Titans get spanked by Jags 37-17


Another week, another loss for the 2009 Tennessee Titans.

Jeff Fisher’s boys were undone by yet another shoddy defensive effort in their 37-17 loss to the Jaguars. David Garrard lit up Chuck Cecil’s troops for 323 passing yards while tossing three touchdowns.

As for the Titans’ offense, they didn’t show up until late in the second half, when the team finally started matriculating the ball down the field. Unfortunately, it was too little too late for the now 0-4 Titans.

My thoughts on today’s disaster of a game, after the jump.

The struggles continue for the Titan pass defense

The Jaguar formula for success was quite simple: Pass, pass and pass some more.

Usually a team that relies heavily on the run, the Jaguars eschewed their running game for the most part by relentlessly attacking the Titans’ defensive kryponite: Their swiss cheese pass defense.

David Garrard did his best Matt Schaub impression by killing the Titans via three/four step dropbacks. For the majority of the afternoon, Garrard picked apart the Titan pass D with slants, slants and more slants.

With valuable cogs Cortland Finnegan and Vince Fuller injured, the Titans M&M rookies; Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton, had their struggles defending the likes of Mike Sims-Walker and veteran Torry Holt.

Of course, the Titan defensive backs weren’t helped out by their pass rushers, who, despite getting two sacks, failed to sniff Garrard on far too many occasions.

Considering the Titans’ woes stopping the pass, I cringe at the thought of having to face Peyton Manning and Tom Brady over the next two games.

The QB question

Earlier this week, I asked the following question: Is it time to bench Kerry Collins?

As expected, the article prompted some good feedback and passionate arguments for and against the removal of Collins from the starting line-up. The (mostly) consensus opinion was that it was premature to bench Collins but if the Titans fell to the Jags, it may be time to give Vince his shot.  

With the Titans at 0-4, it’s definitely time for Fisher to at least consider replacing #5 with #10 as the team’s starting QB. As I mentioned in last week’s article, a game manager isn’t going to cut it for the Titans in 2009: They need a guy who is going to change games by making plays.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I proclaiming VY to be the team’s savior: One person isn’t going to make that much of a difference on a Titan team with several deficiencies. 

However, why not give Vince a shot? Collins now has more interceptions thrown (6) than touchdowns tossed (5). His QB rating is below 70 and with the Titans at 0-4, KC’s game-managing abilities have decreased in significance.

Do it, Jeff…Give Vince a chance.

Every cloud has a silver lining

A few positives from today’s game…

Kenny Britt is a stud and I’m looking forward to him becoming an even bigger part of the team’s offense. Hopefully, today was the first of many 100-yard games to come in a Tennessee Titan uniform.

His fumble hurt, but Chris Johnson is still the team’s offensive MVP. Unfortunately, his efforts have been a bit overshadowed by the Titans’ overall struggles.

Final random thoughts  

1. Always a bad sign for a defense when your two safeties lead the team in tackles: Hope finished with a team-leading 10, which Griff also chipping in with 6 stops.

2. Nice to see Jared Cook get on the board with his first two NFL catches. Hopefully, we’ll see more from Jared as the year goes on.

3. Mark Jones’ debut was anything but spectacular: 21-yard avg. on 3 kick returns, one punt return for 8 yards.

Well, at least he didn’t fumble.

4. Not a bad performance from Nate Washington today. He’s had a drop or two in recent weeks but he’s clearly a guy who can make some plays for the offense.  

5. I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again:

CRINGE at the thought of what Manning and Brady may do against the Titans’ pass defense.

Your turn, guys…What are your thoughts regarding today’s disappointing loss to the Jaguars?   


12 Responses to “Titans get spanked by Jags 37-17”

  1. Will Says:

    I think it’s time to take a hard look at the decision being made by Jeff Fisher, Mike Heimerdinger, Chuck Cecil and Mike Reinfeldt.
    We’ll probably see VY soon, but it’s too late. The losses are not all on KC by any means, but the Titans needed a spark today, not next week.
    The team was obviously flat, especially in the first half. The one bright spot was Britt, who looked very good today.

  2. Deion Says:

    I thought we were going to have to stop MDJ to win. Boy was I wrong. But Im not scared of Tom Brady Or Peyton Manning!!! Bring it on!!!

  3. wes Says:

    Well, if insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, the Titans might be approaching insanity. On defense, they can stop the run and hold the short passes underneath – but consistently give up long pass plays because either there is no pressure or the coverage is soft. So do you blitz more and put more pressure on the corners and safeties, or do you ease up on the run game and force the ball and the runners underneath? Not sure which, but these guys ain’t gettin it done as is. Clearly the defensive scheme, which is the same as last year, is not working.
    But really, I think most of this is on the offense and special teams. The special teams have allowed long returns on too many occasions, short punts, missed FG, and the return game has been, as well noted horrendous.
    Meanwhile the offense has been inconsistent, with fumbles, interceptions, dropped balls, poor effort, lots hits on Collins, bad passes, the works. Generally, the team looks flat and unprepared. For a Fisher team, I’m surprised but 4-0 don’t lie.
    So I’m wondering what changes are coming . . .

  4. Scott Says:

    Sad is the only way to describe it. What a waste of a year. With their backs against the wall, facing an 0 and 4 start and the need to win to have any chance for a play-off birth, the Titans come up with this effort? Where’s the pride?
    I agree with you Drex, it is time to put in VY. Its not that I am blaming Collins. While he hasn’t played that well, it is not supposed to be his job to get into a shootout with every team the Titans play. He didn’t have to do that last year and he wasn’t expected to do it this year. I think the Titans need to put VY in just to see if it changes anything and to see whether he can, in fact, be a starter in the NFL.
    The Titans have nothing to lose now. The play-offs are out of the question, so they might as well play the younger guys and see what they offer.
    The finger for this loss has to be pointed at the defence and to Chuck Cecil in particular. I can’t believe how good the defence makes a QB like Garrard, who is on the verge of being benched in Jacksonville, look. The defence did the same thing with Schaub two weeks ago. I can’t believe that one guy, Haynesworth who only played 55 to 60% of the snaps and was often injured, was so important to the defence. The problem this year has to be Cecil. He can’t seem to handle the job. It seems to be too big for him. I can’t wait to see what kind of numbers Manning and Brady can put up on this defence.

  5. David H... Says:

    BENCH KERRY NOW!!!!!!! I said it last week, I’m saying it now. Kerry Collins is finished. Game managing dosen’t exist as far as I’m concerned. The defense obviously has real issues and they might be getting out coached, but at this point in the they must make a change…QUICK!!!!!
    All of you Kerry supporters fail to realize that the man does nothing special to give us a chance to win. He is a statue in the pocket. In close games on 3rd and 4th down, teams are sending the house at him and he can’t step up and take off or move around to buy more time.
    Espn or any of the local Nashville media won’t address this because they are “Anti Vince” the same people who praised him in ’06’ are trying to assinate him and tear him down. Get the traditional “Pocket Pass QB” crap out of your brains. If Vince gives the team the best chance to win from an offensive standpoint, LET THE MAN PLAY!!!!! And the thing that we’re forgetting the most is that, VINCE IS A NATURAL WINNER!!!!! HE JUST WINS GAMES!!!! It may not be pretty, it may not be Peyton-esque 25 of 32 for 350 yds and 4 TDs, But the man can get the Win!!!!! We need a win NOW!!!!!! We need a spark!!!!! 06 all over again baby!!!!! Three years ago all of you were all over the bandwa

  6. Shawn Says:

    Kerry or Vince is not the question. We’re going to have to start over at QB in the future anyway, I’m really sorry that this may be our reality! The immediate problem is defense. No use crying over spilled milk, but this is the same defense as last year minus Albert. After Albert got out his franchised year without being re-signed, we were never going to be able to keep him. But let’s face it without Albert’s push up the middle – we have no real threat of getting enough pressure on the passer. So it is that our 3 pro bowl secondary members are exposed – as an average secondary. Haynesworth is gone, and he made everyone else around him better – including the secondary. So the big question now is not how we get Albert back, but what do the Titan’s do to revamp their defensive scheme to be more competitive? Sure, give VY a chance at QB at some point this year to verify whether he was a mistake or not – but my guess he is gone at the end of this season and we’ll be drafting or trading for our future QB.

  7. Drexel Perry Says:

    It was definitely disappointing to see a Fisher-led team lay an egg on the road against a division opponent.
    From the beginning of the game to the end, the Jags played with a much greater sense of urgency.
    As for Cecil, he’s definitely having his share of troubles. He’s gotta realize that due to Albert’s departure, the Titans are going to have a tough time if they solely rely on their front four to get pressure while playing “relaxed” coverage.
    Opposing quarterbacks are simply dropping back and releasing the ball immediately to wide receivers who are constantly wide open due to the corners playing off.
    Of course, losing Finnegan and Fuller doesn’t help the situation. Mouton and McCourty are raw and Harper, IMO, is on his last legs.
    With Manning and Brady coming up next on the schedule, Cecil better get things together or else the pass defense is going to be humilated by two of the game’s best quarterbacks.

  8. kurt Says:

    Why Why Why, is every single pass to the sidelines? Collins has a strong arm, yet they never throw down the field.It’s so annoying to watch the highlights of all the teams around the league airing it deep and Collins only has receivers ten yards deep on each sideline.
    Also, Fisher has been given too much of a free reign in the Titans organization. What has he ever done to deserve such a lenghty tenure as head coach? He’s never won Super Bowl. He’s been to one, that’s it, nothing more. He’s too conservative. He’ll go down in history with the Marty Schottenheimers, and the Jim Mora’s of the league. Good guys, but who don’t have the balls to take chances and get the job done. Case in point… last game vs. the Jets. Thirteen seconds on the clock, they don’t even try for a touchdown, they go for a field goal kick on first down. Man, who wants to watch pussy ball??

  9. Nick Says:

    Chuck Cecil needs to be replaced. If Fisher continues to leave Collins in the game, he needs to get axed as well. I don’t know who would replace him, but the poor choices going into this year and the lack of adjustments after week two need to put fisher on the market for a new job. The Titans need a game changer and the person is Vince Young. I know the defenses would not blitz near as much if VY was in the game. Just look at this stat, Kerry Collins is 3-8 in 11 games, if I’m not mistaken, Vince was never 3-8 over 11 games, NEVER!!! As long as Kerry Collins is in the game, I have no hope of winning this season, none. 0-16 Lions, here we come because Fisher is too stubborn to admit when he made a mistake. That mistake being Kerry F’N Collins.

  10. Will Says:

    Kurt, I’ve asked myself the same question about KC’s decision to throw to the sideline receiver so often. I know it was preseason, but one thing I noticed about VY was his willingness to thrown down field, and he had some success doing it.

  11. Tom Gower Says:

    Not to put too fine a point on things… Collins knows he doesn’t have the elite accuracy to reliably hit throws down the middle, and the risks that you take when you do. See, for instance, the throw in the Houston game that he missed and was intercepted. Throwing outside presents fewer risks and allows for an easier read, if you have the arm strength to do it (and Collins still does). No, this is in no way an attempt to describe Collins’ late 2nd quarter interception yesterday as anything other than ghastly.

  12. JT Says:

    Jesus Scott, how many times can you misspell Defense!!! Next time, just spell it D-IIII like you would see on a sign at a game. If you want people to actually respect your opinion, learn how to freakin spell.
    That said, I think Fisher is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Kerry isn’t getting it done and I firmly believe that the front office doesn’t believe VY can either. If I have to choose between a guy who helped us go 13-3 last year and a head case… I am going with the 13-3 guy. The true crime for Jeff and the front office is allowing the team to go into the season with Finnegan, an Old man and a bunch of rookies none of who are higher than a third round pick to be the secondary. We had cap room and could have at least got some veteran backups to come in and play behind the starters. I hope the old man is back because if we run the two rookies out there for Peyton to pick on, it is going to be a long long day and maybe a record breaking performance for Peyton.

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