What they’re saying about the Titans’ next opponent, the Houston Texans


In a brief departure from the original content normally found here on Total Titans, I wanted to take a look at the Titans’ next opponent, the Houston Texans, through the eyes of others in the aftermath of the Jets’ 24-7 thrashing of Houston. 
My favorite Texans’ writer, The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, wrote,
“It’s difficult to believe the Texans could have produced a more wretched performance.”
On one of his many radio shows, McClain reported the fans were booing in the first quarter and chanting for backup QB Rex Grossman in the second quarter. He also said it was probably the worst defeat in the team’s history, which is saying quite a bit when you consider some of the doozies they’ve had.

My favorite Texans’ blogger, Stephanie Stradley, a.k.a. the Texans Chick, opined,

“The Texans rely on their offense to win games and the Jets defense rendered them toothless” and “If the Texans have to rely on their defense to win games for them if their offense isn’t functioning, they aren’t going to win many games.”

The Houston Chronicle’s Richard Justice was not charitable:
“The Texans got outsmarted and outcoached, and most of all, the Texans weren’t tough enough.”
To put all this into context, the Texans had the third-ranked offense (yardage) in the league last season and returned all eleven starters, yet…
  • The Jets controlled the ball for 38:46 to the Texans’ 21:14.
  • The Jets held Steve Slaton to just 17 yards rushing and Andre Johnson to four receptions for only 35 yards.
  • Nose tackle Kris Jenkins disrupted the middle of Houston’s line all day.
  • Houston’s only score was provided by their defense.
The Jets’ victory won’t make me overconfident of a Titans’ victory this week. The Texans have some playmakers on offense, young studs on defense and they were very physical in beating the Titans last year.
The Texans aren’t as bad as Sunday’s loss indicates.
Justice says all they need is a shot of passion.

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