Titans make final roster cut


Following up on yesterday’s post on the first nineteen cuts, the Titans made three more cuts to get down to 53, today.  Per the press release on the official site, these were three cuts we hadn’t heard about yet

DE Larry Birdine
LB Ryan Fowler
RB Quinton Ganther (injured)

Congratulations, Chris Henry, you’re around for at least another day.

6 Responses to “Titans make final roster cut”

  1. BurheadTitans Says:

    Only cut that surprised me/made me scratch my head was the Fowler cut. He has been a quality back up since he got here, I’m concerned about our LB depth now.

  2. Scott Says:

    Wow! Henry instead of Ganther? Ganther must be seriously injured for the Tians to release him. I guess we have fifteen weeks of being excluded from the gameday roster to look forward to. And Allred over Fowler. That’s a bit surprising as well. Once Stamer was cut, I thought Fowler might make it.

  3. Morgan Says:

    Yea, im a little surprised with the Henry over Ganther cut. Henry has shown nothing since he has been drafted. Ganther has proven himself more than once. The only reason I could imagine would be his injury.
    Fowler was due to make 2.25 million this year. Quite high for a backup linebacker, but as Burn said depth may be a factor now.

  4. wesc Says:

    My only guess on Fowler must be effort. Fisher once said whatever else happens, his team will always give one hundred percent. Perhaps being demoted from starter didn’t motivate him but made him feel secure as the backup so why work? Every year someone you think is sure to make the team misses.

  5. Scort Says:

    Fowler started last year and was injured and replaced by a blossoming Stephen Tulloch, who in my opinion plays that position in a much diiferent style, a style that auits the Titans better.As stated above, 2 plus mil for a backup is way too much.

  6. Shawn Smith Says:

    I honestly was not surprised by the Fowler cut…in looking at the preseason games, he didn’t shed blocks well at all and overplayed a lot. McRath outplayed him in the preseason…so, considering a rookie outplayed him and his salary, I thought that would be an obvious decision.
    As for Chris Henry, some guys are lucky and other guys aren’t (Ganther). He did make some plays on special teams so that may have been his saving grace.
    Larry Birdine was a solid DL with some potential, but the team is too deep so good luck to him.
    The final roster is pretty deep so I’m happy as a fan with the final product. We’ll see how the season goes…

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