Titan-ic beatdown: Patriots slaughter Titans 59-0


For all intents and purposes, you can officially stick a fork in the 2009 Tennessee Titans.

Jeff Fisher’s boys were bruised and abused in their lopsided 59-0 loss to the Patriots. Tom Brady threw for 380 yards and six touchdown passes in a little over two quarters of play, as he consistently took advantage of the Titans’ porous secondary.

More thoughts about today’s humbling Titan defeat…after the jump.

Jeff Fisher has lost this team, folks

Today, we witnessed a Titan team that put up little or no fight on the playing field. Instead of playing with a great sense of urgency, I saw a squad that played as though they were more concerned with packing for their bye-week sunny vacation destinations than competing against the Pats in the snowy elements of Gillette Stadium.

Aside from guys like Chris Johnson, Keith Bulluck and Stephen Tulloch, the vast majority of the Titans resembled a reincarnated version of the Keystone Kops.

Kerry Collins continued his well-documented struggles by completing only 2 of his 12 passes for -7 yards. Of course, his efforts were not helped by a Titan receiving group that consistently dropped several of Kerry’s throws.

The Titans’ secondary was constantly exploited by Tom Brady, who relentlessly attacked the Titans’ M&M rookie corners in the first half. LenDale White and Ahmard Hall also contributed to the chaos by coughing up the football in the form of fumbles.

At 0-6, the Titans are a poorly coached, undisciplined group that is very deserving of their terrible record. With all due respect to his coaching accomplishments, 2009 will probably go down as Jeff Fisher’s worst coaching performance in his storied career.

He’s the main person who should be held accountable for the team’s woes this year.

Where do we go from here?

I’m sure that we’ll be discussing this subject over the next few days, but I’ll get the ball rolling by asking the following question:

Where do the Tennessee Titans go from here?

-At 0-6, there’s no point in keeping Kerry Collins as the team’s starting QB. I’d be highly upset if Fisher doesn’t name Vince Young as the starter after the bye week. You can’t fairly judge what Young is capable of trying to pick up the slack in the second half of consecutive blowout losses, so let’s see what he can do over the course of a whole ballgame or two.

-Play the young guys. Players such as Javon Ringer (who didn’t look bad today), Sen’Derrick Marks and Jared Cook should be the beneficiaries of a ton of playing time with the season now lost. Give the rookies extensive experience so they can be ready to step up in 2010 and beyond.

Well, that’s enough from me about today’s disheartening Titan loss. What are your thoughts and impressions regarding the team’s woeful performance?


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