Should the Tennessee Titans sign another WR?


The last 24 hours or so have been anything but kind to the Tennessee Titans at the wide receiver position.

Chris Davis was jettisoned from the roster as a result of either his injury issues, a recent DUI or a combination of the two occurrences. To make matters extremely worse, prized free agent signee Nate Washington injured his hamstring in practice and according to reports, will miss the rest of the preseason and his status is in doubt for the opener against Pittsburgh. 

With the departure of one receiver and an injury to another, should the Titans bring in some outside help at WR?

Of course, the potential loss of Washington heavily outweighs the impact of cutting ties with Chris Davis. Nate “The Great” was signed to provide the element of speed that would stretch opposing defenses and if he’s out for any significant amount of time, his presence would be dearly missed.

As for Davis, he was already in an uphill battle to make the roster and despite glowing reports of his progress in mini-camps, he hadn’t done anything during the preseason to secure his status as a member of this football team.

Nate’s injury and the release of Davis will open up some opportunities for younger guys such as Kenny Britt, Lavelle Hawkins, Paul Williams and Dominique Edison to get in on some more action. In addition to those guys getting additional chances, Jeff Fisher also mentioned the possibility of signing another WR.

Last week, Adam Schefter suggested that the Titans were one of the teams sniffing around former Colts’ nemesis Marvin Harrison, but Fisher dismissed that report in sarcastic fashion. Harrison’s a guy I mentioned as a possibility earlier during the offseason but I’d be surprised if the Titans went in that direction.

Talented but troubled players such as former Jaguars Matt Jones and Reggie Williams are also available, but their personal issues outweigh any positives they could add as members of this football team. Veteran Dante Hall is a little long in the tooth, but he could contribute at returner, a spot that was vacated as a result of Chris Carr’s departure to the Ravens.

“Fan Favorite” Justin McCareins is a guy who knows the system and was a member of the team last year. However, I’m not that confident that Titan fans would be interested in seeing J-Mac in a Titan uniform once again. Of course, the coaching staff and front office may think differently.

Personally, I’m not opposed to bringing in another body at the WR position. A guy such as Dante Hall would provide the team with someone who could serve a dual role as a backup at WR and a returner on special teams.

Unless Washington’s injury forces him to miss a few regular season games, I’d hold off on reeling in a guy such as Harrison who can only contribute towards the team as a wide receiver.

Ok, guys…your turn(s). In light of Nate’s injury and Chris Davis’s release, should the Titans sign another WR?


15 Responses to “Should the Tennessee Titans sign another WR?”

  1. jonathan J. Young Says:

    Please sign Matt Jones. He is a personal friend of mine. I can assure you he has taken steps to mature and get his life back in order. He was the Jaguars leading receiver last year, and he only played in 12 games. He is 6’6” with a 40 in. vertical and 4.3 speed. Plus he ran the wild hog to perfection at Arkansas. He is still the leading rusher for quarterbacks in the SEC. He is ready to do work!

  2. bobcomu Says:

    I hadn’t thought about Dante Hall in a while, but he would make an interesting addition to the special teams. I think they may want to see what Jones can do in the passing game, as a stop gap receiver, as well as a return man. Jones’ numbers returning last year were very similar to Carr’s, so maybe he’ll come through and claim the spot.

  3. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Jonathan – With Davis getting cut like that, the only way Jones gets a contract with the Titans is for veteran minimum & no guaranteed money. Even then I assume he might be facing a four-game suspension, so I can’t see it happening.
    I don’t think it’s worth bringing anyone in unless Washington is out for the rest of the season. Britt and Gage will be okay starting, Cook might be the best option as a #3 for the time being. They can put Ringer and CJ in the backfield at the same time and motion one into the slot or out wide to get favorable matchups. They also have enough depth at TE to make up for several weeks without Washington. Let Jones, Hawkins and Edison fight it out for position at the bottom of the depth chart and get some experience rather than bringing in another Moulds or McCareins.

  4. Andrew Strickert Says:

    The rumors have it that the Buffalo Bills want to trade Roscoe Parrish and if that fails, they’ll just release him outright.
    Of course, Parrish’s value is mainly as a return man but he has receiving skills as well.
    Drexel, I agree with you on McCareins. If the Titans didn’t think he was good enough to keep in February/March, then I can’t see them bringing him in now unless it’s just for fodder to fill an empty roster spot.
    I mentioned yesterday that Mark Jones returned to practice yesterday and fielded some kicks. He practiced with the WRs today also.

  5. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Off topic here, but I just returned from training camp and for the first time in camp, Kevin Mawae practiced. They were in shells today and Mawae did some live blocking in 11 on 11 work.
    Yes, I looked close and it really was Mawae, not an imposter wearing his jersey, which has happened a few times lately. Kearse and Hayes switched jerseys one day and on Sunday, Finnegan was wearing Fuller’s jersey.

  6. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Not meaning to monopolize the thread but there is another option, and a simple one. We won’t see it much in preseason but it’s something the Titans have already been working on, using Jared Cook as a de facto WR. They’re already putting him in the slot and also splitting him out wide.

  7. Will Says:

    Cook’s presence makes it tough for the young WRs already on the roster to make the team. He will get plenty of opportunities to play. There’s no need to bring another receiver in the mix.

  8. Tom Gower Says:

    Well, they signed Matt Lehr and activated Kevin Mawae off the PUP, so the Davis and Datish roster spots are filled. They could axe somebody else to add a WR, but I’d instead look for them to scour the waiver wire after cutdown day to look for a veteran who could block.

  9. Lynley Says:

    Rather than assume something, you might prefer the facts. Matt Jones faces no further suspension. If picked up by a team, he will have to pay a fine. He has completed the drug court program. It always amazes me how people just state things as if they are fact, never realizing that these statements then get reinterpretated as fact and passed along to others. With a very simple google search or yahoo search you can actually see the judge telling Matt that she realizes he does NOT HAVE a drug problem. The constant testing throughout the year would have picked that up, if indeed that were the case. The stupid choice made by Mr. Jones has been paid for. Sorry to go off like this, but I’m tired of seeing these players treated as if they were merely holographs on a screen, not real people who have real lives. I guess it makes it easier to trash someone when we don’t get the fact that they are just like us…only athletically talented.

  10. Scott Says:

    To answer your question Drex, they should probably consider signing another wideout, but just not yet and only if Washington doesn’t respond well to treatment in the next week to 10 days. Only then should the Titans look to see who is out there and consider signing another receiver. There are going to be a number of cuts in the coming weeks, so there will be a veteran receiver or two available that we haven’t even thought of yet.
    I don’t think there is any chance (if Washngton can’t be healthy by Week 1) that the Titans rely on two rookies (Britt and Cook) at the receiver position. Given the history of this teams, there is no way that Fisher lines up a rookie WR and a rookie TE in the slot in three receiver sets to start the season. I just can’t see Fisher doing that.
    As for the possibility of signing Matt Jones, I do think that he is probably the best available free agent receiver out there, but I doubt the Titans would sign him. Regardless of whether or not he could still be subject to suspension by the league, no one has been willing to give this guy another shot to play in the NFL since the Jaguars cut him several months ago. It is just not in Fisher’s make-up anymore to pick-up a player that has had drug or alcohol issues in the past. I’d be shocked if he ended up a Titan.

  11. Drexel Perry Says:

    Roscoe Parrish is an interesting guy. He’s extremely shifty and as you mentioned, would help in the return game as well.
    As for Matt Jones, sure, he’s a talented player with the size and speed to make an impact.
    However, considering the team just released a guy mainly because of a DUI, like Scott, I’d be shocked if the Titans were willing to take a chance on a player with some off-the-field issues.
    As always, thanks for commenting guys. Nice discussion with good points from all of you.

  12. Shawn Smith Says:

    Roscoe Parrish would be interesting, but I would like to see how Mark Jones does now that he’s finally healthy…I don’t see any urgent need to sign any WR as Nate should only be out for a short time (hopefully). I’m sure we’ll know more by the end of the week as for the health of Washington…at the same time, I don’t see that many free agent WRs that would be worth signing at this point…Matt Jones is good but has off-the-field issues and most of the other WRs are older and have lost a step.
    I would rather focus on the younger WRs (Britt, Cook, Hawkins, Edison, etc) and probably just put in more two tight end sets until Nate is completely healthy.

  13. Bob Loblaw Says:

    I never claimed that it was a fact that he faces a suspension – I explicitly noted that I was making an assumption. If I were a GM I would certainly take the time to do my due diligence, but I’m not; I’m just some guy speculating in response to a blog post in my spare time. I never trashed Matt Jones, and I wish him no ill will. I simply don’t see the Titans pursuing him.

  14. jonathan J. Young Says:

    he will not be facing any suspension from the league….roger has already handed him a 50k fine

  15. Fletch Says:

    We need a receiver bad. Nothing wrong with Matt Jones and he could be a cheap pick up, but he’s not Marvin Harrison even at his age now. Marvin is the type of route runner and possession receiver we need to compliment our young speedy receivers and good tight ends. If we can get Marvin get him, advantage Titans if we can get Harrison. Who else would be able to read the Colts D and break coverage better than Harrison. Remember division rival, Harrison is my selection.

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