The Titans now have no depth at corner


On several occasions this summer, we discussed the lack of depth in the Titans’ secondary. The starters were fine, we felt, but that was before the Texans game. They did reaffirm our faith in them, mostly, on Sunday, despite the loss to the Jets.
Besides losing the game Sunday, the Titans also lost two key members of their secondary, Cortland Finnegan and Vincent Fuller, so now we’re facing what we feared. Rookies Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton have replaced them.
It was not a pleasant feeling when the Titans had only one true corner, Nick Harper, on the field Sunday. Mouton was moved from nickel to right corner after both Finnegan and McCourty went down. The feeling was even more unpleasant when Chuck Cecil was forced to use Keith Bulluck as a nickelback.
The Titans only have four corners listed on the roster, including nickelback Ryan Mouton. Since Fuller will be out for a while, Mouton will take his spot for that time, leaving only Harper, Finnegan and McCourty.

Hamstring injuries are tricky things and we have no idea how long Finnegan will be out. Fortunately, the Jaguars are next on the schedule and Finnegan won’t be needed quite as much as for other games. Like the Week Five and Six games, against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.
Finnegan may be out for a month or more or he might even play this week. Who knows?
One thing the Titans almost certainly have to do is make a roster move or two.
So who do they pick up to bolster the depth at corner? Veteran DeMarcus Faggins was with the team this summer. Former Titan Cary Williams survived the final cutdown to 53 players but was released to make room for P Reggie Hodges. Either Faggins or Williams could come in without the need to learn the system and terminology.
The Titans obviously don’t feel either Faggins or Williams has as much upside as Mouton or McCourty but one of them could be used as a stopgap.
What do you think? Are there any free agent corners out there that you like?

10 Responses to “The Titans now have no depth at corner”

  1. Joshua Says:

    How bout mccalister or mike mekinzie or PAC serious he could play cb and punt return and kick offs I know it’s PAC but we have no choice and if he is cleaned up then great if not kick him out again

  2. Markus Says:

    Put CJ as CB! AND returns! Maybe even QB! hahaha this season is going south by the minute.
    In all seriousness, I was thinking PAC too….Faggins is, well, faggins. McAllsiter is done (injuries got to him early), and McKenzie is a never-really-was-but-a-has-been, a turnstile for receivers. What about a VY for any corner trade? Last time I checked the Cowboys have a few extra corners…some that never see the field but could start on a lot of teams….

  3. Bob Loblaw Says:

    If Finnegan is out for a while, Griffin might end up playing some corner after all. I would just sit him this week regardless, because it’s going to be a nightmare if he’s out against IND & NE.
    Is Ty Law still out there? If he’s not your cup of tea, I’d give Pacman a shot before Faggins or Williams who both had trouble in the preseason covering receivers who didn’t make an NFL roster.
    I think CJ returned kickoffs in college. Maybe just don’t put anyone back there to return punts – at least you avoid turnovers that way.

  4. Strangely Enough Says:

    Lack of depth has bitten them early this year. So, we are looking at a rookie starting at corner and another at the nickel. Or someone coming off the street. Or someone they didn’t want to keep.
    Well, at least they can stop the run… should anyone actually choose to.
    How’s the CB draft class looking?

  5. Seth Leonard Says:

    I’ve always tried to stay up beat on here over the years, but dude. We are so F’ed this year. We’re already talking about the draft on week 3.
    You really don’t appreciate coaching until its gone. We’re missing you Jim.
    What if we don’t beat the Jags this week?

  6. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Unless we lose a barn-burner, a loss this week might be Vince’s ticket back into the starting lineup.

  7. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys. The Titans signed safety Kevin Kaevisharn today. From what I know about him, he’s a former CB who converted to safety. Started as a Bengal and got a fat free agent contract with the Saints. From what I gather, Fisher views him as a general purpose defensive back who can do several things and help on special teams.

  8. john Says:

    has anyone seen how bad nick harper was the last three games? the titans now allow the most 20+ yard pass plays and i think it is because nick harper is slowing down. if we lose this next game, thats it for a good seasonal record or peputation. and the week 2 game against the texans is probably the best example of how bad the secondary is.

  9. john Says:


  10. The Tennessee Titans miss Chris Carr « Total Titans Says:

    […] No disrespect to rookies Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton, but if the Titans had kept Carr around, in addition to having a more than capable return man, they would have been in a little better shape at the CB position during the early portion of the year when the unit was ravaged with injuries. […]

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