What went wrong for the Titans vs the Texans


92009 Texans 008.jpg  

Texans QB Matt Schaub had plenty of time to find an open Andre Johnson in the Titans secondary. Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans.
I’m not claiming this picture is worth 1,000 words but it does encapsulate much of what went wrong for the Titans and right for the Texans yesterday.
Note the clean pocket for Matt Schaub and the time he has to throw. It was a sight Titans fans saw too often.

The Texans slot receiver Martinez has taken out Hayes. The jersey number of the Titans’ LDT is obscured, which is mainly because RT Winston has T-boned him on this play as RG Brisiel watches. LG Pitts engages Haye with Steve Slaton available to help out.  LT Brown attempts to cut off KVB after TE Daniels whiffs on his block and attempted tackle.
All three Titans LBs are near the line, with Tulloch and Thornton turning to drop belatedly into coverage while Bulluck is engaged by Leach. Hope is also near the line, also turning around, leaving Griffin alone deep.
Meanwhile at the top of the picture, Andre Johnson is beating Harper, streaking downfield for what is about to be another long gain.
It seemed like that’s how it went for the Titans all day.
The Titans defense let the rather ordinary Schaub pick them apart. They made Schaub, who had a 127.8 QB rating, look like an All-Pro.
Johnson’s stat line for the day was 10/149/2. Harper was the victim on many of those plays although Finnegan didn’t fare much better. The pair didn’t get as much help from Hope or Griffin as they could have or should have.
The secondary, which boasted three Pro Bowl players last season, didn’t play well, individually or collectively.
The problems in coverage were magnified by the lack of a sustained pass rush, which allowed Schaub to complete passes to Johnson and Daniels all afternoon. The d-line managed to touch Schaub only four times, with no sacks.
I only took a few pictures but this one was representative of the way the Titans played defense yesterday.
Drexel is going to be writing something soon about the problems Chuck Cecil is facing. Gosh, with so many problems, it’s going to be hard to pick a place to start, but I’m sure he’ll touch on these, and more.

3 Responses to “What went wrong for the Titans vs the Texans”

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    I think that picture is not the best picture to prove your point (although I mostly agree with it)…the Texans had 9 players blocking on that play (or at least 9 players around the line of scrimmage). It was essentially a one-man only route (Andre Johnson).
    Our secondary was the main problem in the Texans game with the pass rush inefficiency second. Fisher, as a DB background / Buddy Ryan disciple, needs to step in and ensure we make the right adjustments to get pressure on the QB and scheme the coverage to stop the only offensive weapon the Texans had yesterday.

  2. Strangely Enough Says:

    “The Texans slot receiver Martinez has taken out Hayes.”
    And, hopefully he caught hell about it.

  3. cortney parker Says:

    The only problem the Titans have is there lack of of focus in there secondary. Jeff Fisher will address the issue and we will get back on track.

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