Jeff Fisher’s job is anything but safe

Jeff Fisher must have a lot of confidence in his job security. Either that, or he knows the Titans will have a terrible record and he’ll be gone after this season.
I don’t know of any other coach with an 0-6 record who would don a division opponent’s jersey and say,
“I just wanted to feel like a winner.”
Although Fisher quickly backpedaled, claiming he was just having fun while trying to raise money for charity, the damage was done.
(Remember when cornerbacks backpedaled? It used to be standard practice back in the day when Fisher played corner. Today’s receivers are too fast for that technique to be effective, which is why more emphasis is now placed on a corner’s ability to turn his hips. I digress but hope you get the point.)
The timing was terrible. Fisher’s statement came on the heels of a 59-0 disgraceful, embarrassing performance by his team. The Patriots could have scored a hundred if they wanted to set a few more records than they already had.
After the loss, Titans owner K. S. “Bud” Adams didn’t sound very enthusiastic about Fisher’s chances of remaining in place.
“That is one of our problems, the coaching staff.”
Adams came just short of giving Fisher a vote of confidence, the proverbial kiss of death.
I know another thing besides winning that’s important to Adams, and that’s ticket sales. Every Titans’ game has been sold out but that’s liable to change quickly.
The economy may not be a factor when it’s time for season ticket holders to renew for another year, but a coach who has alienated much of the fan base could be a big factor. Especially the coach of a losing team.
Ticked off fans are liable to have at least some influence on Adams’ decision.
I used to think Fisher’s job was safe for a while, especially when Adams resigned him in 2007, but I no longer have that confidence. Jeff Fisher weathered the storm earlier this decade when Adams said the Titans were being outcoached but it looks to me like this will be the last year of Fisherball in Tennessee.

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