Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans preview


After coming up a tad bit short against the world champs last week, the Tennessee Titans will be searching for their first victory of the 2009 season in this weekend’s home matchup against the Houston Texans.

Speaking of the Texans, everyone’s favorite sleeper team failed to justify the high praise aimed in their direction during last week’s humbling 24-7 defeat at the hands of the Titans’ next opponent: the New York Jets.

As a result of last week’s events, both the Titans and the Texans will be looking to wipe the bitter taste of opening-day defeat from their collective mouths.

Here’s a preview of this weekend’s Titan-Texan AFC South divisional battle.  

Fool’s Gold

The biggest surprise that emerged from last week’s Jets’ dismantling of the Texans was the lack of production from Houston’s scintillating playmakers.

All-world WR Andre Johnson was held to only 4 catches for 35 yards. One of the league’s most underrated tight ends, Owen Daniels, equaled Johnson’s catch total with only nine more yards.

Speedy RB Steve Slaton, who surpassed the 100 rushing yard-mark against the Titans in his first two games against them, only came up with a measly 17 yards on 9 carries against New York.

So based on last week’s performance, the Titans should have an easy time containing the Texans’ offense, right?

Bzzzz… Wrong answer.

Despite their first week struggles, the Titans will still have their hands full containing the Texans’ dangerous offensive weapons. Hopefully, Keith Bulluck and Co. will do as good of a job as the Jets did in regards to making life miserable for the Texans’ offensive threats. 

That means continuing to bring the pressure instead of relying on only a three-man pass rush, Chuck.

Let the fireworks begin!

Despite their inability to produce a ton of points on the scoreboard, I was impressed with how the Titans were able to consistently move the football against the Steelers’ vaunted defense last week.

With the addition of free agent Nate Washington and exciting rookies such as Kenny Britt and Jared Cook, I haven’t seen a Titan team with this many offensive playmakers in years. Of course, the running game is always stout but with weapons such as Nate, Britt and Cook running routes, I’m expecting Kerry Collins to have a pretty good year tossing the pigskin around in 2009.

As for this week, don’t be shocked if the Titans make a few big plays in the passing game against a less-than-stellar Texan pass defense that relinquished 272 yards passing to rookie Mark Sanchez last Sunday.

Titans’ special teams have to live up to their name

Last week was an all-around special teams nightmare for the Tennessee Titans.

From disappointing returns from rookie Javon Ringer and the rusty Cortland Finnegan to Rob Bironas uncharacteristically missing a chip shot while having another kick blocked, the Titans’ special teams were anything but special against the Steelers.

As we all know, special teams can often play a big role in determining whether a team wins or loses. Hopefully, the Titans’ ST unit will bounce back with a solid performance against the Texans.

Prediction Time!

The Texans will look better on offense this week, but so will the Titans. I’m expecting at least a big play or two from Nate Washington. 

Titans 31 Texans 20   

Your turn, guys…What are your thoughts/predictions for this week’s Titans/Texans’ clash?    


4 Responses to “Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans preview”

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    The Jets blitzed Schaub a lot causing him to throw earlier that he wanted. I guess all those injuries may be making Schaub gun-shy…if Cecil calls for some blitzes to pressure Schaub, then I hope the CBs try to jump some routes. There is some opportunities for some big plays for some pick-six’s…
    Offensively, I do expect much more…we’ll have two big offensive weapons back (Nate and Cook), home-field advantage, and Bironas should start knocking kicks in. Plus, the Texans D is not as good as the Steelers so we should be able to move the ball even more…
    My prediction…Titans 30 Texans 10.

  2. Markus Says:

    I’m convinced the Houston-Jets game was an aberration for the Texans. I do think the Jets will win their division, but still…
    Titans 30, Texans 20
    Andre WILL perform well…Not getting him involved was the dumbest thing they could have done and they will correct that. Slaton will be bottled up. I’m going to guess he’ll be around 15 carries, 30-something yards/4-5 catches for another 30 or so. The Texans D is better than what was shown last weekend and it’s just ludicrous that they got ZERO offensive TD’s. I look for a lead early and the Texans will roar back (somewhat). Tough division opponent who will be there at the end for the title/wildcard.
    Re: Steelers game
    It’s in the books so it’s time to move on…The game should never have been close, much less them pulling it out. Our offense is way more explosive this year and the D is just as good, but different.
    I am concerned with 2 plays and 2 plays only vs. Houston:
    1) We have a historical problem dealing with quick screens and slants (so our blitz needs to be limited)
    2) pump n go….When I say Andre will be back, I bet he gets a 50 or 60 yarder for a TD on a pump n go…Hope bites and Cort will too if he thinks he’s jumping a route that they plan on….
    GO TITANS! Should be yet another great game!

  3. Drexel Perry Says:

    As always, thanks for contributing your thoughts guys.
    The Finny/Johnson matchup is definitely one I’m going to be keeping my eyes on. What Finny lacks in size he makes up for with a high level of tenacity and he’s going to need that going against one of the game’s best receivers.
    Gonna be exciting to watch these two all-pros go at it.

  4. Andrew Strickert Says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to a game when weather was a factor but there’s a strong chance that’ll change Sunday. For the last several days the forecast called for a 50% chance of precip with scattered thunderstorms. The latest prediction increases the chance to 70% with t-storms likely.
    The field drains pretty well and should have been covered the last few days but t-boomers could be an issue.
    The Jets doubled Johnson quite a bit last week and if rain isn’t a factor, I’m interested in watching Griffin to see how often he’s used to help against Johnson.
    This could be a game where Haye becomes a big factor and I like his matchup. It should be fun watching him work.

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