Titans’ struggles continue with 24-17 loss to the Jets


Turnovers and an all-around inconsistent performance doomed the Tennessee Titans as they fell to sole possession of last place in the AFC South with their 24-17 loss to the New York Jets.

Rookie CB/KR/PR Ryan Mouton’s nightmarish day consisted of two muffed kicks that led to 14 Jets points. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the NFL-tenure spectrum, veteran QB Kerry Collins ended the game on a horrible note with an abysmal 13 consecutive incompletions.

Additional thoughts about today’s Titan loss…after the jump.

The NFL Lords giveth and they taketh away

After facing a quick 14-0 deficit without even having run an offense play, the Titans started to show a pulse after Tony Brown forced a Mark Sanchez fumble that fell into the hands of “The Freak” Jevon Kearse. The team continued to ride that momentum by scoring 17 unanswered points to take a 17-14 lead.

However, the pendulum swung in the opposite direction when Ryan Mouton muffed his second return, which led to the Jets quickly capitalizing with a score as a direct result of having a short field.

Inconsistency…the name of the game for the 2009 Tennessee Titans. 

The one-millionth reason why 13 is an unlucky number

At times, Kerry Collins ran the Tennessee Titan offense with precision, holding steady in the pocket while delivering lasers to open receivers.

Unfortunately, Kerry failed to save his best for last by laying a goose-egg on his final 13 passes. Contrary to prior possessions, Kerry started to feel the pressure of the Rex Ryan blitz and had to force a few passes on a couple of occasions.

I’m not going to pin this loss on Kerry but without a doubt, his subpar efforts in the game’s crucial moments didn’t exactly help the Titans’ cause of pulling out their first victory of the season. That’s two weeks in a row that KC was unable to step up when the team needed him the most.

No one should be calling for a QB controversy but if the team continues to falter, it’s only a matter of time before the chants for Vince Young to guide the team are heard loud and clear in the city of Nashville.

The schizophrenic Tennessee Titan defense

There were times today when the defense reminded you of past Titan units that played with a high level of intensity while achieving great results stopping the opposition. On other occasions, we were once again confronted with the reality of the defensive struggles that we’ve discussed ad nauseum on Total Titans.

I saw a much better effort out there today and of course, the injury bug didn’t do the team any favors as Finny and Fuller had to leave the game. However, outside of their continued stellar performance stopping the run, the pass defense still has a few wrinkles to work out, to say the least.

A few positives

-Kenny Britt is a stud and it’s going to be a lot of fun watching him develop into a more than capable NFL WR.

-Chris Johnson continues to live up to his “Every Coaches’ Dream” moniker by being the elite playmaker that the Titans envisioned him becoming when they surprisingly selected him in 2008.

-In limited opportunities, LenDale White ran with speed and tenacity.

Just say no to the Patron, folks. 

-Also want to give special mention to Tony Brown and Jacob Ford, who did a good job of harrassing Mark Sanchez for the majority of the game.

Final random thoughts

1. The Titans sure do miss Chris Carr.

2. With Jacksonville’s win over Houston, the Titans are alone in the basement of the AFC South.

That sucks.

3. It may be just me, but Alge Crumpler looks a whole lot better as a receiver in the passing game this year. He’s nowhere near as good as he was during his Falcon days, but he’s greatly improved from last year.

4. Tough break (literally) for Vince Fuller, who broke his forearm. The Titans are going to miss his versatility.

5. Despite Mouton’s troubles, Fisher still had the faith in him by showing support and continuing to trot him out there to return punts.

That’s why Fish is known as a player’s coach, folks.

Enough from me…What are your thoughts and opinions regarding today’s disappointing Titan loss?    


24 Responses to “Titans’ struggles continue with 24-17 loss to the Jets”

  1. David H. Says:

    PLAY VINCE NOW!!!!!! Its not about a QB controversy. The fact of the matter is that Kerry looked old and rattled today. His best years are behind him, and he is a statue in the pocket. The defense for the most part showed up. Hopefully Finny’s injury isn’t that severe.
    And on a side note…I know the NFL is celebrating the AFL’s 50 year old heritage, but those Oiler Uniforms need to go. The Houston Oilers have never been synonymous with winning and that franchise is not worth celebrating. Thats why they left Houston in the first place, because they’ve had years of underachieving and inconsistency.

  2. MarkB Says:

    I haven’t been a KC supporter and this season he’s already lost my trust. I say let VY get some time to show whether or not the Titans should look for a future franchise QB this offseason.
    There’s just not much upside for Collins. He’s definitely not clutch (this year).

  3. MarkB Says:

    RE: David H –
    The 60s Oilers won championships. The 70s Oilers contended nearly as many times as the early 00s Titans.
    They left Houston because Bud Adams pissed off the city. He should have shown some class and left the Oilers name and legacy there.

  4. Strangely Enough Says:

    Isn’t that three “weeks in a row that KC was unable to step up when the team needed him the most…”?

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    You can certainly make a case that Kerry didn’t respond against the Steelers, however, I gave him somewhat of a mulligan due to the defense’s inability to pressure Ben when it mattered the most in the late 4th/overtime.
    Sure, he could have made a play or two to help the Titans win in Pittsburgh, but in my opinion, that paled in comparison to his fumble last week or 13 consecutive incompletions against the Jets today.
    One thing that I think we can both agree on is that Kerry’s gotta step it up, or else he’ll continue to feel the heat from the fans.

  6. Bobcomu Says:

    Not that Kerry was Anything special in the fourth with all the incompletions and the awfull pick but how many passes did his recievers drop, mostly Nate “the great?”. We are finally seeing what all the steelers fans were talking about, great td grabs and pleny drops to go along with them.

  7. Will Says:

    Great job by the defense today. Mark Sanchez and Leon Washington were not the reasons the Titans lost today.
    Yes, I’m calling for a quarterback change. KC is up one series/season, down the next. He is not Kurt Warner.
    Props to Collins and his 2008 season, but it’s simply time to hand the keys to the offense to Vince Young.

  8. David H Says:

    AFL Championships mean nothing. We have ZERO!! Superbowls to show for. And if it wasn’t for Earl Campbell, Warren Moon, and Bruce Matthews this franchise wouldn’t have any real credibility as far as Hall of Famers. And your opinion about Bud Adams moving the team because he pissed the city off is valid, but it still doesn’t change the fact that they still came up short year after year. Remember the ’91’ playoff game against the Bills???? Up 31 points they let Jim Kelly’s BACKUP stage probably the greatest comeback in a single game ever!!!!!!!

  9. Scott Says:

    This loss had very little to do with Kerry Collins or the defence. Sure, if either had played a near-perfect game, the Titans would have won this one in a walk. While both had some problems, this loss can’t be pinned on either of them. This loss is Jeff Fisher’s, and his alone.
    If the Titans had gotten anything even close to resembling average play from its kick/punt returners in this game, this would have been a win by the Titans. Each week, the return game has been brutal this year. I am absolutely dumbfounded that Fisher did not go out and get a reliable returner at some point this season. He cut the best option (Mark Jones) at the end of preseason and instead kept Chris Henry on the roster so he could continue to warm the bench. In my view, that was an idiotic decision. Bobby Wade came available when he was released by the Vikings, and could have been a solid fourth receiver and punt returner. Fisher failed to even bring him in for a look.
    One of the keys to the Titans success last year that did not get much media attention was the return game. Chris Carr wasn’t flashy, but he protected the ball and consistently made big plays when needed. We are seeing this year just how bad the Titans are when they have worst return game in the league. You can’t win those close games that Fisher likes without a solid return team.
    Fisher’s decision to rely on an inexperienced, rookie returner is simply stupid, and he is putting the whole season at risk becuase he doesn’t seem be able to admit he made a mistake. He should be ashamed of himself.

  10. Garland Says:

    Sorry, Scott. We didn’t need a “near-perfect game” from Collins. “Didn’t quite suck” would have done the job, and he failed. I’m with you regarding the return game, but an average QB should have been able to overcome that. 0-for-13 to end the game is horrible and inexcusable.
    Go ahead and count me in for turning the O over to Vince. I wanted them to do it in the offseason, but now there is no excuse to stick with Collins. There is no way Vince plays worse than Kerry has these first few games.

  11. Scott Says:

    Garland, perhaps “near-perfect” wasn’t the right word to use and I agree with you that even a mediocre effort in the fourth quarter by Collins might have won the Titans this game. I am not sure I am ready for VY yet, but maybe in the second half of the Jaguars game next week. If it is a lost season, the Titans may as well see what VY can do now that he has had a year to right himself.
    And Drex, one more thing, I always thought that Fisher was a player’s coach because he refused to put them into a situation where they would be likely to fail. Isn’t that why he wouldn’t let Bironas attempt the 50 yard field goal last week that would have tied the game against the Texans? That’s why the whole Mouton return thing bugs the heck out of me. Mouton did not return punts at Hawai’i. He is just learning the position. Fisher is putting him in a situation where he is likely to fail and he keeps putting him back into that situation to the point where he is responsible for the whole team losing. That’s not fair to Mounton and its not fair to the team.

  12. Martin Says:

    Oh God, please no Vince Young. I still have some hope for this team. If we want to give up on this season, then by all means, put VY in there.
    Fact is, we could’ve put a stranglehold on this game in the 3rd quarter after the Jets offense had been in a coma for about 2 quarters, but the fumbled punt killed us and awakened the slumbering Jets offense. Kerry was making some amazing throws into tight spots (throws that Vince couldn’t make in practice with no defense), and was a huge reason we scored 17 in a row against a Jets defense that pretty much blanketed our WR’s all day. The 13 incompletions to end the game weren’t all his fault, and I’m still confident that he can come through when needed.
    If VY would’ve been in there against the blitz he would’ve panicked, thrown across the field off his back foot without looking, and thrown a pick 6 to ice the game. I dunno if I can handle watching him play QB again, not after seeing the steady play of Kerry for the last year+
    It’s been said, but the loss of Chris Carr seems to have hurt us more than the loss of Haynesworth so far this year. Please please please sign a veteran KR/PR/WR.

  13. Junas Says:

    Definitely the loss is all on Fisher. The team looked poorly prepared to start the game. The special teams decisions and preparation were atrocious, good lord, anyone who has ever been to the Meadowlands knows the wind whips the ball all over the place. The half time adjustments and second half offensive adjustments were inept. These are ALL the coaches responsibility.
    By the way, VY could never have thrown the TD pass to Washington, …, and yes, I know, he can do things with his legs, but Ryans defense has frustrated the Titans for years, and I think only smart and excellent play beats it (as witnessed in the 2nd quarter), something I have yet to see from VY. Our defensive front did a heck of a job against maybe the best offensive line in football.
    Dropped passes= Poor preparation; Dropped Punts=Poor Preparation; Lack of adjustments to a repeated Blitz=Poor Coaching; Rolling the Dice on Special Teams Personnel=Poor Planning. And I fork out 1000 bucks a home game to witness this….. I am not a happy customer!

  14. Drexel Perry Says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with Fisher’s decision to keeping trotting Mouton out there despite his troubles. He’s a rookie and those are the type of moments that can either help build or destroy a player’s confidence.
    However, I understand Fisher’s decision from the standpoint that he obviously has faith in the guy to do the job the right way. Of course, that didn’t occur yesterday, so hopefully, the silver lining to this cloud is Mouton becoming a better/solid returner moving forward.
    Perhaps Fisher believed that by removing Mouton all-together from the game would have destroyed his psyche.
    One thing that we can agree on is how Fisher dropped the ball on replacing Chris Carr. Fisher of all people should understand the importance of having a reliable/capable guy back there returning punts/kicks.
    Mark Jones was designated as Carr’s replacement but unfortunately, he didn’t even make the 53-man roster. Of course, the backup plan is playing rookies, which is always a roll of the dice.
    Fisher’s certainly made his bed in regards to the KR/PR decision. Now he’s having to lie in it by depending on a rookie who at this point, is having his share of troubles.
    As always, thanks for commenting.

  15. RT Says:

    the mistakes on special teams cost us we really need to get that sorted. Collins inconsistency towards the end on the game didn’t help, However VY definitely would not be more consistent unless he is a totally different player which he has not shown. I am hoping that in next years off-season Chad Pennington becomes an FA like the dolphins have said and he can calmly lead the offence to a superbowl while getting a young guy developing for the future.

  16. Strangely Enough Says:

    Seems to be a progressive thing; from lack of stepping up to actively contributing to the loss to, well, yesterday…
    He could have used some help, as the second half stats show. The thing that is most concerning, even more so than the 0-13 after the Washington TD and the 0-10 in the fourth quarter, is the lack of any response at the line on third downs when it is obvious the blitz is coming.

  17. Nick Says:

    Anyone who says Kerry Collins earned his job last year is full of crap. Over Kerry’s last ten starts he’s 3-7. 3 and 7!!!!! This why he got benched in 06, and the same thing needs to happen this year for any chance of salvaging the season. The muffed punt hurt alot, but Kerry throwing a pick in the fourth quarter like Martin said Vince would do, hurt worse. I know that last week if Vince was in there he wouldn’t have fumbled the ball like Kerry did. I have been saying from the beginning that Collins sucks as a qb. Look at his mediocre stats from last year. The defense was better this game, but when you don’t have a qb who can comeback in the fourth like I have seen Vince do, you’re not going to do anything. Kerry Collins is ruining this football team.

  18. FAZ Says:

    The bottom line on this game is the Jets drove 19 yards after a TD and fumbled Kickoff and later Drove 35 yards after a fumbled punt to seal the game. The Oilers/Titans have now lost 2 games predominately on special teams play. This game is totally different if not for 14 pts off fumbled returns. Mouton is TOTALLY to blame for this loss. No fumbles we are not throwing 13 passes at end of game to win! We are running Johnson and White to eat the clock and WIN!! Wake-up people Vince Young is not nor will ever be the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Collins was right on target with a lot of balls that were dropped. Washington, Gage and Britt all dropped catchable balls which would have made a big difference. I fail to understand how Vince Young changes that.

  20. MarkB Says:

    It doesn’t seem like things have changed to me. The Titans are the first team to come to mind at the utterance of that phrase. *cough*one yard*cough*
    Once our team wins a superbowl you can go back to bashing the Oilers history. Until then you have no room to separate the two nicknames.

  21. Markus Says:

    Collins wil never lose you a game, but won’t win one either. VY will do both. With the special teams playing anything close to ok, Collins can be a good QB and is a better option. If we continue to put garbage on the field for ST, then may as well let VY take a crack. Who knows, maybe we build up some trade value, or if we’re lucky, “he gets it”. Now we got beat by the Texans. Yeah, the D stunk it up, but they did play to win and beat us. They matched our mistakes and pulled it out anyway. Pitt and he Jets got the “W” because our ST is trash. We should be 2-1. We’re 0-3. I still think we will end up 10-6, maybe 11-5 with some luck, but this is a 14-2 team with any semblance of a return game. Maybe put CJ back there and instruct him to fair catch everything, even if there’s nobody for 20 yards! Utterly frustrating.
    But I do believe in Fisher. If anybody can right the ship he can. Maybe we should inquire as to Marvin Harrison’s availability and pay him to only do returns. Beats sitting at home! Sorry Mouton. With some practice maybe, but not now.

  22. michael Says:

    I agree with you that they need to play Vince right now. It is understood that Fisher wanted to make a statement by benching Vince, but now it has gone to overkill and it is backfiring on the team.
    The potential of having Vince and Chris in the backfield would be huge and very dangerous against opposing teams. I am a Titans fan located in Houston Texas all places, but if this tren continues, I cannot support management’s decision and hope they get what they deserve, which is to continued loses. I don’t believe in insubbordination, but I don’t believe in continuing to punish a great athlete. Fisher knows it is time, but he is being stubborn and is now really trying to break Vince’s confidence.
    We will see what happens if they continue to lose.

  23. Will Says:

    Comparing KC and VY is like comparing apples to oranges. It’s absurd to say things like “Vince couldn’t have made that throw…” If VY was in the game, the entire dynamic of the offense changes.
    It’s simply a matter of which player at this point in his career gives you the best chance of winning. 2008 was Kerry Collins’ “good” season. He’s an average quarterback, and the law of average dictates that he would perform poorly in 2009.
    Young had a good preseason. He dedicated himself to the offseason program. He has upside. Hopefully he has matured emotionally and has a better grasp of the offense. Let the man play.

  24. Maynard76 Says:

    It is a long season with a lot of football yet to be played. Lets see how all of you change your tune if the team turns things around with Collins at the helm. You will be singing his praises again in no time. It is too early to be having this type of discussion in every board.

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