Titans/Patriots Q&A


This weekend, the Tennessee Titans will be in search of their first win of the season against a very formidable foe: Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.

Per the norm, we’ll be conducting a question/answer exchange with a blogger/writer who muses about the Titans’ next opponent.

Feel free to post any questions that you have regarding this week’s Titans/Patriots matchup in the comments section below.

One Response to “Titans/Patriots Q&A”

  1. Markus Says:

    Couple Q’s:
    1. How bad are the Pats gonna kill the Titans?
    2. Will Tom Brady set an NFL record for passing yards with the Titans secondary what it is and the top Pats running back injured (another clueless)?
    3. j/k (sort of)
    Real questions:
    #2 above restated: Will the Pats even bother to dress RB’s (and which ones) since Fred is out and Maroney is disappointing right now? #2b: People say Morris is not an every down back…I personally disagree…why do Pats fans/analysts think that?
    IMO the Pats O-Line will get beat quite often…and Brady knows how to dump the ball when needed (a la Manning). Who will step up this week other than Welker? And do you think the Brady/Moss connection will start firing this week? (the secondary may be a joke but the Titans D-line is strong and should force quick throws by Brady)
    Who do the Pats expect to see, regardless of what Fisher says, VY or Collins? Who would you rather see taking snaps?
    Lastly, who, other than CJ, concerns you on our offense?
    Thanks as always and (idk why, but) GO TITANS!

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