Personnel decisions are looming for the Titans


Tomorrow, September 1, is the first cutdown day in the league, as each team must trim its roster to 75 players.
Some players probably won’t be getting a good night’s sleep, worrying about what might be. Which Titans will get the first visit from strength and conditioning coach Steve Watterson, who performs the duties of the Turk in Tennessee?
Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt tells this story from his rookie camp. On cutdown day, he kept hearing knocks on doors around his, with the Turk telling players to go turn in their playbooks. Reinfeldt’s door was one of those knocked on, but the knock was for his roommate. Then came another knock a while later and Reinfeldt thought he was being cut as well. Turns out it was someone telling him he had made the team and to move his stuff to another room down the hall.
My final training camp depth chart lists the players I have confidence in making the roster, along with sixteen on the bubble. Those names remain the same.

The following players, in my opinion, will soon be looking for a new team. The only real question is if they’ll be cut Tuesday or on Saturday, September 5.
RB – Chris Henry, Rafael Little
FB – Casey Cramer, Rodney Ferguson
WR – Paul Williams, Dudley Guice, Phillip Morris
TE – Matthew Mulligan
OT – Cory Lekkerkerker
DE – Larry Birdine
DT – LaJuan Ramsey, Mitch King
LB – Tyson Smith
P – A.J. Trapasso
Williams is the only one above who might still have a chance. He does make a play every now and then but I doubt if that’s enough to save him.
I believe all of those guys are just hoping to survive Tuesday and play Thursday night. It would be a little more film on them for other teams to view. Who knows, one of them might do something to pique someone’s interest.

5 Responses to “Personnel decisions are looming for the Titans”

  1. Bob Loblaw Says:

    I don’t think you cut anyone you want on your practice squad this early, so I would guess that Little, Guice, Birdine and King won’t be cut until Friday.

  2. Andrew Strickert Says:

    The first four have now been named – Smith, Little, Guice and Lehr. I didn’t anticipate Lehr being cut this early. He was just brought in the same day Mawae was activated off PUP. I thought he’d be in the mix with Durand, Velasco and Murphy for a reserve interior lineman spot.

  3. Tom Gower Says:

    I’m glad I didn’t find that roster spot for Lehr in my latest 53-man prediction. Hopefully this means they have confidence Durand, Velasco, and/or Murphy will be around and available if they need interior help.

  4. Scott Says:

    The decision to cut Little now surprises me. Why would you sign a guy and put him on injured reserve for a full year in 2008 only to cut the guy right off the bat in 2009? I guess he isn’t going to the practice squad.

  5. wesc Says:

    I think in the case of Little it gives him the best chance to be picked up by another team. If no one picks him up, then he can return to the practice squad. The Titans seem to run a high ethics outfit and have helped players like this before.

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