Vince Young has renewed the excitement at LP Field

Vince Young is bringing smiles to a lot of faces. Photo by Andrew Strickert

Vince Young is bringing smiles to a lot of faces. Photo by Andrew Strickert

Until this past weekend, I hadn’t witnessed as much excitement at LP Field since the Titans beat the Mannings, the Giants’ Eli and Indy’s Peyton, in back to back come from behind victories in 2006. There was more than just excitement. Each game was an incredibly emotional experience.

Of course, the common denominator in all three games is Vince Young, the architect of the comebacks.

How he was able to perform the way he did on Sunday is beyond me. He’s never given any indication he could pass the ball that well. Not in his two years as a starter. Not in the last two years, either in training camp, preseason or garbage time in regular season contests.
Not that I’m complaining; I’m delighted he’s become as good as he has.
His 387 yards passing versus the Cardinals is a career high. Vince’s passer rating has been over 90 in four of his five starts. Likewise, he’s completed 63% or more of his passes in those four games. And those aren’t high percentage short passes he’s completing. His 7.7 yards per attempt are quite good, the same as Tom Brady’s and Donovan McNabb’s averages.
Vince still looks awkward throwing the ball. He’s never been a picturesque passer and never will be. Who cares? Bernie Kosar wasn’t exactly the model of a classic passer. Neither was Sonny Jurgensen, but the two of them did all right.
As long as Vince continues to put the ball on target, where it’s supposed to be when it’s supposed to be there, I don’t believe anyone can complain.
Another good thing in Vince’s maturation is his decision-making process. Vince hasn’t been guilty of any real head scratchers like he used to be. This is the first year he’s thrown more touchdown passes than interceptions.
Here’s hoping Vince will keep it up. I’m looking forward to more excitement at LP Field for the rest of the year, like we saw in Vince’s rookie campaign.

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