner-expected
    We might get Kenny back sooner then expected.

  8. Drexel Perry Says:

    As always, thanks for commenting guys.
    I may have been a little harsh, so let’s substitute the word quality for experienced.
    Compared to 2008, I like the 2009 starting combo of Gage/Washington better than last year’s Gage/McCareins duo.
    However, I’m a bit worried about the depth behind the starters. Outside of Gage/Washington, the remaining Titan WRs have combined for a career 17 catches. Entering ’08, top reserve Brandon Jones, thought a bit inconsistent, had 71 catches prior to last year.
    Sure, young guys such as Davis, Hawkins and Britt could step up but that’s anything but a guarantee.
    Hopefully, one of the youngsters will emerge to alleviate my fears. If that doesn’t occur, don’t be surprised if the Titans reach out to a veteran WR for some experienced depth.

  9. Alvin Mullins Says:

    You had a similar post on who would have a bigger impact this year Cook and Britt, I said Cook all the way not only because he is simply a better footballer but because of Britt’s not being able to be on the field.
    I think Cook will have an outstanding year and even contend for ROY and by the end of it all we won’t be caring so much about Britt.

  10. Stemmer Says:

    The Titans seem better than last year at the receiver position even though they lost Brandon Jones. Kenny Britt looks to be an impact player in the future but needs time to recover from the hamstring injury. These kinds of injuries if not treated properly(rest and time)can derail a season or two. The Titans are fine with their 1-2 punch right now and have Lavelle Hawkins coming off the bench to spell the top two or too spead the D…Britt will be a star for the Titans…it will take a little time though…Good Luck to him and the Titans…

  11. Johnathan Says:

    Cook a better “footballer” than Britt? Then why did all these teams let him slide to the end of the third round, and why did teams want Britt so early? I am not saying Cook won’t have a better season, but I think it will have a whole lot more to do with Britt’s injuries than a difference in talent…

  12. Alvin Mullins Says:

    Because TE is not as highly thought of as WR. Why did the Titans trade a 2 for him?

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