Should the Tennessee Titans bench Kerry Collins?


In 2008, many (including yours truly) were singing the praises of the rejuvenated Kerry Collins. His days of being a team’s numero uno signal-caller thought to be over, KC rose from the dead to emerge as a more than capable starter on the Titans’ 13-3 squad last year.

Unfortunately, it’s been back to mediocrity in 2009 for Collins. With the help of some ill-time dropped passes, Kerry missed on his last 13 attempts in Sunday’s 24-17 loss to the Jets. Through three games, his quarterback rating is a less-than-desirable 69.9.

With the 0-3 Titans’ season seemingly slipping away from them, is it time to pull the plug on

By no means should Kerry’s less-than-stellar performance be considered as the sole reason behind the team’s struggles this year. Last time I checked, Kerry doesn’t play on a defense that’s been extremely generous to opposing teams’ passing games. He’s also not capable of doing what appears to be the unthinkable for the Titans this year: simply fielding a punt/kick without dropping the football.

However, Kerry’s had the opportunity to step up and make some plays in the waning moments of the first three games and unfortunately, he’s failed to do so.

Of course, maybe we’re expecting too much from the veteran Collins. After all, he thrived in 2008 playing the role as game manager with other aspects of the team; defense, special teams and the running game, usually leading the Titans to wins.

In ’08, there was an occasion or two (such as last year’s Bears’ game) when Kerry passed the team to victory via his strong throwing arm. However, for the most part, Kerry’s role was to manage the game, not win or lose it.

With the struggles of the defense and special teams, Kerry’s been forced to play the role of game-winner instead of game manager in 2009. Unfortunately, at least at this point in his career, his new role does not play to his strengths and we should not be surprised that he’s struggling.

The 2009 Tennessee Titans need a game-changer, not a game manager.

Sitting behind Kerry Collins is a guy who changed games with his unique abilities during his highly successful collegiate career and rookie season as a pro. Of course, the player I’m referring to is the highly scrutinized Vince Young.

If the team continues to struggle, why not give VY a chance of traveling down the road to redemption? Instead of him continuing to carry the clipboard as one of the league’s most expensive backup signal-callers, Young should get the opportunity to once again try to prove that he’s the team’s franchise quarterback.

Kerry Collins is a great fit for a team that’s winning ballgames by riding the coattails of everyone but the starting QB. He’s a poor fit for a squad that’s struggling to win a game while having their playoff aspirations dashed with the arrival of each defeat.

Sure, I’m all in favor of Collins continuing to start at least the next game or two. Before KC is jettisoned to the pine, let’s first see if the team can bounce back against the hated Jaguars and if that occurs, maybe split the following two games against the Colts and Patriots to head into the bye week at 2-4.

However, if the Titans lose to the Jags next week to fall to 0-4, here’s to hoping that Jeff Fisher will at least consider inserting Young into the lineup. VY is an enigma, but he’s a talented enigma who could provide a spark to a team in desperate need of one.

At the very least, we’d find out once and for all whether or not Vince is the team’s future QB and if he isn’t, then the team can draft that player with a high first-round selection in next year’s draft.

I’ve said what I’ve had to say so now it’s your turn, guys. Is it time to bench Kerry Collins or should he continue to serve as the Titans’ starting QB?  


24 Responses to “Should the Tennessee Titans bench Kerry Collins?”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I’d give Kerry one more game, but then it’s the perfect scenario to see if VY can be a franchise quarterback. 0-3 and there is still a glimmer of hope. 0-4 and it will take an epic run, much like the run that he made as a rookie. What can it hurt?

  2. janey dickens Says:

    Kerry collins is not our problem, i believe the problems is we are absent jim schwartz and albert hansworth
    You could totally see difference in the preseason which spilled over into the regular season.

  3. David Walters Says:

    Bud Adams said during the preseason after a stellar performance by Vince Young that he was the Titans quaterback of the future. At 0-3 this is the future! Collins is showing his age. He fizzles in the second half. You can’t continue with a quaterback that only plays one half.
    The Titans have lost six of their last seven games uinder Collins. It’s time for a change.
    Considering Fischers comments, it may be also time for a coaching change.
    I know that Fischer and Collins are sacred cows with the press, but the press doesn’t own this team. Bud adams does!

  4. Garland Says:

    It’s past time for a change. You said it best: The 2009 Tennessee Titans need a game-changer, not a game manager.

  5. Will Bannister Says:

    I believe you raise some solid points in your argument to make a change. I agree that the Titans should, and will, strongly consider handing Vince the reigns IF, indeed, this downward spiral we’re currently in, and consequently, the slimming chances of making the playoffs continues.
    However, I will say that your idea of a quarterback change in and of itself hinges upon the ever so pesky if-statemenhatEhat do you figure the chances are of this highly talented team dropping 3 more games before the bye week. Because if I know Fisher, he will surely wait until the bye week before he makes a major move such as a change in General.
    All in all, I see where you are coming from saying that the Titans may benefit from pulling Collins out. But before making the move we have to ask some key questions:
    1-Is Vince even fully developed yet? If not I see no benefit thrusting him into a starting position only to find out he has still yet to reach his potential.
    2-What will it do to Young’s already decomposing confidence to allow him to go out and preform to his best ability and still more than likely not make the playoffs, knowing that once again, his best was not good enough to lead this team to a successful year.
    I believe that when considering such a drastic move, you have to think about not what’s best for the season, but what is best for the future stability of this team. And believe you-me, that is EXACTLY the perspective that Fisher has.

  6. Strangely Enough Says:

    Not yet. I’d say he’s good at least through the bye. If they are 0-6, or even 1-5, he gets the hook.
    Some interesting stats:
    Collins in the 4th Quarter: qb rating of 25.9; 8/24 passing (those 10 straight incompletions killing an otherwise acceptable percentage) for 77 yards; 3.2 per comp; 0 TD’s 1 pick. Not stellar.
    Collins has already taken five sacks, after just eight all last season. Whether it’s the line, the backs, Collins holding the ball too long, good defenses faced, all of the above, the Titans second half passing game is as suspect as their pass d was in the first two games.

  7. Martin Says:

    Hell and no. Not for VY, anyway. While Kerry hasn’t been stellar, he’s hardly been the #1 (or even the #3 or #4) reason that we’re 0-3. I still think Kerry can get the job done, and this team has a chance for the playoffs. With this schedule (Steelers, Colts, Pats), I thought 3-3 could be expected after the first 6 games. It could still happen, though it’s gonna harder (a lot harder) to get there now.
    I just have no confidence in VY. Whoever said he had a “stellar” preseason, must’ve been watching through burnt orange-colored glasses. The woeful inaccuracy and poor decision-making are still there (though the legs seemed to be back, which was nice), and those qualities will not take us on the 3 game winning streak we need right now.
    All that said, it’s pretty much make or break time this week. 0-4 One more loss, and I’m probably drifting towards the camp (who’s apparently given up on the season) that says let’s give VY his audition the rest of the year to see if he’s our future.

  8. Brandon Says:

    YES, I believe that the Titans should consider using Vince Young and give him a chance at redeming himself as the starting quarterback.IF the Titans don’t do something soon then there playoff hopes are going down the drain.But your also right about the defense they are not doing there part in stopping the passing game but they can stop the run.

  9. Scott Says:

    Put me on the “not yet” side of this debate. The Jaguars game is the key though. A loss there and the season is over. It will be time to play VY. I agree with others who have said that the three losses to date are not Collins’s fault. Sure, if he had played better the first three weeks of the season, they might have won those games. But he didn’t miss two easy field goals against the Steelers, he didn’t give up 7 or 8 big plays on defence against the Texans and he didn’t fumble away a kick-off and punt return inside the 25 yardline against the Jets. He deserves one more shot to right this thing.
    A loss on Sunday and we should turn to VY just to see what he can bring to the table now that he has had time to sit, learn and understand what it means to be a starting QB in the NFL. If he is not able to do the job, then next year’s draft will be quite interesting. There will be a lot of QBs to choose from.

  10. Oldoiler Says:

    We had no QB controversy 0-1, we had a very small one 0-2, at 0-3 it’s legit. If we go 0-4 major controversy. Owner may need to step in again. If win next week, next time to change is 1-5.

  11. Will Says:

    KC’s career passing percentage: 55.7
    KC’s 2009 passing percentage: 55.2
    KC’s career passer rating: 73.7
    KC’s 2009 passer rating: 69.9
    If VY’s fans are looking through burnt-orange colored glasses, what are KC’s supporters looking through? Penn State blue-tinted glasses?
    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what we think. Jeff Fisher might be willing sink the ship with Collins, if it’s true that VY was never his guy in the 2006 draft.

  12. Drexel Perry Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, your thoughts and opinions are very appreciated.
    As I mentioned in the article, I’m all in favor of KC keeping the job at least through the next game or so. However, if the team continues to struggle, I don’t see any harm in giving VY a shot to man the fort at QB.
    Kerry’s game-managing skills decrease in significance if the team is nowhere near playoff contention.
    Going to be interesting to see how this situation plays out but I’d be mildly surprised if Fisher pulls the plug on Collins anytime soon.

  13. Markus Says:

    NO WAY!!!!!! Look, this isn’t about KC or VY. Joe Montana would be 0-3 right now too. Fix what’s broken and we are fine! 1) Special Teams-make kicks, return kicks/punts, basically be special teams. If that works we are 2-1. 2) Fix the secondary-the Texans game was a secondary issue. Combine those 2 problems and we are 3-0. I don’t see how a QB change would fix anything. Yes, I believe VY would provide a spark, but he will make a play or 2 that will definitely cost us a game. I like VY and think he can be a #1, but that’s not the issue. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is…go get a corner/return guy or WR/return guy. That’s whats broke.

  14. Willie boy Says:

    Collins is not the problem, our defence and special teams have cost us every game. Game one over 344 yards, game 2 over 380 yards. Game 1 there were 2 missed field goals, game 2 completely unable to hold a 21 to 7 lead. Game 3 2 dropped punts and kick offs, and made a rookie QB look great. Again in game 3 came back to lead 17 to 14 and the defence could not hold the lead. Also, 5 dropped passes, no real wide out receiver, and Gage dropped 2 passes for over 45 yards…Collin is not the problem, the defence and special teams rank 27 out of 32 teams, they are the problem. Why not bench a couple of CB’s after all they are pro bowlers.

  15. Anon Says:

    Collins is not the problem, but he is not the SOLUTION either, which VY could be if given the chance.
    If your line is week and letting sacks occur, you don’t want an old broken-down pocket passer, you want a scrambler.

  16. Tilley, K Says:

    People in here sicken me, have you all forgot that VY was the one who started the season undefeated before getting hurt…he lost his job to injury…..he is getting screwed just like Drew Brees…KC never did anything but manage…he isnt a leader he is a follower….its obvious every since last year that when it really matter you need a QB that can win and KC isnt one…all the other teams has to do is blitz

  17. Dre Says:

    Tennessee has a arrogant coaching problem. It was his arrogance that let Haynesworth walk. It was his arrogance that actually believed teams wouldn’t blitz a 36 year old QB more. It is his arrogance that still believes that he can win games with Ky looking older every 4th quarter. So, it is because of that reason that I hope he and his arrogance keep KC in the game, and hopefully VY will get a new coach next year who puts him a real position to win games and not try to make him a pocket passer.

  18. Dre Says:

    Tennessee has a arrogant coaching problem. It was his arrogance that let Haynesworth walk. It was his arrogance that actually believed teams wouldn’t blitz a 36 year old QB more. It is his arrogance that still believes that he can win games with Ky looking older every 4th quarter. So, it is because of that reason that I hope he and his arrogance keep KC in the game, and hopefully VY will get a new coach next year who puts him a real position to win games and not try to make him a pocket passer.

  19. Dre Says:

    Tennessee has a arrogant coaching problem. It was his arrogance that let Haynesworth walk. It was his arrogance that actually believed teams wouldn’t blitz a 36 year old QB more. It is his arrogance that still believes that he can win games with Ky looking older every 4th quarter. So, it is because of that reason that I hope he and his arrogance keep KC in the game, and hopefully VY will get a new coach next year who puts him a real position to win games and not try to make him a pocket passer.

  20. Maynard76 Says:

    1. It was greed that made Haynesworth walk. Haynsworth’s greed. The Titans have an overall philosiphy of not paying huge checks to the big name free agents. His priority was money.
    2. What makes you think Fisher believes that teams won’t blitz? He knows they will. That is why the team has assembled one of the best O Lines in the NFL.
    3. Vince himself said he wanted to become more of a passer and less of a runner. Defenses were spying him with 2-3 players and shutting down the run because he could not pass.

  21. Garland Says:

    Joe Montana would be 0-3? That’s rather absurd if you ask me. That would only be true if KC had played good ball and the Titans lost despite his heroic efforts. His play has been mediocre at best and terrible when it mattered most: in the 4th quarter with the game on the line and the ball in his hands. Those were the type of game that Steve McNair routinely won in the 4th quarter. It wouldn’t have taken a great performance to pull out those wins. Not dropping the ball untouched would have done the job in one game. Not throwing 13 straight incompletions would have done the job in another. Good QBs lift their team above the mistakes of their teammates. KC does not.

  22. anon Says:

    no one despises young more than me. i hope he rots.
    that being said – put her in NOW. RIGHT NOW. with some tough games coming, it would be a great time to sink the dagger deeper in her career so we never have to hear about her again. ever.

  23. john Says:

    i dont think the titans should bench kerry collins because vince young is even worse. they should focus more on titans secondary because they allow the most 20+ yard pass plays and i blame it on mostly on nick harper. he is terrible this season. the titans should bench nick harper instead of kerry collins.

  24. 2009 Tennessee Titans: Biggest disappointments « Total Titans Says:

    […] of 65.5 while tossing more interceptions (8) than touchdowns (6). His shoddy play eventually led to his benching and the re-emergence of Vince Young, who quarterbacked the team to an 8-2 […]

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