Titans add to linebacker depth


With injuries to Colin Allred, Josh Stamer, and Stephen Tulloch and no additions to at linebacker other than a 4th round pick on Gerald McRath, the Titans were a little light on bodies at linebacker.  They remedied that today by making two additions.  One was Tyson Smith, who was cut by the Redskins earlier this summer and whose next to last game action occurred against the Titans when he was a member of the Giants in that great comeback win in 2006.  The other was former Titan Rocky Boiman, a 2002 4th round draft pick by the Titans out of Notre Dame who was most recently with the Kansas City Chiefs.  To make room for Smith and Boiman, the Titans released quarterback Alex Mortensen and cornerback Jeremy Haynes.

As to what this means for the 53-man, I can give you my answer now.  Nothing.  Mortensen and Haynes were the 80th and probably 79th men on the roster, and none of the current linebacker injuries are in any way serious.  At most, Boiman and Smith may get mid-season calls from the Titans if the injury bug strikes in a serious way.  More likely, they’re in to showcase themselves for other opportunities.


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