Which Titans unit will stink it up next?


The first three weeks of the season were frustrating for the Titans, not to mention their fans. All three weeks, Tennessee had a fourth-quarter lead but couldn’t close the deal. All three games were defeats snatched from the jaws of victory.
Each week, a different phase of the game – offense, defense or special teams – stunk it up and was a primary contributor to the defeat.
In Week One, the defense played rather well, limiting the Stillers to only ten points in regulation. The offense had its difficulties, only scoring ten points of its own. Special teams had one field goal attempt blocked and another badly missed.
The offense came to life in Week Two, lighting up the scoreboard for 31 points. Unfortunately, the defense was lit up for 35.

The defense played better in Week Three but there were two special teams fumbles and the offense dropped seven passes.
Then all three units stunk it up against the Jaguars.
Which unit will stink it up next?
My money says it will be the defense.
You’d think the defense learned its lesson in Week Two about biting on play-action fakes. I guess their attention span is limited because they bit every time Maurice Jones-Drew broke the huddle. Next up for the defense is the master of the play-action fake. I’ll bet Chris Hope and Michael Griffin are biting on Peyton Manning’s fakes already, six days before game time. They’re watching film of that stretch play and biting, whether Peyton hands off or not.
They’d better be worried about the following:
  • Helping the rooks on the corners
  • Doubling Reggie Wayne and
  • Trying to cover Dallas Clark
In his last post, Drexel cringed thinking about what Peyton could do to the secondary. I don’t cringe, I merely shudder at the thought.

4 Responses to “Which Titans unit will stink it up next?”

  1. Dave Says:

    All you guys and your doom and gloom. Have any of you stopped to think about what Fisher is doing here?
    Let me be the first to explain to you fellow Titans fans who fail to realize the genius of this whole season…NUMBER ONE OVERALL PICK…QB of the future…this is not a wasted season at all. Fisher is just making sure he gets the guy HE wants for 2010 and beyond.

  2. TT Says:

    Sweet, I hope it’s Tim Tebow… Then we can keep VY and Tebow on the roster at the same time (paying both of them $10million+ a year) and watch them both fail to transition to the NFL… it’ll be “The Great College Quarterback Bust” Double-Feature!!

  3. Will Says:

    The Titans D kept the score low vs. the Steelers, but the pass defense really hasn’t played well thus far.
    Shall we consider the possibility that Fisher might not be the Titans coach in 2010 if the team craters this season and lands a high draft pick?

  4. Andrew Strickert Says:

    Thanks for your input, guys. Will, Bud Adams holds Fisher in very high regard and is committed to him. Unless senility sets in as Adams ages, Fisher will continue to be the coach for at least a few more years.

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