Ask a Texans writer your questions


Like he did for the second game against the Texans last year, Matt of DGDB&D will be answering our questions about the Texans, as well as asking me questions about the Titans.  If you have any questions you’d like to see Matt answer, post ’em here and I’ll include them in my email to him.


4 Responses to “Ask a Texans writer your questions”

  1. Tom Gower Says:

    I swear, I edited the stupid post to fix it.

  2. Markus Says:

    Hi Tom,
    Last weeks loss vs the Jets HAD to be an aberration for Houston, right? I thought the Texans and Titans were going to duke it out for the AFCS crown! Okay, questions for Texans fans:
    Why on God’s green Earth did Andre Johnson not be a centerpiece last week and will that change his week (Finnegan will undoubtedly be on him most of the game)?
    If so, do you expect the Texans to get him any matchup except Finnegan (i.e. slot, perhaps even TE in twins formations)?
    Schaub has to be nervous right? Will you max protect all day (they should when they don’t and he pays the “heavy” price)
    What’s going on with what I thought was goiong to be an awesome D!? Will you force TN to throw by stacking the box even w/ Cook, Britt, Nate, and Gage?
    How do Texans fans perceive the Titans this year on D and O? (same D, improved/scary O? same/same, worse, etc…)
    Thanks Tom…and thanks Texans fans…I’m from Houston but reside in upstate NY…hardcore TN fan, but there’s a soft spot for the Texans for 14 games/year! hahaha

  3. Morgan Says:

    Last year Andre Johnson tore the titans up with massive recieving yards while lined up man to man against finnegan. Im my opinion Johnson is one of the best wideouts in the game today and is virtually uncoverable one on one. Do you think the titans will have help over the top or do you think Andre will rip the titans up once again?
    (Im pretty sure that was last year?)
    Albert Haynesworth once laid a pile of hits on Schaub, some questionable some clean, and rattled him in the pocket. This year we no longer have Fat Albert, do you think the Texans O-line holds strong in the pass game or folds against the Titans continues rotation of D-linemen?
    I’ve had a tough time cheering against the Texans since they brought a franchise back to town, but im a Titan fan for life. Props to the Texans and their fans. Im hoping for a wildcard from you guys this year, right behind the Titans and ahead of the Colts.

  4. Strangely Enough Says:

    What concerns you most: the 190 yards rushing, the 3rd down conversion rate, or a rookie qb performance?

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