Sky’s the limit for Kenny Britt


From Kerry Collins’ struggles to the poor play of the defense, the adversities surrounding the 0-4 Tennessee Titans have received the majority of attention and rightfully so.

Lost amid the negative headlines has been the emergence of first-year wide receiver Kenny Britt. One of the lone bright spots on this year’s surprisingly inept Titan team, Britt is leading all NFL rookies in receptions and receiving yards.

Let’s take some time to show some appreciation for Britt’s stellar early season performance.  

Hindered by a bum hammy prior to the start of the regular season, Britt made a convincing first impression during his first preseason game as a Titan.

Against the Bucs, Britt caught 5 passes for 89 yards and a touchdown in his preseason debut. His most impressive play was a catch where he paid dearly for hanging onto the football as he was plastered in what may have been a “Welcome to the NFL” moment for many other rookies.

Despite not even being in the team’ starting lineup, Britt is still producing. In the Titans’ opening-night loss to the Steelers, Britt snagged 4 balls for 85 yards. During the team’s most recent defeat to the Jags, Kenny stepped up with hopefully his first of many 100-yard performances, catching 7 passes for 105 yards.

At 6’3″ and 218 pounds, Britt is a physical specimen. He’s a guy with the size to handle the treacherous hits awaiting him over the middle and the speed to be a formidable weapon in the Titans’ vertical attack. In addition to his strengths catching the football, he is also developing into a solid blocker in the running game.

Sure, Britt is going to have his rookie moments. Against the Steelers, he failed to breakup what eventually became an impressive interception by Troy Polamalu. He was also one of the receivers who dropped a makeable catch during Kerry Collins’ infamous string of incompletions against the Jets.

However, Britt’s strengths have outshined his struggles at this point.

Moving forward, I’m hoping that Dinger will continue to make Britt a valuable cog in the team’s passing game. Even if Kenny fails to crack the starting lineup, he should continue to get his share of opportunities to catch the football. With his size and speed, he’s definitely a player that the opposing defense has to account for.

So what do you think, guys? What are your thoughts/opinions on Kenny Britt?     


3 Responses to “Sky’s the limit for Kenny Britt”

  1. Scott Says:

    You have to like what Britt has done so far. It is early, but he looks like he could become the true number 1 wide receiver that the Titans have lacked since Mason left. He has an ability to separate from coverage that the other Titan WRs (include Washington) do not seem to have. CJ and Britt are two bright spots on a pretty dismal season.

  2. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Going into the draft I really wanted them to get Nicks or Alphonso Smith. When the Giants got Nicks, I was pissed, but Britt has really looked good. He should be starting in place of Gage at this point, but Fisher loves his veterans (and paid dearly this year letting rookies return kicks).

  3. 2010 Tennessee Titans positional analysis: WR « Total Titans Says:

    […] sky appears to be the limit for Britt, who should continue to progress and develop into one helluva receiver in this […]

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