Thoughts on the Titans-49ers injury report

Titans RT David Stewart - Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans

Titans RT David Stewart - Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans

The complete injury report for the Titans-49ers game is now available. The biggest concern is obviously RT David Stewart.

Javon Ringer, Back, Out
Jevon Kearse, Knee, Questionable
Mike Otto, Knee, Questionable
David Stewart, Hamstring, Questionable
David Thornton, Hip, Questionable
Vincent Fuller, Groin, Questionable
Nicholas Harper, Forearm, Questionable

If Stewart is unable to play, or has to be replaced, we might get to see rookie Troy Kropog fill in. (Mike Otto, the other backup tackle, has been missing practice with a knee problem and is also listed as Questionable on the injury report.)

I liked Kropog in training camp. He looked like he has some potential and line coach Mike Munchak gave him plenty of work at both left and right tackle. That said, I’d feel much better with Stewart in there if he’s not too hampered by the hammy.

Vince Fuller is also a concern. He was sorely missed when he was out with the broken forearm and there’s a dropoff with Ryan Mouton at nickel.

Two things concern me here. Short term, the 49ers have been at their best in the last two games when they’ve gone to a three-WR set, so Fuller is needed now. Long term, those groin injuries can tend to be problematic for the duration of the season, as we saw with Kyle Vanden Bosch last year.

David Thornton had his best outing of the season last week and I’d like to see him remain as a solid contributor. I’m a little worried though, if Gerald McRath has to fill in for him. Yes, McRath will make his share of mistakes, but that’s part of the process. The most troubling thing to me is the man across the line from him, Vernon Davis. Either Thornton or McRath will require assistance from Chris Hope.

Nick Harper doesn’t need to speed up his rehab if Rod Hood’s play last week can be sustained.

It’s not a surprise to see Kearse listed as Questionable. He’ll probably be inactive on game day every week, barring an injury to another defensive end.

Now that the Titans have re-signed Chris Davis, Alvin Pearman will probably be expendable as soon as Ringer is healthy. Assuming Davis can get the job done as the returner.

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