Total Titans’ questions about the Bills answered


Thanks to Bills Daily for answering some questions about the Buffalo Bills in preparation for this week’s matchup.

Total Titans: Trent Edwards is supposed to return from injury and start this week at quarterback. What are his strengths and weaknesses, and is he a long-term answer at quarterback?

Bills Daily: It is beginning to become clear that Edwards is not the long term answer at quarterback as the team continues to search for the QB of the future. A search that has been going on since Jim Kelly retired after the 1996 season. He is just too timid as he is called Capt. Checkdown or “Trent-tative”. His main weakness is his unwillingness to throw it downfield. He can make the deep throws but never does. He always checks it down to his backs. Strengths? At this point there really aren’t too many. He doesn’t usually throw the big interception but that is because he takes no chances.

Total Titans: Pairing Terrell Owens with Lee Evans was supposed to provide the Bills with an explosive passing game. From the outside, it doesn’t seem to have worked that way. Are Evans and Owens not as good as people think, or has something else caused the problems?

Bills Daily: The problem here is linked to the answer above. Edwards won’t take the shots downfield that will allow Evans and Owens to go up and make plays. The other issue is a very weak offensive line that doesn’t give Edwards time to setup the deep throw. When Ryan Fitzpatrick was in there the past two plus weeks he did throw deep and Evans and Owens were open he just was inaccurate with the throws. Evans would be considered one of the league’s best receivers if he had a quality QB. Owens may have lost a step but he’s still a valuable commodity with a good QB.

Total Titans: Rookie DB Jairus Byrd has made a splash with 7 interceptions. How good is he?

Bills Daily: He is something the team has lacked for a long time at the safety position… A playmaker. He knows where he needs to be and is always in the position to make the play. He still is learning the position since he played corner in college so he doesn’t always take the proper angles in the running game but he has tremendous upside. He is the one bright spot on the team this year.

Total Titans: The Bills have allowed the most rushing yards of any team in the league. Do they have any chance of stopping, or at least slowing down, Chris Johnson, or are you expecting to see lots of long runs?

Bills Daily: This one is easy to answer. Expect Johnson to be very tired after this game from running up and down the field. He should have another huge game look for him to gain over 150 yards.

Total Titans: There’s a bit of history between these two teams, with Bud Adams and Ralph Wilson the remaining charter owners of the AFL and a couple memorable playoff matchups, but this is the first regular season meeting since 2006. Are Bills fans particularly interested in this game, or is it just another game?

Bills Daily: The rivalry aspect is lost on the fans for this game. They do like the Bills white throwback jerseys better than their normal jerseys so it will be nice to see that. The fans are just disgusted by the team since they are headed for the 10th straight year without a playoff berth. (Yes, their last playoff game was the music city miracle). Fans just want change there is very little enthusiasm for the team at this time.

Thanks again to Bills Daily for answering our questions. For more info on the Bills, check out their site, including their game preview.


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