Should the Titans sign Matt Jones? Yea or nay?


Drexel recently wrote about the possibility of the Titans adding another wide receiver.
One name he mentioned, former Jacksonville Jaguar WR Matt Jones, is having a workout and physical for the Titans today. It says something about the team’s confidence in their receiving corps, most notably Paul Williams and Lavelle Hawkins, that they would consider Jones, who was released by the Jaguars after a drug-related arrest last year.
Although rare, it isn’t new for the Titans to sign a free agent in the NFL’s substance abuse program. They knew when they signed Travis Henry that he was in the program with one strike against him already. Henry received a second strike in Tennessee and was suspended four games before going to Denver, where he ended his career.
If signed, Jones would be the first player with some baggage the Titans signed in the post-Pacman era. They must have really checked him out with the proverbial fine-toothed comb to be satisfied his problems are behind him.

Jones has steadily improved each year in the league and I believe he’d make a fine addition. Despite some speed, he’s not a deep threat but is a solid possession receiver. With his height, he’s an excellent red zone target.
I had the opportunity to see him play a lot of football and basketball at Arkansas and this guy is a great athlete. On the court, he was a 6’6″ forward who played above the rim, which demonstrates why he’s a great end zone target. He could shoot the three too.
On the gridiron, he quarterbacked the Razorbacks and occasionally ran Houston Nutt’s single wing. Pretty effectively, too. I recall one game where Arkansas went to Austin, Texas and Jones ran all over the Longhorns.
For those of you who like trivia, if the Titans sign Jones, that would give them four college quarterbacks drafted in the first round.
Besides the lack of confidence in Williams and Hawkins exhibited by this move, I must also wonder if this in any way signifies that Nate Washington’s injury is more serious than it’s thought to be.
Assuming Jones’ workout and physical are satisfactory, I’m all for the move. I wouldn’t mind having a WR corps on the 53-man roster consisting of Justin Gage, Nate Washington, Kenny Britt, Mark Jones and Matt Jones. If you have to have a sixth man, throw in rookie Dominique Edison, who has some upside.
Titans fans, what do you say to Matt Jones? Yea or nay?

21 Responses to “Should the Titans sign Matt Jones? Yea or nay?”

  1. Morgan Says:

    O yea, im all for the signing of Matt Jones. He has had a troubled past, but he was a young guy who made some bad decisions. How many of us out here haven’t made some bad decisions when we were young. I think that period of time is behind him and he realizes that even with natural tallent he still has to work hard and keep his nose clean, no pun intended. He has decent speed for a slot reciever and great hands. I think Britt can learn alot from a guy about the same size who has previous NFL experence. Teach him how to get that big frame in position and block the CB’s from getting to the ball. So yea, i would love to see the titans give him a chance. It never hurts to have an extra set of hands. Kenny and Matt Jones in both slot positions in the redzone could spell trouble for the compatition.

  2. Joel Says:

    I have to say I agree with everything except for Mark Jones. He’s gonna have to do something pretty special tonight for me to want him to make the roster. We have some depth that I would like to keep for other positions.

  3. Scott Says:

    I don’t mind the signing of Matt Jones as a stop-gap measure if Washington is out and they need another proven pass catcher to play behind Gage and Britt. I fear, however that his signing (or the signing of Porter or Parker), would indicate that Nate Washington’s injury is more serious than the Titans have let on. Given that the Titans primarily only use 2 or 3 receiver sets, I would have thought that they could have managed with the receivers already on the roster to make through the game against the Steelers.

  4. Tom Gower Says:

    He’s a great overall athlete, but doesn’t have a great burst off the line and is surprisingly bad against press coverage for a big guy. There’s a reason he’s on the street right now, and it’s not unconnected to this football playing ability.
    On the baggage issue, when they brought in Henry they clearly needed help at RB, as Brown couldn’t stay healthy and White was a rookie. Losing him for suspension was hugely annoying, but it really left them no worse off than they would have been if they hadn’t traded for Henry. Matt’s more likely to be a marginal player, and you don’t need to take risks for a marginal player. This is a contingency plan in case nobody they like hits the waiver wire.

  5. Gemma Says:

    Would signing him solve the dilemma of keeping three QBs?

  6. Andrew Strickert Says:

    I’m really surprised they’re considering Jones. The Titans have gone with guys without baggage since Pacman, so as Tom says, this must be a contingency plan.
    Jerry Porter and Samie Parker are also reportedly working out for the Titans, which is just another indication of what the Titans think about their WR depth.
    Gemma, Jones wouldn’t have any effect on the Titans’ QB situation. I doubt if he’s taken a snap from center since he left Arkansas.

  7. Colt Mann Says:

    Let’s review the situation… Fisher has to know the Jags organization, an in-division rival, relatively well by now and he also should know that the Jags number one need was at wide receiver when they cut Matt Jones and Jerry Porter. Translation, those guys are TURDS! Unless the Titans believe that replacing one turd with another turd is the path to a strong receiving corps, bringing them in for serious consideration doesn’t make much sense.
    It seems to me that the most logical reason for bringing them in is to try and glean some information off of them about the Jags. “But the Titans don’t seem to have a problem beating the Jags” you say. That’s true, when the Titans had Fat Albert in the line-up. Remember without Haynesworth the Jags almost always beat the Titans. Also with the up-and-down Collins a year older and VY not living up to his hype the Titans need any advantage they can get against division opponents.

  8. Alvin Says:

    Just say no to Matt Jones. Not an answer at all for this team. There will be better options in a few days and anyway the Titans are unlikely to sign anyone prior to the opening game due to guarantees.
    We need to get someone quicker that can stretch the field which Jones simply can’t do. He timed a 4.4 in the combine but doesn’t play that fast.
    We also need help returning so I see them going for a quicker guy with some experience returning kicks. Also don’t need a guy that’s only 6 months away of voiding his probation.

  9. Doug Clanton Says:

    You are right except for the knock about being bad against press coverage. That was true his first season in the league and almost a non-issue last year. He would still be Jacksonville’s #1 target if it weren’t for the then new front office flexing their zero-tolerance muscles. His biggest improvement has been in the red zone and is capable of creating space for himself in the corner and making acrobatic catches.
    Someone else mentioned he doesn’t play fast. If you watched his tapes from last year, though, his strides are about 30% longer than most receivers so he doesn’t “look” fast, though you can see corners from several teams working hard at keeping up with him. Titan’s could do much worse than picking this player up.

  10. scott Says:

    If the Titans believe Matt Jones has taken the steps to correct his drug issues (and I’m assuming they have) then bring him in.
    Matt is a freak of nature in terms of his athletic ability.
    I remember watching him play QB when Arkansas played Texas and some other big SEC teams. He could flat run away from defenses. Give him a corner and he was gone. His speed is legit. And keep in mind he had never played wide receiver in college. He’s only been in the NFL for a few years (3 years, i think) learning a new position. I’m assuming being an effective NFL wide receiver is not predicated on just having speed and good hands. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but last season Matt either led or was near the top of Jacksonville’s reception yards stats.

  11. Riley Gilbert Says:

    I would have to say that some of you people are woefully undereducated on the subject of Matt Jones and maybe football in general! In 12 games last year Jones had 65 catches for 761 yards. That averages out to 5 catches and over 60 yards a game and if you add 4 more games that comes out to 85 catches and 1014 yards. I think those are very respectable stats for a second or third wide reciever. Additionally, Jones ran a 4.3 in the combine and as Doug astutely pointed out, Jones appears to be moving slowly because of his size. If you watch closely you will see him steadily running past the much smaller defensive backs. In closing, I would argue that Jones’ off the field problems are over, and the team who decides to pick him up is going to get a bargain.

  12. Bob Loblaw Says:

    I’m very surprised they’re giving him a look in light of his past. With that said, I don’t think they’ll find anyone better on Saturday afternoon. If they’re dead set on bringing in somebody, bring in Jones. With his past, you can’t bring him in on a team as a starter. But he will be the 3rd receiver for now; 4th when Washington gets back, and the fact that Cook can split out further insures the Titans in the event that he does have another slip up. Go for it.

  13. John Brewer Says:

    This all has been blown clear out of proportion.
    1. Matt would still be Jaq were it not for TWO Beers on a golf course following his very bad cocaine mistake.I spill more than that. So do mosof you.
    2.The Jaq players, almost to a man, wanted him back.
    If the Titans take him he is going to blow away some of his critics. He has a great future if all the “first stone” throwers would quit crying and let him play ball.
    Hey How about them dog-hatin’ Eagles, Bubba???

  14. Syd Wood Says:

    Jones was not immediately cut after his arrest. He entered training camp last season in the doghouse and started the season as the Jags #1 receiver. He put up pretty impressive numbers(65rec, 47 first downs, 2 TDs from a below average QB on a bad team), last season before serving his suspension. Coach Del Rio wanted him back but Jones was cut by Gene Smith who has the final say. If the Titans do sign him it won’t take long for a savvy Kerry Collins to figure out Jones is a big target with real soft hands. Titans fans are gonna figure it out too. Don’t be shocked if he ends up being Collins’favorite target and a top 20 receiver in the NFL. Jaguars were stupid to cut him, it may end up costing them dearly, twice a year now.

  15. BurheadTitans Says:

    I’m all for this potential signing, I have been saying all off season if we had to bring in a veteran receiver I wanted Jones because he does have some upside and is still young. Like many people here have said he was on pace to have a 1,000 yard season if the three game suspension hadn’t kicked in. I want our FO to give him a chance, I think the light has finally come on for Jones and if it has it would be an excellent but cheap signing. Also I’m just throwing this out here;
    Say we sign Jones, he does have college experience at quarterback. You could make the case with his experience there we could in theory carry Kerry and Vince and have Matt as the emergency/third string quarterback…
    I thought we would have already signed him to a deal by the morning by the way his agent was talking. It makes me wonder why we haven’t, maybe Fish decided not to sign him…

  16. Tom Gower Says:

    Jones put up superficially good numbers last year because they threw him the ball a lot-107 times in 12 games. The last Titans WR to have the ball thrown his way that much was Drew Bennett. In 2005. In 16 games. Heck, at a 16 game rate, that’s as many targets as Gage and McCareins had last year, combined. Even if they do sign him, and he is the #2, #2A/3 when Washington returns, think 30-40 catches, not 60. Is the potential disruption for it for a guy who will touch the ball less than 3 times a game?

  17. Walt Gray Says:

    There is a reason that they call Matt Jones “The Freak”. Aside from his speed in the 40, he has an awesome burst, which is totally unexpected from a man his size. He has been used as a 3rd string quarterback in the past while also being a receiver on the team. I’m willing to venture that the Titans are going to keep very close tabs on his use of illegal drugs. Frequent drug testing and spot testing are a requirement of the league for players in the NFL substance abuse program. While I don’t advocate the use of cocaine, I truly believe that he has paid his debt and he is doing his best to become the kind of man that many of us believe he can be.

  18. morgan Says:

    I dont get why people would find Matt Jones a disruption for the team. The fact of the Titans checked out WR’s means that the ones they have at 4/5th string aren’t that good or Nate’s injury is more serious than expected. If Nate or Gage go down what do they have after that besides Britt. If Hawkins was a good WR at this point of his career they wouldnt be worrying about adding another. Also have you ever thought that he got so many looks from the QB because he got open more often and caught the ball when it was thrown to him. If you ain’t gettin open or you aint catchin the ball the QB is not goin to through to him. He is not a disruption in any sence. Have you ever heard of him causing trouble in the dressing room, if you have its news to me. He’s paid his debt to society and now its over. He is a good player that could help the titans in alot of situations a possibly surpass one of the recievers we got. Face the fact that Justin Gage is nothing special. I would consider him a number 3 or most other teams in the NFL. People talk about Matts slow run speed, well he runs faster than Gage, has 3 inches on him and can catch just as well. I think if he gets a chance by next year he could be number 3 behind Britt and Washington.

  19. Scott Says:

    Perhaps Edison’s game tonight answered your question Andrew. If he can produce like that in the regular season, the Titans don’t need another WR.

  20. debbie Says:


  21. RC Says:

    Matt Jones, would be an excellent addition to the Titans. Matt is big, strong, fast and has some great moves. He also has great hands. He should be given a chance to prove himself. But you can’t put him on the team and not play him only once or twice to see results.

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