Titans vs. Packers preview


The Tennessee Titans conclude their preseason schedule with a matchup with the Green Bay Packers at LP Field tomorrow night.

We should only expect cameo appearances by the starters as Jeff Fisher rests his troops in preparation for next week’s season-opener against Pittsburgh. Thus, tomorrow’s game will be all about the guys who are fighting for roster spots.

Here are a few things I’ll be keeping my eyes on during Thursday night’s Titan/Packer clash.

And the winner of the Chris Carr replacement contest is…

With only one preseason game remaining, Jeff Fisher still hasn’t decided on who will fill Chris Carr’s shoes as the team’s primary return specialist.

Heading into camp, Mark Jones was the favorite to emerge as the winner in this competition, but a hamstring injury prevented him from being on the field and when he was finally healthy enough to play, Jones failed to distinguish himself as the guy as a result of a fumble that led to a Cleveland score last weekend.

Rookie corners Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton are also in the mix. Fellow rookie Javon Ringer is a wildcard in the competition, and his 51-yard kick return against the Cowboys was pretty impressive, to say the least.

Jones should still be considered as the favorite, but don’t be surprised if Ringer emerges as at least the team’s primary kick returner. With “Smash and Dash” in front of him at RB, the Titans have to find some way to get their exciting rookie on the field. 

Henry vs. Ganther

With yesterday’s somewhat surprising news about Rafael Little being cut, Quinton Ganther and Chris Henry will compete for the title of “last man standing” in the battle for the Titans’ #4 RB spot.

Ganther is the scrappy guy who makes up for what he lacks in the talent department with a ton of determination and grit. Henry is the underachiever who has the physical talent but has yet to fulfill his potential.

As for me, I’ll take Ganther’s versatility over Henry’s wasted talent. Let’s see if Jeff Fisher feels the same way later this week.

Will Paul Williams step up?

Speaking of underachieving, the word perfectly sums up the NFL plight of WR Paul Williams. Despite having the physical ability of Tarzan, Williams has been more reminiscent of Jane as he’s struggled to make his mark in the NFL.

Paul’s spot on this year’s Titans’ roster is anything but guaranteed, so it’s going to be crucial for him to stand out in tomorrow’s contest if he’s going to continue his NFL journey in the city of Nashville.

Your turn, guys. Which of these battles (or perhaps other ones) will you be keeping a close eye on tomorrow night against Green Bay?


2 Responses to “Titans vs. Packers preview”

  1. wesc Says:

    I find it hard to believe Chris Henry still has a shot, but maybe he looks better in practice. I also think Faggins must be on the bubble. If you have two guys not playing well, why not go with the cheap rookie who might develop rather than the expereienced veteran with little upside. Fisher does seem to like the vets, though, as they make fewer HUGE mistakes. I’m still thinking Vickerson makes the team but not sure who gets cut if he does.

  2. Drexel Perry Says:

    Thanks for commenting, Wesc.
    I agree with you regarding Faggins being on the bubble. He has struggled this preseason and has done nothing to show that he’s not the same player that Texan fans were happy to see leave town.
    It’s going to be interesting to see the decisions Fisher makes as we wind down to the selection of the final roster.

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