I can’t wait to see more Nate


Due to a lingering hamstring injury, Nate Washington’s role was limited during the Tennessee Titans’ opening night loss to the Steelers. Held to only a few snaps and a measly one catch for eight yards, his ability to provide the dimension of speed to the Titan offense had to wait at least another week.

Thanks to a few extra days off as a result of starting the season playing on a Thursday night, Nate’s had some more time to recuperate his bad hammy. According to Jeff Fisher, Nate has improved to the point where he is expected to play at least 50 or 60 snaps against the Texans on Sunday.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m highly anticipating the impact that Nate can provide.

Perhaps the team’s biggest signing this offseason, Nate was reeled in to stretch the field for a Tennessee Titan wide receiver group that lacked a burner. Playing third-fiddle to the likes of Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes in Pittsburgh, Nate will finally have his opportunity to shine as a result of being penciled in as one of the Titans’ starting wideouts.

We got a tease of what Nate could do during the preseason. In limited action as a result of the starters only playing a small portion of the contests, it was a joy to see the potential that Nate could bring to the offense. He’s a guy that can line-up anywhere on the field to exploit a defense and his speed is a factor that requires the attention of opposing defensive coordinators.

With the steady play of veteran Justin Gage and the playmaking ability of rookie Kenny Britt, a WR trio of those two in addition to Nate looks great on paper. Kerry Collins is probably smiling about the prospects of the Titan passing game as I type these words. He’s gotta be licking his chops as he prepares to face the Texans, who gave up 272 passing yards to rookie Mark Sanchez last weekend.

Against Houston, as long as he’s able to stay in the game, I’m expecting a nice home debut performance by the guy we’ll hopefully be referring to as “Nate the Great” shortly.

So are you guys as excited as I am about what Nate can bring to the table of the Tennessee Titan offense? 


6 Responses to “I can’t wait to see more Nate”

  1. Andrew Strickert Says:

    I was excited when he signed and even more so in training camp. It seemed he got behind the defense every day before his hamstring injury.

  2. Garland Says:

    I’m thrilled to see numbers 85 and 89 on two guys that deserve the honor of filling those jerseys.

  3. David H... Says:

    Its going to be real scary to see this offense when everybody comes back from injury. I’ve never felt more confident about the Titans offense. If we had a definite PR/KR then I would feel certain that we have a shot at winning it all.

  4. Shawn Smith Says:

    Yeah, I’m really excited to see Nate and Cook on the field (along with Kenny and Justin). They both can stretch the field vertically…Nate down the sidelines and Cook down the middle. That will keep the safeties back and leave lots of room to work for Justin and Kenny, as well as CJ.
    I hope the Titans try a couple of long passes early to both Nate and Cook then start hitting Kenny/Justin on short slants/curls and CJ on some screens. That should keep the defense on its toes the whole game…
    I hope the rooks (Mouton and Ringer) provide some spark on special teams this week…we could have used it in the last game against the Steelers.

  5. Seth Leonard Says:

    Yeah, I think the thing we looked like we were missing the most was a return man. Forget about Haynesworth; I thought the pressure was similar without him in the Steelers game.
    You really start to appreciate a guy like Carr who could make good field position a regular thing, as opposed to Ringer and Finnegan, who should stick with their regular positions.
    Hopefully Fish and Co. will get that kink worked out this week.

  6. 2009 Tennessee Titans: Biggest disappointments « Total Titans Says:

    […] admit it: I was expecting big things from free agent signee Nate Washington in 2009. On paper, Nate provided the team with a dimension […]

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