Getting excited about Javon Ringer


Throughout the offseason, much of the attention towards the potential first-year impact of the Tennessee Titans’ offensive rookies has been focused upon two players: Kenny Britt and Jared Cook.

Despite being hamstrung by a bad hammy, the excitement surrounding first-rounder Kenny Britt has not diminished. Fellow rookie Jared Cook has been a human highlight film through mini-camps and now training camp, and his speed/athleticism is leading many to speculate that he’ll get his share of opportunities as soon as 2009.

Lost amid the Britt/Cook lovefest is the plight of fellow rookie Javon Ringer, who seems poised to earn some carries in the Titans’ backfield this year.

Ringer was an extremely productive back during his college days as a Michigan State Spartan. However, despite his collegiate accomplishments, two major knee injuries and the fear of a lack of tread remaining on his wheels led to Ringer falling all the way to the Titans in the fifth round of this year’s draft.

While his ability to stay healthy can be questioned, the same can not be said about his talents as a runner. Ringer is very instinctive and the way he totes the rock is much more similar to a veteran rather than a rookie breaking into the league. His vision is excellent and he has a great feel for picking out the right holes to run through.

In limited action against the Bills, I was impressed by what I saw from Ringer. In addition to the traits previously discussed, Ringer also displayed some excellent speed getting to the corner on a lengthy run that was unfortunately called back due to a Jared Cook holding penalty.

With Chris Johnson and LenDale White in front of him, unlike his days at Michigan State, Ringer will be anything but a workhorse in a Titans’ backfield that consists of two established runners who should see the bulk of the action at RB.

However, if Ringer continues to impress, don’t be surprised to see the talented rookie earn some running opportunities this year. With LenDale White’s impending status as an unrestricted free agent (if there’s a new collective bargaining agreement signed) Ringer is also in a good position to replace White if he vacates the premises after this season.

Needless to say, I’m excited about what Ringer brings to the table in 2009 and beyond.

Your turn, guys. What are your impressions of the Titans’ talented rookie runner?


8 Responses to “Getting excited about Javon Ringer”

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    I was very impressed with Ringer in the first preseason game and in his collegiate days. He actually reminds me of a slower Chris Johnson (ok, every RB is slower than CJ). He has great vision and good cutback ability. He fits really well in a Heimerdinger run offense. It will be hard to get carries this year with CJ/Lendale, but he should get some chances and will be an asset in 2010/2011.

  2. kevin .b Says:

    Drex, i am from big ten country and i have watched Javon ringer play against good teams like pen. state,illinois, and ohio state for his career he should be a excellent addition for back positions he is very well rounded player . I think javon and chris henry will surprise a lot of titian fans in their on field attempts to de-throne lendale as the #2 RB in the rotation,(IMO little and /or ganther are cut) whites attitude (weight loss) this year is in the right place …so well see how deep the run game can get.

  3. Andrew Strickert Says:

    I’m impressed with his quickness, he has more of it than I thought he would. I initially thought of him as one of those tough, pesky little backs, and with his size, he has to be tough. But after seeing him, even if only for two weeks, I’m beginning to think he may become more of a scatback than I first thought he would be. Ringer also catches the ball better than I expected. Since he’s a rookie, he probably gets a pass for now on his blocking.

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    As always, thanks for commenting guys.
    That’s great that he’s also displaying adequate hands in training camp. He’s quite an interesting player and it’s awesome that the Titans were able to scoop him up in the 5th round.
    He has a good chance of emerging as yet another late round contributor for the Titans.

  5. Enri Says:

    Being a Michigan State alumn myself, I’ve gotten to watch Ringer a lot in recent years…and what you’re seeing with his catches is no fluke. He made plenty of difficult catches last year in getting QB Brian Hoyer out of trouble. The man has great character (from what I’ve read), and he is a workhorse….squating 650 lbs in a deadlift in college. Javon Ringer will definitely surprise some people, and I can see him producing in the rotation sooner than expected…..wait and see…

  6. Nick Says:

    I’m a student at MSU and I’ve got to tell you one thing about ringer… he’ll keep pounding until he breaks you down. He is just hard to bring down… his patented running style is he’ll hit the middle then bounce to the right side to break for those huge yards.

  7. Lennie Says:

    I coached Javon in the 7th grade; watched him all through high school (CJ), and college (MSU); two things are for certain…his character is superb, and his derive and determination is 100%. He just keeps getting better, and the best is yet to come. Tennessee got a bargain.

  8. Kelli Says:

    Javon Ringer is someone I look forward to watching. I think he has great morals and he has a great ability to see anything in sight. He can run and position himself any where. I am so happy he has come this far most don’t get the chance. I think he will make the Titans very happy. I think he has a few surprises up his sleeve. I think with The Titans wanting to win and go to the Super Bowl. I think this was a perfect addition to the group. I think LenDale and Chris also agree that there is someone backing them up. Not only that but someone who is good and will keep them on their feet also….. Go Javon!!!! It’s neat there are 3 Javon’s on the Titans this year. Jevon Kearse, Joven Haye and Javon Ringer. It’s a lucky year it comes in three’s….

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